Five takeaways from Indiana’s loss to Michigan State

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Indiana dropped its fourth straight game on Saturday night as the Hoosiers fell 63-60 to Michigan State at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from the loss to the Spartans:

· Indiana responds after getting “punked”: Juwan Morgan spoke without hesitation when asked Indiana’s ferociousness on the glass against Michigan State.

“In East Lansing, they punked us,” Morgan said. “In a few words, that’s what happened.”

How good was Indiana on the glass in Saturday’s rematch?

Good enough that Tom Izzo said postgame that he considered his team’s performance on the boards an insult to him, his players and anybody who has ever played at Michigan State.

Indiana’s rebounding was the main reason the Hoosiers were able to hang tough against a top five opponent despite shooting just 28.8 percent from the field. Indiana rebounded 49 percent of its missed shots and scored 14 second chance points.

· Late rally falls short: When Michigan State opened a 10-point lead with a little over 12 minutes to play, it looked like the Spartans might win going away.

But Indiana didn’t cave. In fact, in a game that had some similarities to earlier losses to Duke and Purdue, the Hoosiers had chances late, but just couldn’t get over the hump.

The backbreaker for the Hoosiers was three missed free throws in the final three minutes. Morgan split a pair from the line with 2:22 remaining to draw Indiana to within one.

And then with a chance to take the lead, Freddie McSwain missed two free throws. Michigan State capitalized on the misses as Matt McQuaid drained a 3-pointer to extend the Spartan lead to four with 1:09 to play.

“Down the stretch, they just made a couple more winning basketball plays than us,” Morgan said. “And those are just things we can’t give up if we want to get over the hump.”

· McSwain shines in second career start: There was a surprise addition to Saturday’s starting lineup: Freddie McSwain.

In his best performance since arriving in Bloomington as a junior college transfer, McSwain finished with eight points and 16 rebounds in a career-high 29 minutes.

“Just going out every day and just playing my hardest,” McSwain said. “Every time an opportunity is called, start or coming off the bench, I say just come in help the team do whatever to help the team win, really.”

· Another turnover-free performance for Devonte Green: As Josh Newkirk continues to struggle down the stretch of his senior season, the door has opened for Devonte Green to claim a bigger role.

And over the last two games, Green is capitalizing. The sophomore from New York scored 20 points in Tuesday’s loss at Ohio State and followed it up with seven points, six assists and no turnovers in 31 minutes on Saturday.

“He’s the guy that when he wants to distribute, he’s the best guy on our team at that,” Miller said of Green. “And he got with it at Ohio State. He carried it over a little bit today. And it’s good.

“We need guys that are hunt and assists rather than shots, and six assists tonight, I think he had five or whatever he had at Ohio State. Even at Illinois he made some good passes. He’s starting to come around a little bit for us, which is a good sign.”

· Izzo gives credit to Indiana fans: There’s no denying that these are trying times at Michigan State. The heinous acts of Larry Nassar, a former physician at the university, have been in the national headlines for weeks and aren’t going away anytime soon.

Tom Izzo has also taken criticism after a recent Outside the Lines story that questioned how he handled sexual assault allegations against several former players.

Indiana, to its credit, was proactive in asking fans to avoid derogatory comments at the game. And postgame, Izzo expressed his appreciation for that.

“I’m probably going to sound a little bit like an IU fan but I do want to publicly thank IU,” he said. “I want to thank their president, A.D., coach, players, fans, and students. Whatever they sent out was very classy and well done, and very much appreciated, handling themselves without some of the things that needed to be said. I take my hat off to them.”

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  • vicbert caladipo

    1. Juwan Juwan Juwan!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Freddie Freddie Freddie!!!
    3. Missing Moye never ceases to make me laugh
    4. Monday will be the day we make 10 plus 3’s
    5. I’ll feel Naked and Afraid after Monday having to wait days for the next game as the schedule lightens..

