At the buzzer: Michigan State 63, Indiana 60

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Quick thoughts on 63-60 loss to Michigan State:

How it happened: Indiana battled another top five opponent on Saturday night on Branch McCracken Court. And once again, the Hoosiers came up short in a hard fought game. It looked as if the more talented Spartans would pull away midway through the second half. Michigan State opened at 10-point lead at 51-41 with 12:04 to play, but Indiana made it interesting down the stretch. The Hoosiers were down just one at 58-57 with just over two minutes to play with Freddie McSwain going to the line. But McSwain missed both free throws and Matt McQuaid splashed in a 3-pointer to give the Spartans a four-point lead. Indiana got no closer than three the rest of the way as a Devonte Green desperation heave at the buzzer rimmed off, handing the Hoosiers their fourth straight loss.

Standout performer: After scoring just two points in 16 minutes in IU’s loss to Michigan State in East Lansing, Juwan Morgan was much better in the rematch. Morgan had another double-double (23 points and 11 rebounds) in 35 minutes.

Statistics that stands out: Indiana dominated on the glass as the Hoosiers grabbed 25 offensive rebounds for an offensive rebounding percentage of 49. Indiana had 14 second chance points.

Final IU individual statistics:

Final tempo-free statistics:

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  • RonG

    Reply has been edited to represent a calmer person. And FYI, I am Polish 1/3 and my comment wasn’t directed at your nationality in any manner. Just that Dakich seemed to constantly praise MSU and never show Freddie any respect for the work he was doing.

  • RonG

    I concur-just wish someone could make them realize what you said so they would spend MORE time practicing them. It gets old hearing my wife say “Geez hon, they just missed another free throw”. As she did last night on the very 1st one missed!
    For myself and I will never forget this but I missed 2 FT’s in the last 30 seconds in a game against a rival in HS that cost us the game. I never left a practice after that without shooting 25 of them.

  • RonG

    Great read! NBA range.I’ll be happy with college 3pt range!

  • RonG

    Man, you’re a happy camper! If you had listened to the POB w/Crispen as the quest you would have gotten a reasonable explanation why he thinks we have 3pt shooting woes. I tend to agree with him. If you think we are not getting good looks, think again. Archie thinks we are but they are not falling as he puts it

  • Adam 01

    The coaches seen to blame our poor shooting on “confidence,” citing the players’ ability to hit their shots in practice. I think you’re saying the poor shooting is indicative of poor offensive sets, caused by a rigidity in the offense. Most posters on here blame our players, suggesting they are all bad shooters (despite some historical data that seems to contradict that). My take? It’s all three.

    Combine all three and you’re left with a statistical outlier of a season, which will inevitably move back towards the mean next year, even if “better shooters” don’t arrive next year.

  • calbert40

    If this team had any outside shooting threats, this team would have the potential to be really good.

    Side note: Juwan Morgan should be a 1st team B1G selection this year. Without him, this team may have 1 or 2 conference wins at most. He’s made an Oladipo-esque jump this year over the last two.

  • zenthias

    Huh? We have had a TON of good looks this year.

  • Sylvia Shanks Masingo

    over all I am very happy with this team and how far they have come. I smile every time I think of the future. it is very BRIGHT.

  • Apoc

    Playing off Adam’s post and my own, I think Archie’s focus on offense has been valuing the ball. This is probably what is leading to the “uptightness” you speak of, and I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing in the first year trying to break old habits, in particular the old habit of having a green light on almost every offensive move. If we are being honest, they are getting open looks, even point blank ones that they are missing, so I can’t blame the offensive system as it is providing them with good looks. As to why they are missing so much, especially lay-ups, I can only speculate (I believe it is just a lack of concentration, maybe still getting used to Archie’s system and just the fact that these guys weren’t/aren’t the highest ranked recruits). I know that last tidbit of speculation is probably overstated but no one can deny the lack of pure talent IU has on the floor. Unfortunately, IU is not in the position OSU is for their first year in that OSU is lucky to have two former 5-star recruits (Bates-Diop & Tate) and 5 former 4-star recruits (Williams, Potter, Jallow, Young & Wesson) and a very capable shooting guard JUCO transfer in CJ Jackson and backup 5th year PG senior in Dakich (similar to McRoberts for IU). In comparison to IU, along with IU’s Davis being out, the talent level gap is staggering.

    The important thing, to me, is that I can see the value in the type of bball he is instilling in these players and I think it will pay huge dividends in the future, but the trade-off is, they may take their lumps early.

  • Mark Bando

    I liked the NBA range comment too. And the comment about him just being a natural shooter. And how bout the game he went 8 for 9 from three point range.

  • dagovernor

    How were we not recruiting him previously?! Sigh.

  • IUBizmark

    Not only the shooting, but Jerome Hunter is going to destroy some dudes at the rim. He reminds me of Justing Smith, but better at getting to the rim. JS, JM and JH are gonna crush some people next season.

  • Koko

    Don’t forget Race…..he’s going to be a banger too.

  • IUBizmark

    Really. Imagine what this game would’ve looked like if Crean had coached it. Not to bring up the deposed, but it gives perspective to a hard fought loss that was lead by an incredible game plan by Archie. He puts us in the position to win, we just haven’t seized the opportunity most times.

  • IUBizmark

    What if we had won this game? Would you still say the same things? I doubt it. I HATE blaming the refs, but they did miss that Bridges out of bounds call, which changes things. We could’ve easily WON despite our shortcomings.

  • IUBizmark

    18 to 24 fouls. What more do you want? They did miss the Bridges out of bounds call, but other than that, I thought it didn’t impact the game whatsoever.

  • IUBizmark

    That’s awesome to hear!

  • BannersOnTheWall

    If we keep up the level of play from this game, it’s feasible (though perhaps unlikely) that we could run the table with the rest of our B1G games this season. I only hope that we are able to weather the Rutgers road game, given the difficult nature of these quick-turnaround games.

  • IUBizmark

    I can appreciate that! Seriously though, we could’ve made 1 more free throw and 1 more field goal and won that game. The numbers don’t change, except in the W/L column which is what counts. Shooting or no shooting, we’re right there with top 5 teams.

  • Missing Moye

    Leading a witch hunt? Towards you?

  • Missing Moye

    It was okay. I’m not that much of an NFL fan (being a Bengal fan will do that to you) and didn’t have a rooting interest. Entertaining game, at least.