Romeo Langford updates recruitment at Jordan Brand Classic

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Class of 2018 New Albany guard Romeo Langford is playing in the Jordan Brand Classic on Sunday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and on Saturday, the five-star prospect gave a few notable updates on his recruitment.

First, according to Chris Johnson of Sports Illustrated, Langford said he does not plan to make any additional visits before announcing his decision:

Langford said he won’t take any trips to schools before the big reveal, and when asked about the possibility of in-home visits, he indicated he’s already heard what he needs to know, but that he’s in contact with the coaches of his finalists on a daily basis.

Langford’s father, Tim, said in recent weeks that Indiana would get a visit sometime in April. But a busy spring schedule might have had a part in Langford opting against taking additional visits.

After the Jordan Brand Classic, Langford will play in the Nike Hoop Summit next Friday, April 13 at the Moda Center in Portland. The first of two April evaluation periods for college coaches begins on Friday, April 20.

In addition to Langford stating that he will not take additional visits, Johnson and Adam Zagoria of FloHoops both reported that his announcement could come in the gym at New Albany:

Langford plans to sit down with his family at some point in the near future, after participating in the Nike Hoop Summit on April 13, to make his decision. “I’m at the home stretch now,” said Langford, who noted the possibility that the announcement could take place in the gymnasium at New Albany High. “I’ve just got to make a decision,” Langford said.

The 6-foot-5 Langford is ranked No. 5 nationally in the 247Composite for the class of 2018. The 2018 Jordan Brand Classic tips off on Sunday at 5 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on ESPN2.

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  • Bill Graham

    Ole man. Suppose a younger poster (I’m only 58) in dog years…wants to be like you. Where do I start?

  • tjblackdog

    Hey can you give me your contact info? I have an investment opportunity for you. I own a big red bridge in San Francisco, and think you might be the buyer im lookin’ for.

  • Ms hoosier

    Great post! I totally agree with you.


    He knows all he needs to know and has for some time. His words from March article in the IndyStar on his thoughts about Archie and Indiana:

    “(This season) showed me how (Miller) knows how to get the most out of his players and develop them,” Langford said. “(Indiana) didn’t have the best year but he got his players ready for the big games. It showed me how he can get the best out of his players.”

    It’s a no-brainer. He hasn’t said that about any of the other coaches. If he wants a coach who will get the best out of him, it’s IU. If chooses another coach then his reasons don’t include getting the best from him and his teammates, which means we’re better off without him. We will soon see if he wants to be the best he can be or just use his college year to showcase himself for the NBA.

  • IUBizmark

    Or, you know, just avoid stereotyping groups of people you don’t even know.

  • IUBizmark

    I agree, Romeo is as humble as they come. I love it.

  • Sandra Wilson

    I guess I’d like to hear your justification for saying that. RT scored 20 and 27 points against Loyola this season. That’s a Final Four team that plays some of the best defense in the country. RL scores a ton of points against high school players, and many times in games that they win by huge amounts. That tells me the competition is less than challenging a lot of the time. He scored 19 points in the McDonald’s All-American game, but they play virtually no defense. Both will play one year. Who do you think will play better defense? Just look at any of the Duke players this season. The one and done high powered offensive players do not want to play defense and it’s tough on freshmen anyway. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’d just be curious to know your reasons. Please don’t use the lame eye test excuse.

  • inCMitrust

    The cancellation is troublesome. Watching him play now in Jordan game and some golf. I’ve thought for a long time Vandy so to me it will be an awesome surprise if it is IU. Romeo is a special talent, but if Taylor comes here because Romeo goes elsewhere I like the roster of next years team anyway. Romeo brings a lot more than just his play if he commits to IU, but on the court Taylor may not to be too far off of Romeo’s production. Plan B usually isn’t better than Plan A , but a 5th year player has some advantages that a freshman does not possess.

  • marcusgresham

    Maybe you should jump off of it.

  • tjblackdog

    Slow clap

  • Chappy Dan

    Ole Man is the guy who was fighting tooth and nail against kicking Hanner MP and Devin Davis out of the program when they got busted smoking weed. Now he can’t forgive a kid for backing out of a visit.

  • eljay

    Let me suggest that it might not be a bad thing.

    While I’m not necessarily saying it’s so, if he in fact has now determined he will play for IU—and given his hectic April schedule—a visit to Bloomington would be an unnecessary waste of time simply for the sake of appearing consistent.

    You are probably right in your assessment. I’m simply offering a different possible explanation for a cancellation.

  • Tyler Moorman

    He visited Kansas twice.

  • RonG

    Thanks coach! My bad-should have prefaced sentence w/not an English major. Notorious=really bad.At any rate I do appreciate correction and feel Shilling will be a great asset in recruiting. Have a good/well/nice whatever day!

  • RonG

    According to crystal ball Jackson-Davis is 100% IU but that could change. My hope is he commits early rather than later!

  • ScoopGeoff

    To be one and done you need to have perceived potential, have the right measurables, and show flashes of brilliance… that’s it.

  • coachv


  • Koko

    I think those who feel the cancelled visit is a bad sign are reading way too
    much into it. He is gonna do what he is gonna do regardless if he visits here one more time or not. It’s not like he cancelled our visit to go to Vandy or Kansas. He isn’t going to those places either. A couple more weeks and we will know.

  • Matthew Williams

    yeah, he is a busy dude with all of these all star trips. dont blame him for wanting to stay at home when he already has a good feel for all of the schools.

  • So IN Hoosier

    Have you ever seen UE offense under Marty Simmons? One guy gets screens and takes all the shots. Colt Ryan, DJ Balentine and now Ryan Taylor. Taylor was a “good” MVC player, he’ll be an average Big Ten player.

  • marcusgresham

    Sounds like fun and I hope you’re correct…but a bit showy for his demeanor.

  • Koko

    Yes it is a bit showy for him but fun to think about.

  • hoosier11

    Taylor to Northwestern…Maybe he knows something we dont…..

  • hoosier11

    pdhoosier said it best “Imagine you’re 16/17 years old and your list of dream schools are UK, Duke, and UofL. Then, right before your senior year you have a sour experience with Coach A, Coach C gets canned and school gets in trouble, and for some reason you suddenly can’t see yourself playing for Coach B (maybe too far away). Now, you’re starting from scratch with either a junior recruiter (garland) in your ear 24/7, a new coach who you know very little about and a program that wasn’t on your radar until he arrived, or an extremely proven coach with loads of talent on his roster but who is hundreds of miles away…
    Sometimes, decisions are just really hard….”