    Hope the hotel the team stays at has a 70″ TV for tonights game

  • Ms hoosier

    Well: the officiating stunk!! MSU gets away with so many fouls both offensive and defensive. The Hoosiers played hard 40 minuets they have turned into a really good defensive team and has learned to operate in a half court offense as far as ball movement,feeding the post, and being able to get descent look at the basket. The only problem is that they just can’t shoot a lick!! I guess this is the worst shooting IU team I have seen in my lifetime

  • Lynn

    I loved watched Freddie play last night. That kid played his heart out. Always good to see that rewarded by the lame a__ officials. Even our favorite announcer made the comment how are you supposed to play defense when you let the offense drill you in the chest and knock you back a foot and no call…

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Lol!!! I swear to this, when my son starts playing football at IU, and we are there throughout the year, I have to get together with you and many others on this board. You and Ole Man , Bball at Nick’s and of course others!!! Even Sandra.

  • David

    You know its bad when you can hear the skin on skin slap and the whistle doesn’t blow.

  • Ms hoosier

    Bridges just bull dozed Al Durham on a fast break lay up and nothing was called. Total disgrace to the game!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    6. Referees suck! We get nothing at home! I paused the game, rewound and took a picture of Bridges standing out of bounds on the missed FT “steal” which led to a MSU layup. Difference between a tie (after IU scored) and down 4! DG got fouled on his drive to the bucket with about a minute to go. That’s wasn’t another Jackson block. He didn’t touch the ball – instead he put his right arm into the small of DG’s back and pushed him further under the basket making it an impossible layup attempt. Those are just two of the 4 late HORRIBLE calls I recorded. Absolutely shouldn’t happen on IU’s home floor! Even Jockitch said “refs never missed the baseline out of bounds call” cause they’re right there! I’m getting sick of the “post Bob Knight” mistreatment at Assembly Hall!
    7. Freddie played his heart out!
    8. Devonte is starting to show his value and his decision making is getting better. Archie may be the perfect coach to help him maximize his potential!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I know 7 & 8 were already in the article but they deserved rementioning.

  • Banned on the Run

    It’s a joy to watch these guys battling. Taking pride in defense, scrapping, the learning curves they’re navigating.

    I liked Dakich’s comment about fans getting down on Newkirk when he commits a mistake, where they could be cheering him on instead.

  • JN is a repeat offender with his bad play. When he deserves it, we cheer him on, that was not last night. and I was glad to see DG get the minutes

  • CincyHoosier

    33%, 32%, 28%, 28%, 26%, 23%. Those are the 3 point percentages of the 6 main outside shooters on this team. Let that sink in. Free throws are just as bad. This team is so easy to defend.

    And yet this team has fought and scratched and clawed. The 2nd half of Wisconsin was horrible and the OSU game was a debacle of wobbly legs from the get-go. Besides those, I couldn’t be prouder of how this team has evolved. The difference of how this team plays team defense, rebounds and no longer turns the ball over is staggering. They are developing all the traits that a team can and will bring EVERY single game. So as we endure loss after loss, just remember this team won’t be sorely lacking a true PG for much longer. This team won’t be completely lacking perimeter shooters much longer (imagine Juwan’s level of dominance if a team knows they can’t collapse on him). This team won’t maddeningly brick FT after FT.

    Archie is SO the right guy for this school. I used to get so frustrated at losses. It still affects me but it is also so easy to project future gains based on current progress. Please hang with this team.

  • Oldguyy

    Jackson was only called for one of his fouls. One. I’ve never seen a freshman get the Jordan treatment like him.

  • inCMitrust

    I have been watching IU my whole life and it has never crossed my mind that we have a historically bad shooting team. I thought some are better than others, but never bad. That has changed this year. We are 323(65.7%) out 351teams from the FT line and 341 out of 351 from the 3pt. line. That is historically bad. You add in that some players are such bad shots that teams don’t even guard them which in turn makes it harder on the couple of guys who can shoot. Enjoying the transformation of the team this year and looking forward to being better and deeper at every position next year.

  • Ms hoosier

    I think Izzo has more to do with it. The refs cater to him.

  • Ms hoosier

    I almost come out of my seat when Jackson lowered his shoulder on Juwan and no offensive foul was called!!!! It was a complete joke!!!!

