Inside the Hall’s 2018 All-Big Ten teams, awards

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The Big Ten will announce its All-Big Ten teams and awards later today, but here’s the Inside the Hall staff’s selections for the various honors that will be handed out:

All-Big Ten freshman team

· Jaren Jackson, Michigan State; Kaleb Wesson, Ohio State; Bruno Fernando, Maryland; Trent Frazier, Illinois; Brad Davison, Wisconsin

Comment: It wasn’t a great crop of freshmen in the Big Ten this season, but Jackson and Wesson were clear cut selections as both played significant roles on teams that contended for the Big Ten title.

All-Big Ten defensive team

· Jaren Jackson, Michigan State; Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State; Josh Reaves, Penn State; Ethan Happ, Wisconsin; Carsen Edwards, Purdue

Comment: Happ and Jackson are elite post defenders, Bates-Diop was the anchor of the Big Ten’s best defense and Edwards and Reaves are two of the league’s best on-ball defenders.

All-Big Ten teams

· Third team: Nick Ward, Michigan State; Isaac Haas, Purdue; Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, Michigan; Jaren Jackson, Michigan State; Jordan Murphy, Minnesota

· Second team: James Palmer, Nebraska; Ethan Happ, Wisconsin; Juwan Morgan, Indiana; Tony Carr, Penn State; Moritz Wagner, Michigan

· First team: Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State; Carsen Edwards, Purdue; Miles Bridges, Michigan State; Vincent Edwards, Purdue; Cassius Winston, Michigan State

Comment: The first two teams were difficult to sort out, particularly when it comes to the final two spots on the first team. Edwards was an all-around force for the Boilermakers, currently the nation’s fourth best team according to the KenPom ratings. Winston, meanwhile, led the Big Ten in assist rate and 3-point shooting percentage.

Big Ten coach of the year: Chris Holtmann, Ohio State

Comment: This wasn’t even debatable. Holtmann took over in June in Columbus and took a team most projected to finish in the league’s bottom four and led them to 15 conference wins.

Big Ten freshman of the year: Jaren Jackson, Michigan State

Comment: Jackson is fifth in the country in block percentage and is a major reason the Spartans have the nation’s best 2-point field goal percentage defense.

Big Ten defensive player of the year: Jaren Jackson, Michigan State

Comment: In a season where the Big Ten’s freshman crop wasn’t great, Jackson was easily the most impactful of the group as he played a major role for the outright regular season champion.

Big Ten sixth man of the year: Matt Haarms, Purdue

Comment: The nation’s sixth best shot blocker came off the bench for the Boilermakers. While his offensive impact may have been limited, it’s hard to dispute the impact Haarms can have defensively on a game in the post.

Big Ten player of the year: Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State

Comment: Where would Ohio State be without Bates-Diop? I think the program’s performance last season provides a pretty clear answer. Bates-Diop is a true two-way player who led the Buckeyes to 15 conference wins.

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  • AndyCapp

    Nice calbert, thanks for the stats! Your numbers bear out what I intuitively believed. I had V. Edwards and Morgan swapped but the voters will probably echo Alex’s list.

  • beppecolo

    I pretty much agree with these points, although I suspect that if just league stats were compared, JM would look much better in PPG but worse in FT%age. He missed alot of big FTs in B1G games. And don’t get me wrong either; if I was picking sides he would be way ahead of Edwards. He has intangibles and I can’t wait to see him next year.

  • Dmoe

    Another so-called expert

  • VOXAC30

    It is hard to see why Juwan Morgan wasn’t (or wont be) first team but the only thing I can think of is that we didn’t finish top 5. Not to be-little the rest of our guys but Morgan was a monster at times and it was clearly breakout year that came from nowhere. The good news is we will get to see him one more year with a couple of good shooters coming in and a pretty solid foundation to work with.

  • AndyCapp

    I doubt that Coach wanted JM to be lighting it up from 3 all game. Not because he couldn’t but that is not where he was most needed. I suspect with more height coming in this next year JM will use the off-season to work on his perimeter game and FT shooting.

  • AndyCapp

    I kinda thought he was

  • AndyCapp

    Well said Arch (and thanks Calbert for the stats)!

  • Q46

    I didn’t realize JMs per was so high. That’s impressive. How much stock do you put in Win Shares?

