News and notes from Archie Miller’s radio show

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Inside IU basketball with Archie Miller was live on Thursday evening at the Holiday Inn in Bloomington. Al Durham was the player guest in the show’s final segment.

Below are news and notes (all quotes from Miller unless otherwise noted):

· On Illinois: “Very, very hard to operate (against) on offense. Defensively, they just do things you don’t see. For us to be able to play them twice this year, I think it’s a good thing going forward, to learn how our system can be better against them. As they get more talent, they’re going to be a bear to deal with.”

· Players understand their role and are playing within the system: “We’ve had very little slippage in terms of our attitude.”

· Miller said the win over Minnesota was one of the team’s best performances of the season when it comes to both sides of the ball.

· On the improved offense: “We’re trying to approach more of an assist mentality than a scoring mentality. Just having more guys be willing to take a good shot but get a great one. One less challenged layup at the basket and one more kick out pass. I think you’ve seen a lot of plays, whether it be last night or a couple games ago, where there’s some really good ball movement and guys are starting to share. When that happens, you get more confidence on offense because guys are getting better shots. You’re not ball dominant, so to speak. We’re trying to be a team that moves the ball a little bit.”

· Devonte Green won’t miss any time after leaving the Illinois game late in the second half with an apparent ankle issue. Miller said it “looked worse than it was” and Green was a full participant in team activities on Thursday.

· On Juwan Morgan, “It’s unheard of in terms of what he’s doing. He hits every statistical category on the sheet, and then he does the things that you don’t see on the stat sheet. Which is the effort level that he’s giving us on defense, guarding different positions, his load on offense – although at one time I think was more about scoring – he’s now distributing. He’s doing all kinds of things. I said today, if there was a guy in the Big Ten that means more to his team than him, I’d like to see him.”

· At the beginning of the season, the team’s goal was to finish the season in the top-100 in the country of defensive efficiency KenPom. Miller noted that after the first Iowa game, they were ranked 197th. Now, they’re 51st. The goal for the rest of the season is to finish top 50.

· A fan in the building noted that earlier in the season, Miller called the team “soft.” Asked what he would refer to them now, he answered “hard-playing.”

“They play hard. The one thing this group has done here for a long stretch is playing harder and harder for longer stretches every game. Playing smarter, too, defensively. Being more disciplined. We have more discipline to us in terms of what we’re trying to do. But even through some of our losses, they made a big deal about out four-game losing streak, it never felt like we were in a four-game losing streak during that stretch. You saw us getting better even through some of the performances where we came up short, and we’ve responded almost every game in a positive way. So it’s a good tribute to this team has just been their coachability and their character level.”

· Next year’s non-conference schedule is already in the works. With 20 Big Ten games next season, there will be, at most, 11 non-conference games. Indiana is already locked into a home date with Louisville, B1G/ACC Challenge, Crossroads Classic and a potential Gavitt Games matchup. With the longer Big Ten schedule, Miller said that it may take until his third or fourth season until they figure out exactly how they want to schedule.

· On whether officials should be able to review goaltending calls: “Yes. I thought it got goaltended last night on the breakaway. They’re tough calls on the run, the officials sometimes, especially in the breakaways, they’re behind and can’t see it.”

· On whether a fourth official should be added to games: “No. I think that’s just one more guy to screw up the game. Without question, we don’t need any more of those guys running around out there.”

· Practices are shorter than earlier in the season, and the team is working on the same things every day when it comes to the defensive end: transition defense, man-to-man halfcourt positioning, rebounding, and ball screen defense.

· On playing Iowa on Saturday, “They play extremely fast and their offense has really, really improved as the course of the season has gone on…When we played them the first time, I think they were really struggling taking care of the ball, which is not an issue for them right now. But offensively, they’ve really, really improved. They’ve played more multiple defenses of late. A lot of zone. I think we could see a lot of zone. But their team, in general, has great size. But the biggest thing with them the second time around is how fast they play and how good offensively they are at home.”