  • Arch Puddington

    Apparently Juwan Morgan’s excellence is such a given that it no longer even Bear’s mentioning. Yes, Freddie’s 16 boards were epic, and DG’s 6/0 assist/TO ratio was another big step for him. But JM had a double-double despite a) routinely playing against players bigger than him, and b) being the only real scoring threat on the team and therefore getting the other team’s best defensive attention. He scored 23 on a night when no other Hoosier hit double figures and our guards did nothing to stretch the defense with outside shooting. Without him, we get run out of the gym by MSU, PU, and pretty much everyone else. As in, no conference wins at all. So maybe we just need 4 Takeaways the rest of the year, with “Juwan is awesome” a permanent item.

  • vicbert caladipo

    I’ve been doing my part Arch. JUWAN JUWAN JUWAN!!!!!!!!

  • StudentHoosier

    Student Hoosier’s 5 takeaways:

    1. Newkirk is awful. There simply is no justification for him anymore. There’s nothing else to say. 2 points, 0-6 shooting, 1 assist…. Yet still starting and playing big minutes. Embarrassing.

    2. I know it’s taboo to argue too much about playing time – these are Big Ten coaches who we have plenty of faith in – but can someone please explain to me why CH is our 9th man and barely playing these days? I would think that playing at home against #5 team with great bigs would justify CH getting more minutes, but it doesn’t seem to be so.

    3. Ultimately, it was damn impressive to see our guys fight the way they did. Just the sheer number of times it looked like MSU was gonna pull away and we stopped a run was very impressive from a squad that was clearly outmatched from a talent perspective.

    4. IMHO, our best lineup looks something like this:
    The 4 most reliable guys on our roster in there, the 4 most talented, and one of the justifiably bigger lineups we could come up with with limited size. Also a strong veteran presence.

    5. Just curious, when was Freddie’s other start? I have been up and down on the guy, and I don’t want to say he always hustles because film from OSU clearly shows the contrary, but the guy does fight, man. One thing I’ve always liked about him is that he is constantly called upon to guard the other team’s best big (often outmatched sizewise) and he often comes through. I’ll never forget the way in which he was our only answer against Swanigan in the Hall last season.

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone.
    I was also wondering – I’m obviously a student, and I’ve seen the past few years from a student’s perspective, been in the student section, etc, and I was thinking since the season is winding down soon, and so is my time as an undergrad, about maybe posting some sort of Mount Rushmore of the best SSAH atmospheres I’ve experienced so far.

  • vicbert caladipo

    For anyone interested I compiled some stats for all our NBA Hoosiers. These are the stats I chose and go in this order:
    Games Played
    Games Started
    Mins per game
    Points per game
    3PT FG%
    Rebounds per game
    Assists per game

    Victor 49-49-34.4-24.0-49%-39%-81%-5.2-4.1-(2 steals per game) Pacers
    Eric Gordon 47-24-32.2-19.1-42%-34%-81%-2.4-2.5 Rockets
    Yogi 53-15-29.1-10.3-44%-40%-80%-3.4-2.3 Mavs
    OG 51-39-21.4-6.1-45%-36%-71%-2.5-0.8 Raptors
    Noah Vonleh 32-0-14.8-3.7-50%-40%-74%-5.2-0.4 Blazers
    Thomas Bryant 5-0-3.0-1.0-33%-33%-50%-0.6-0.2 Lakers
    Troy 4-0-4.3-1.3-22%-0%-33%-1.0-0.3 Rockets

    JBJ(NBA G-League) 31-8-25.3-12.6-41%-39%-82%-3.3-2.2

  • vicbert caladipo

    We got hosed a lot in this game. I didn’t take pictures but jotted down every BLATANT blown call. I counted 7 against us. Yours and the articles were included in my 7. Not counting all the non blatant ones that were 50-50ish

  • Arch Puddington

    Go Vic, Go!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Oh, you’re absolutely right! I thought maybe it was just the fact that Tom Crean was pretty much hated by his peers, but Archie is pretty well respected and he’s still getting hosed! And I absolutely can’t stand the fact that Izzo chats it up with the referees the whole game. I’ve watched for years as officials actually slow the game to allow him to talk to them. Why don’t they tell him to get back to the coach’s box like they do every other coach in the league?