    Edit: As much as it’s in individual award, wins do matter. Having great stats on a bad team (Happ) isn’t enough. The thought is “well someone has to score.” JM had very good stats on a decent team. VE and JM are close but I’d still give the nod to VE. He’s not the focal point of the offense and he’s matching JM step for step.

  • TomEke

    I’m not sure if the awards are supposed to be for B1G play only, but it’s worth noting how much better Juwan was in conference vs out of conference:

    B1G / Non-Con
    Games 18 12
    Points 17.9 14.6
    Reb 7.6 6.9
    Ast 1.7 1.1
    Blk 1.3 1.6
    Stl 1.3 1.0

  • coachv

    while he is not a good 3 point shooter, he is accurate enough to set up his drive, and that is important. u r right, adding a mid-range game would help him out a lot

  • coachv

    was it you? i wasn’t paying attention. so many nerd stats my eyes glaze over. never notice who is posting. time for some more tequila!

  • Dmoe

    I dont remember me asking you says the guy that played for who? Since you think it’s funny to bash this kid

  • Dmoe

    You and the so-called coachv

  • calbert40

    Yeah…it was me, but it’s cool. Most people don’t understand the “nerd” stats.

    Maybe if you laid off the tequila a little, you would be able to understand the nerd stats better?! 🙂

  • TJ21

    Not being critical just citing what he has done. He has virtually no midrange jumpers and is not an average 3pt shooter. He has been an outstanding scorer within 3 ft of the basket, that is what I based my comment on. I have the stats.

  • vicbert caladipo


  • vicbert caladipo

    You are basing it on overall stats. For the majority of the bigten season he’s shot well from 3. He doesn’t shoot many midrange cuz his odds are better down low or from 3….I have watched him shoot every shot in basketball. He is no different than Happ. He doesn’t show a lot of long range cuz he can score so well down low…but Juwan has the whole package. I agree with you on the stats but the eye test to me says he is in the top 5. Most voting don’t watch a ton of games and rely on stats…I watch a ton of games and the eye test says JM is first team

  • vicbert caladipo

    That’s whole season….check his bigten stats…and also check his last 15 games

  • AndyCapp

    Well I appreciate your nerd stats calbert! I didn’t even know what PER and Win Shares were until you explained them, LOL. Made an even stronger case for JM to be 1st Team!

  • Dmoe

    Thank you for setting some of these think they know it all straight

  • coachv

    always. especially if you’ve been drinking

  • calbert40

    It is just one of the many services I provide… 🙂

  • coachv

    calm down

  • Dmoe

    He shoots 40% once again another so called expert

  • calbert40

    I think the +/- stat is lousy. I think it would be more accurate to do a +/- stat for ALL players on the floor instead of just each individual player.

    Some stats are great. Others…not so much. I’m a numbers hound. I like to crunch numbers. A really good basketball stat, IMO, is Effective Field Goal percentage (eFG%). It takes into context the fact that all 3 pt FGM are worth 50 percent more points than a 2 pt FGM. So, eFG% weights all 3 pt FGM at 50 percent more (1.5) than a 2 pointer. It just gives you a better understanding of what is happening on the floor.

    I also like the adjusted offensive and defensive stats. They are simple equations where you simply take how many points a team scores, divide by the number of possessions they have, and then “adjust” it by multiplying by 100. This puts all teams on the same level. That’s what we are all discussing when you see someone use AdjO or AdjD stats.

  • calbert40

    Don’t ask me how to compute them, though! Those are some complicated equations.

  • coachv

    that’s not going to happen. but coaching for decades has helped me to understand the game a little. i have noticed following yogi’s progress that the nba ha this +- stat in the box score. there are so many variables that can go into that. i don’t know. i prefer to just trust my eyes.

  • coachv

    i have heard of efg. never bothered with it. just always understood that a lower 3 pt fg% is acceptable because it’s worth more. i think 40% is the gold mark. i guess i just look at % which is enough for me. not familiar with adjusted stats. i guess part of the problem is i see things like points per possession and a team is scoring 1.06 per vs one that is 1.03 (might not be accurate). separated by hundredths of a point. i think i am staturated.

  • AndyCapp

    Sorry, just saw this post… 2 days later. Well *I* certainly wasn’t bashing JM. I meant what I said, I think he will be working on the weaker points of his game all off-season, even in his sleep. You need to lighten up Dmoe.