Class of 2019 Intro: New Castle’s Mason Gillis

  • 02/08/2018 8:00 am in

NEW CASTLE, Ind. – A name to know in the class of 2019 is New Castle forward Mason Gillis. The No. 149 player nationally according to 247Sports, Gillis visited Bloomington earlier this season for IU’s game against Northwestern.

The 6-foot-7 forward holds offers from Butler, Purdue, Xavier, Miami (OH) and Toledo along with interest from Indiana, Ohio State and a few others. Inside the Hall recently made the trip to watch Gillis as he scored 27 points and grabbed 14 rebounds in a 68-61 win over Hamilton Southeastern.

We’ve compiled highlights from the win and also spoke postgame to Gillis about his improvement, his recruitment and more:

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  • David Macer

    I really want to see what he does during the summer against really good competition.

    One thing for all us ITH posters, good things seem to happen for IU when we have a NC kid on the roster. Four of our five banners came with NC kids. Three of those banners, NC kids were critical members.

    C’mon CAM make him an offer.

  • vicbert caladipo

    That’s one spot sarge. I think you get my point though. There is a huge correlation between HS rankings and NBA draft. Of course you look at Fultz who has downright sucked and a guy like Vic who is an all star and an unheralded HS recruit. There are always exceptions. You have to love one thing as a Hoosier fan…..we have 2 guys starting in the NBA that were unheralded…so if anyone bucks the trend it’s us….SWEEEEET!!

  • sarge

    You know I have to be that guy Vic! It’s easy to rank the guys who outperform the peers growing up at the highest level due to freak athleticism. It’s harder to see the talent within the player nobody is seeing yet. I love that we have the players with more heart. Hoosiers!

  • Steve wallsmaddee77

    I will second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And what you are bringing up is totally different from my point, which is just because a kid is ranked No. 149, doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough to play at Indiana.

  • just a fan

    The kid can obviously rebound and shoot…man do we need that, but it was his court awareness that impressed me. He fed the ball to his team mates with crisp passing, passes that went so fast the defense couldn’t react. If Mason doesn’t move way up above the 140s I’ll be surprised

  • vicbert caladipo

    To show that recruiting rankings are pretty accurate, I have listed the top 15 picks in last years NBA draft with their HS ranking.

    #1 pick Fultz #7 HS ranking Class of ’17
    2 Ball #4 ’17
    3. Tatum #3 ’17
    4..J. Jackson #2 ’17
    5. Fox #6 ’17
    6. Isaac #12 ’17
    7. Markkanen (not ranked coming from Finland)
    8. Ntilikina (not ranked coming from France-no college)
    9. D. Smith #7 (247 composite….couldn’t find espn ranking) ’16
    10. Z. Collins #37 ’17
    11. Monk #9 ’17
    12. Kennard #24 ’16
    13. D. Mitchell #43 ’16
    14..Adebayo #5 ’17
    15. Ju. Jackson #8 ’15

    Harry Giles was #1 HS ranked espn and Jackson #1 in 247 ’17 Giles went 20th in last years NBA draft.

    Summary…….EVERY player drafted in the top 15 were at least ranked 43rd or higher in HS. The only exceptions were the 2 kids from Europe. Markkanen played one year at Arizona but was not ranked by American ranking but was highly ranked in Europe. If you research other years you will get basically the same results including the mock draft for 2018 is loaded with highly ranked high schoolers

  • sarge

    But wait, if OG doesn’t get injured last year it blows up at least one of the spots on here! Not to mention D. Mitchell is looking like the best player as a rook and he was the lowest rated player you mentioned.

  • vicbert caladipo

    This wasn’t a slam or in rebuttal to your point as I said it isn’t an exact science. In fact I go on to say in another post that IU has done as well as anybody with making stars out of unheralded recruits. I don’t come here to tell people they are wrong like ole man

  • ScoopGeoff

    I feel like I’m watching 40 yr old Richard Jefferson… It’s bizarre. His build, the way he moves, his shot form, and not quite the athleticism of 25 yr old RJ… Looks pretty crafty and legit.