  • Gerry Scott

    this maybe outside of couple yrs post Sampson the worst shooting team ever at IU. BLOW IT UP COACH a whole new set of players not just starters. season is over period

  • Gerry Scott

    he is horrible. has been since day 1

  • Old Hoosier

    I get very frustrated with sweeping negative comments. It seems many fans are far worse as fans than the hard working kids they are critcizing.

  • IUBizmark

    Can someone explain to me the adjustment Archie made from the first MSU game to get us this many rebounds? I wasn’t watching that aspect and I’d love to know what he changed.

  • Missing Moye

    Thanks for this. I try to check the box scores every day for the Pacers and Mavs, at least. Glad to see Vic doing so well, and Yogi too in his role. OG doesn’t put up a lot of production in the box score – I wonder if he’s Toronto’s McRoberts?

  • HoosierHillbilly

    The one thing I’ll say about newkirk is that he came to IU to play for a wide open offense that Tom Crean had implemented here and had left this same kind of offense behind at Pitt. My point being, this half court offense does not fit Newkirk’s strengths as a player and he is struggling because of it. The vastly different styles from Crean to Miller on offense have clearly affected some of these players heads and they have not had time to change for the better. And in newkirks and johnsons case it wont happen at all.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Agreed but free throw shooting is on each player.

  • beppecolo

    Ya gotta love ’em. I said (often) during the TC years that losing or winning was one thing, but not seeing Indiana basketball on the court where effort, intensity, and smarts (i.e., defense, boxing out, keeping your hands up, setting good picks, etc.) was so disappointing. That said:

    Six, time to start growing the freshmen for next year. They need more experience so they can step on the court next season with confidence and leadership.

    Seven?, let’s develop some outside shooting. The NBA has lots of players not known as outside shooters in college or even in their early pro seasons, who are now lights out. It’s a matter of mechanics and practice, not an innate talent (although that helps), and I think 3-pt shooting should be a primary off season goal for many of the players.

  • mharv2631

    3 pt loss with many obvious missed calls and atrocious free throw shooting. Very optimistic about the future. Cudos to Freddie. He played his arse off!

  • Arch Puddington

    As they say, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak…

    Hartman is clearly not himself physically. In addition to the injuries that have cost him some or all of past seasons, he has experienced shoulder, knee, and perhaps other injuries this year. You may recall he missed all of the previous two games due to injury, and was (I think) something of a game-time decision for MSU. For the season he is shooting 42% FG, 69% FT, and just 29% 3FG, and just isn’t able to provide the same great team defense and floor game we have seen in the past. I’m sure he is a great teammate and leader, but his contributions on the floor will be limited for the rest of the season.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Thanks MM. Glad somebody enjoyed it. You’re right about OG. His main role is as defensive stopper and of great value to Toronto. I forgot Cody Zeller…..21gp-0gs-19.4mpg-7.1ppg-50%-100%-73%-5.3reb-0.8as

  • David

    Dakich has no room to talk about getting down on players. He said Bridges has no game. Bridges is near the top in many categories in the Big10, but Dakich says he has no game.

  • mharv2631

    Your the best player in the BIG when you make a good play and the worst when you make a bad play according to Dakich. Everything is overblown with him.

  • IllinoisHoosier

    When I used to see creans teams make the same mistakes over and over, it would drive me crazy. Like those things weren’t a priority or weren’t worked on or players didn’t want to learn it. With this team I can see improvement with defense from the beginning of season to now. Also creans teams would give up if losing. This team fights. I’m frustrated by lack of three point shooting, no go to guy and maddened by the horrible free throw shooting even from the guards. This is a must for the off season. Having said that with a few player additions and continued hard work and defensive play we should be on the right track.

  • IllinoisHoosier

    Felt like many ticky tack fouls against iu while msu was manhandling under the basket with no calls. And the stupid save that should have been out of bounds. Those things can add up and make a difference. Of course we would need to hit the freebies.