• sd chuck

    Kinda got a little better feeling about Romeo. 1st:he has stuck to everything he has said! 2nd:Another trip to Bloomington, this late, I think is good! 3rd:Archie and staff watching him at regional, means they don’t think that they are out of it! Maybe just maybe!

  • Lance76

    It is impressive that there were more people for this high school game than are at a lot of college home games. Interesting to see video of RL and TJD. I wonder what each were thinking of the other during/after the game?

  • Theo Williams

    “Another trip to Bloomington”? how recently?

  • sd chuck

    Nothing in concrete. Alex said on podcast going back to regional final, he had heard of possibly another visit, but didn’t know when that could occur, as he has to leave for MCDAA game on sunday after state championship game, Guess we just have to ride it out and see.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Oh man that environment! Makes me miss my home state of Indiana. Can’t wait until Assembly Hall’s atmosphere is rocking like that again!

  • sarge

    Love the atmosphere. Only in Indiana.

  • sarge

    I heard about it from a old hoops buddy before I heard AB mention it in the podcast. I am very excite!

  • marcusgresham

    No wonder Romeo scored a bunch. It appears from the picture that Center Grove chose to have Jay Baruchel guarding him.

  • marcusgresham

    The Langford family has allowed NOTHING to get out (as it should be.)
    Anyone who says he knows what is going to happen is full of crap—and most likely a Purdue/Louisville/Kentucky fan trying to find a reason to talk smack to IU fans.

  • N71

    Indystar this afternoon:

    Tim Langford said he and his son talked Sunday night about how they want to make the announcement. They are considering several options, including making the announcement at the school or perhaps out in the community, with New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan helping to reveal Romeo’s decision.

    If the decision were Vanderbilt I’d suggest a bunker not the local hot spot with mayor Jeff. I’m optimistic.