· Al Durham is majoring in Sports Marketing and wants to be an agent.

· Durham, on recommitting to Indiana after Miller was hired, “I always loved the environment of Indiana so that played a big part to me because it always felt like home to me. So when Tom Crean got fired, I wasn’t sure, because I didn’t know who they were going to hire. Once I met Archie, I really liked him, so it was a no-brainer for me to come back.”

· Durham, on how he got out of his shooting funk: “Just sticking to my routine, coming in every day working. Getting extra shots, extra shots, always. Coming in at night shooting. In the morning, shooting. And once I (saw) one fall down, I felt like it was a good feeling. Once one went down, it just carried the momentum on.”

· Durham said Josh Newkirk, Robert Johnson and Devonte Green were the teammates that really helped him adjust to the college game.

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  • Sandra Wilson

    I disagree with Miller on the 4th official. My guess is he hasn’t really thought much about it. Adding a 4th official means they could work in a rectangle and would only need to run a very short distance to cover their area, thus staying out of the way more so than they do now. They could mostly work out of bounds, if there was room. There would be two under the basket. Each side would be covered so that if one is blocked out (which happens all the time), the other might see it. After each timeout or half, they would switch positions so that they aren’t calling the same area the whole game. It’s possible it might not help at all, but it would be worth experimenting with at some point. Things are not good now.

  • kennygeorge

    Good thoughts and explanation Sandra. My only concern would be, one more ref to call fouls and keep interrupting the flow of the game. There are so many good and concerned points, I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.

  • Hoosier Hall

    I’ve always thought they should utilize cameras and better angles and just have a 4th official at a monitor. When the other officials have to stop the game and go to the monitors it always takes forever. Having a full time official at a monitor would make this process quicker and more accurate.

  • inLinE6

    I’d like to see some coach challenges as been adopted in professional sports. You have max 3 challenges each game. Every failed challenge results in the other team shooting 2 free throws.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Having them shoot 2 free throws for a failed challenge seems… random. That punishment may not always fit the crime. The downside to challenges is even slower games, more downtime, which is already a concern for the game.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I like this idea Hoosier Hall. Having an official at a monitor PLUS more clarity on some basic rules would hopefully result in more consistent calls. And the monitor guy would need to make quick calls so the game isn’t bogged down with zebras huddled at the scorer’s table.

  • Colt

    I agree with Archie on not having a 4th official. The games take long enough as is. It seems to me that officials now are calling games feeling like they are being monitored the whole game.

  • TomJameson

    Just means one more whistle on the floor. Officiating is horrible in the B1G right now, with calls made on plays that are right in front of them. Even bad calls made from across the court, when there’s a ref right there at the play.

    No to a fourth official. Unless “Hoosier Halls” idea is adopted. Having a fourth official, a review official, would be the only way to add another ref.

    I can just imagine how long the games would be if there were 4 whistles going on during the games. I’d have to add 2 hours extensions to my recordings. LOL


    Maybe a loss of one time out ?

  • Donnie Vick

    They are being monitored, and that’s a good thing. Evaluations make for better officials.

  • coachv

    i’d rather see them go back to two. too much stoppage makes the game frustrating to watch a bit. i remember last year when that official was out of position and injured juwan. he should have been called out for that

  • Colt

    I realize that. The point I am making is they seem more concerned about not getting in trouble instead of just letting the players play.

  • Donnie Vick

    Two would be a disaster. 3 man crews have much better angles than 2. 4 would be unnecessary based on the angles a 3 man crew has.

  • Donnie Vick

    So we shouldn’t enforce the rules? Why have rules then?

  • coachv

    remember when you had to be “set” defensively to draw a charge? now you can just throw yourself in front of the driver when you are guarding him and then throw yourself backwards on contact to draw a charge. how is the dribbler ever supposed to avoid that?

