At the buzzer: Rutgers 76, Indiana 69

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Quick thoughts on a 76-69 loss to Rutgers:

How it happened: For 12 minutes, Indiana was rolling in Madison Square Garden. The Hoosiers were crisp offensively, engaged defensively and led Rutgers 24-8. It looked as if a Friday matchup in the quarterfinals with rival Purdue would come to fruition. But in the latest chapter of IU’s ineptitude in the Big Ten tournament, the stellar play would be short lived. Rutgers closed the first half on a 21-4 run to grab a 29-28 lead. And it wouldn’t get much better in the second half. The Scarlet Knights shot a sizzling 68 percent from the field in the second half and Indiana’s offense stalled out. Rutgers opened up an eight-point lead at the 2:49 mark on a tough Corey Sanders jump shot and again at the 1:05 mark with on a Sanders dunk. The loss dropped Indiana to 16-15 and marked the first time the No. 14 seed in the Big Ten tournament has advanced to the event’s quarterfinals.

Standout performer: Juwan Morgan finished with 15 points and nine rebounds in 29 minutes, but looked fatigued down the stretch as Indiana dropped its third straight game.

Statistic that stands out: Indiana allowed the Scarlet Knights, who averaged .87 points per possession in Big Ten play, to score 1.12 points per trip in the loss.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • zenthias

    Bagofdoughnuts, more like bagoftools, amiright?

    Kidding aside, I’m not sure what he’s talking about. We were predicted to finish in the bottom 4 and finished in the top 4. I’m not disappointed in this season at all.

  • Suburban

    Offseason shopping list…
    Shooting Coach check
    Relationship Consultant check
    Offensive Coordinator check
    Team building Consultant check
    Public speaking and PR Coach check

    The pieces were here, we needed help putting it together

  • beppecolo

    Didn’t get to see the game so take that into account. I am happy with everything I saw from the team this year except the offense. Good D, blocking out – fundamental BB. But the offense was not good. I’m not sure what was wrong, but what I didn’t see were good shots. I saw a lot of one-on-one, aimless dribbling, and not a lot of good ball and player movement that resulted in open shots or easy buckets at the rim. Fix that and the FT shooting and it will finally look like Indiana basketball again.

    That said, I am so happy with what I saw this season compared to the Crean era, and really excited for next year. Thanks to the players and Archie for bringing back pride and effort to the court. To the seniors, best of luck in the future.

  • Donnie Vick

    We almost beat every “blue blood” team we played this year. Just a playmaker or two away.

  • HoosierDawg

    Exactly. It’s been apparent for weeks that he’s just physically broken.

  • Glad someone said it… does he tie his shoes together?

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Defense didn’t change much. They just couldn’t miss even when blanketed!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    No legs = death to a jump shooter

  • SCHoosier

    thank you Al….

  • Travis

    I appreciate your positive attitude! I will definitely take into account that you didn’t watch the game last night. I’m sure I will agree with you in due time, but for now I’m going to stew in the negativity.
    I haven’t felt this dejected to end the season since losing to Syracuse in the Sweet 16. Not that this team had anywhere near the season the 2013 team did, but we all saw so much improvement in this flawed team. For it to end this way is crushing. All of the promise seemed to dissolve in 30 mins. IU didn’t deserve this season to end that way. They definitely deserved to lose last night, but they didn’t deserve to lose on a double OT desperation 3 on senior night then follow it up with a embarrassing loss in the BTT.
    I sure hope the NIT calls because IU needs some momentum going into next season.

  • coachv

    top 4 of what?

  • coachv

    nope. couldn’t be happier to get that scholly back

  • calbert40

    “clappy’s guys….”

    Scrolling past…

  • calbert40

    Today’s Pessimism Report is brought to you by Joe’s Bag of Doughnuts. Regardless of what you are thinking, it’s worse than that. Remember, Joe’s Bag of Doughnuts for all of your doughnut needs, but don’t expect much. Joe’s doughnuts are the worst.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Agree with the junkyard dog. Juwan is most improved though.

