At the buzzer: Nebraska 66, Indiana 57

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Quick thoughts on a 66-57 loss at Nebraska:

How it happened: The first half in Lincoln was ugly. Nebraska managed just 25 points as the Huskers couldn’t hit anything from distance (3-of-15) and turned ten offensive rebounds into just five second chance points. Indiana wasn’t much better as the Hoosiers turned it over nine times, which led to 11 points for Nebraska. Fouls were also an issue as Zach McRoberts logged just three minutes before committing two and Freddie McSwain logged just seven minutes before picking up his second. Still, Indiana entered the break leading by one and with hope for a road win. The second half, however, would bring even more issues for Indiana in terms of taking care of the ball. Trailing by just two with 6:47 to play, Indiana scored just six points the rest of the way and committed four of its 10 second half turnovers down the stretch. The final margin would have been much larger if Nebraska made its free throws in the final minutes. The Huskers missed their final six attempts from the line.

Standout performer: Freshman Justin Smith came off the bench and scored 16 points and grabbed eight rebounds in 25 minutes. The freshman was 7-of-11 from the floor.

Statistics that stands out: Indiana turned it over 19 times for a turnover percentage of 29. Nebraska scored 26 points off of those turnovers. Indiana’s guards had 12 of the turnovers and Devonte Green had six of them.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • coachv

    plus he can’t shoot a lick. what is he, 1 out of his last 20 from deep?

  • coachv

    wow if they practiced that

  • coachv

    who told you that?

  • coachv

    of course he will continue to work hard. he wants to be rich, doesn’t he?

  • coachv

    actually don’t have a puncher’s chance. we would need four solid games in four days against increasingly good competition. kind of the opposite of a puncher’s chance. doesn’t mean i won’t be screaming my face off every game

  • coachv

    your dating yourself. but then again, who else is going to?

  • coachv

    umm…you should spit out your diet coke. it’s really bad for you and the diet thing doesn’t really work. haven’t you heard?

  • coachv


  • Apoc

    By your logic, then there is no reason to be happy about 350 teams. Only 1 team is going to win it all, so 350 fan bases might as well just stop watching. 350 teams don’t have a chance so they might as well just stop recruiting all the best players, right? There is so much more to basketball than just winning a national championship every year, although it will be nice to compete again I must admit. True fans understand this and are reasonable in their expectations. (Most) Programs are built over time, creating the building blocks…these pieces can come together much quicker with high level recruits.

    Now, that aside, if Romeo does come to IU, whose to say they would not be title contenders? If Juwan comes back, Deron is healthy, Justin/Race have years under their belts and with Hunter coming in…that’s a pretty formidable front court assuming they progress as they should. For back court, Green/Ali with another year, combined with Phinisee and Langford would be a decent group, assuming they progress as they should.

    Put bluntly, all is not as bleak as you make it appear.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Not passing my logic to others…others like moral victories and happy wins

  • sarge

    Wow, you are a real whiner. The only positive thoughts you share are for our opponent. You are an awful fan and embarrassing. I don’t understand why you think anyone would enjoy your posts, so please don’t. If you don’t want to fight for our team, stick your head up your arse and fight for air.

  • coachv

    if we win 22 games then we probably don’t get into the tournament…so there’s that

  • HoosierOne

    Exactly. Complete regression. We have been living in the movie Idiocracy for some time . The media rewards stupidity at every level .