  • AndyCapp

    Sorry Sandra, but the way he emphatically shut it down suggests he’s thought about it enough to the point of making up his mind. Your other points are well made but I still prefer only the 3 on court with a possible 4th on video review.

  • coachv

    i don’t see technically how a goaltending review can be implemented. a block frequently leads to a fastbreak. if you stop to review and take away the advantage a breaking team has and the block was clean, it would be disastrous. worse than the occasional missed goaltend. maybe just on blocks that don’t immediately lead to a run out

  • Donnie Vick

    Generally speaking officials and coaches/players/and especially fans are operating from totally different playbooks.

  • coachv

    basketball is fast. the other team can score before a monitor official has even had time to see a replay. can’t have any process where points are taken off the board

  • IdahoHoosier

    In professional tennis you start with a set amount of challenges, so maybe 2 per game for basketball. If you make a challenge and the call is overturned in your favor, you keep that challenge. If you were incorrect, you’ve lost that challenge (other team probably retains possession?). What do you think?

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    It’s gotta hard enough for Archie to yell at 3 officials. Add and a 4th and he’d be hoarse 33% longer! lol


    Sounds about right. I would be against the other team shooting 2 free throws if the challenge is lost. I’d say that ” what ” is allowed to be challenged might turn out to be the biggest decision in the big picture.

    In the case of overtime, should each team be granted one more challenge or not ?

  • Incidentally, if you haven’t watched the show, do so: Archie was much funnier talking about the refs than the quite implies. Absolutely hilarious, in fact.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Yeah I don’t like shooting free throws. That is suggesting getting a challenge incorrect equates to a technical foul. Maybe each coach gets one challenge per half, and one for any overtime period? I’d hesitate to give coaches too many more, as it would slow the game down and limiting challenges would make a coach really choose wisely as to when he would employ it.

  • ’11Hoosier

    The same concerns exist in every sport, especially soccer, which is why they are testing it to figure out the kinks. Maybe you don’t get the game 100% correct but maybe you improve it from 60% to 85% correct.

  • Kyl470

    One thing I like about the NBA over college is the whole charge/block call. The NBA tends to side with the offense most of the time. In college I feel like the defense always gets the benefit.

    If you are the help defender you have to be completely set to draw a charge, but so many times you see guys slide in at the last second and still get the call. Now if you are the guy on the ball defending you can be moving as long as you stay in front in legal guarding position and the offensive player can’t run you over.

  • kris

    You make some good points, but why stop at 4? Wouldn’t 6, 8 or 10 be better? 1 official per player. I’m kidding, but serious at the same time. I think 3 is good, maybe use the replay more for certain scenarios; yet even that can go too far.

  • kurk81

    In theory, you’re right. But (this is actually more true in football) officials are obviously very aware of not making a call that costs the league money. They know that if a call they make keeps a money-making team out of a playoff/tournament situation, that call will come up in evaluations and future assignments.

  • Donnie Vick

    No, its not a theory. Supervisors are in the stands. They meet prior to games. They discuss what should be called and what should not be called.

  • ’11Hoosier

    I’m not an official nor have I gone through official training, but to my understanding, three officials works well because they “triangulate” the ball which should give a well rounded view of the play that is happening.

    I tend to agree with Archie that adding a 4th only adds to the possibility of more mistakes and more opinions. Instead, leagues should focus on different ways technology can improve officiating.

    Soccer is experimenting with VAR (Video Assistant Referee) which is a referee that reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication. In the case of the goaltending call, the VAR would be able to tell the head ref that the defender hit the backboard and it should be goaltending. Ideally this happens within seconds so there isn’t a big disruption in game flow.

  • coachv

    was the game a disaster when iu was racking up their ncaa championships? sure, a few calls get missed but they get missed now. the constant stoppage of play now is annoying.

  • coachv

    is it televised or on youtube? i have never seen it

  • Colt

    Yeah that is what I am saying. Good grief.

  • It’s on the Indiana University Facebook page.