  • zenthias

    Sorry, I worded that wrong. Should have said tied for 4th.

  • eljay

    Given the ongoing FBI and NCAA investigations presently underway, the KUs, NCs, and UKs of today may not be the KUs, NCs, and UKs of tomorrow.

  • INUnivHoosier2

    I could see the argument.

    My Perspective is Juwan showed some flashes of his capability before. McSwain was just awful.

    Hope Juwan stays! Freddie’s got no choice.

  • eljay

    For whatever reason (perhaps just immaturity as a team), this group seemed to often play to their perceived level of the competition.

    Jekyll often played pedal-to-the-metal and at a high skill level (even in losses) to premier competition, while Hyde often never seemed to feel a need to get it out of second gear against so called bottom dwellers—-until it was too late.

  • Koko

    Why are a Relationship Consultant, Team building Consultant and Public speaking and PR coach needed? What things have occurred or didn’t occur that makes you feel we need these three consultants/coaches?
    Really to me those items are non sequitur and make no sense. What is wrong with the coaching staff we have now?

  • Koko

    I saw a tremendous improvement in our team play over the course of the season…..overall it was not frustrating, it was a team with a new coach and new system. I think they all adjusted quite well.

  • Koko

    Joe you have a holes in your bags of doughnuts.

  • Koko

    How did you determine the NIT is out of reach?

  • Koko

    One thing for sure….if we go to the NIT you are not required to watch.

  • inLinE6

    We were 18-16 last year with a pair of top-5 wins against eventual #1 seeds, including one from neutral court. That earned us a #3 seed in NIT. I don’t know how NIT is fielded, nor do I know enough stats or rankings to back up the claim. But I’d be shocked if we make it.

  • dagovernor

    how did he, of all people, take seven shots in 13 mins?! I’d have anyone take them but him …

  • Koko

    Okay thanks for answering. I checked and saw last years field of 32 (NIT), 11 teams had under 20 wins including the 6th seed Georgia Tech, who made it to the final game before losing.

  • Suburban

    FG% IU .456, UM .472, PU .496, MS .511
    The team took a long time to begin to play well together, a great coach knows what is required to quickly get team members to gel and work together. This is not the results I would expect from a great coach. He needs help. Public speaking, just watch some of Archie’s interviews. He lacks polish and poise. Compare him to Beilein or Izzo. He is not one of the best. He is not hopeless, just needs help. He did not hit the ground running. The results verify this. The consultants will help bring him along and accelerate the improvement process. We have invested millions, time to take stock and develop an improvement strategy.

  • Ole_man_lovespurdue

    I’ve always said the for the pg position I’d would rather have a 4yr player than a 1&done. I think it benefits a program more. If the pg is the second coach, why would you want to replace your coach every year…imo. How many days until the first game ? ?

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Agreed wholeheartedly!

  • coachv

    or “tied for 6th”

  • Koko

    Yes of course polish and poise are most certainly gonna win more games. All of your suggestions on consultants, coordinators and more coaches all sound very knowledgeable and interesting but I don’t feel they apply in this case. You sound like a psychologist or a professor type
    arm chair philosopher. I think Archie will be just fine coordinating, consulting and coaching himself. He already has a team of people around him….he doesn’t need more mouths chirping in his ear. If you don’t like his style or feel he isn’t great enough in his first season as coach then I suggest you find another team to cheer for until IU reaches the lofty heights you expect of them.
    Michigan State is pretty good this year.

  • Suburban

    Sooner or later it turns personal…

    Good luck and enjoy the tournament.

  • Koko

    You took what I just said personally?
    All I can say….well I won’t say anything.
    Best of luck to you as well.

  • MrNobody

    Yeah I’m sure he did teribble in all these areas representing himself JUST to get the job. By ALL accounts of people in the know it was completely opposite.

  • coachv

    or tied for 6th maybe