Video: Robert Phinisee highlights vs. Lafayette Jeff, postgame interview

  • 02/02/2018 7:59 am in

LAFAYETTE, Indiana – Class of 2018 Indiana point guard signee Robert Phinisee led McCutcheon to its fifth straight win – a 65-55 triumph at Lafayette Jeff – on Thursday night.

Phinisee finished with 16 points and six assists in the win. Inside the Hall was there and we’ve compiled highlights below. In addition, we caught up with Phinisee postgame for an update on his final prep season.

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  • sd chuck

    Glad this kid is coming to IU! Looks very smooth, balanced with a high basketball iq, also like that he is coming to games this year! A point guard, and hits free throws!

  • SteveBrooklyn777

    Exactly my thoughts, chuck. How’s his outside shooting though?

  • David

    Love that free throws were in the highlight reel. No.12 can shoot though, maybe Robert can bring him to Bloomington too.

  • N71

    I’m super curious to see how next years’ team comes together. As far as guard play you figure Robert has already bought into the system, otherwise he wouldn’t have committed, and Al seems the eager beaver type willing to adapt. Devonte has been called stubborn but clearly he’s a talent so that’s a bit of a wild card, I think the tail end of this season will paint a picture. Romeo would be a terrific addition considering our shooting/scoring difficulties this year. I can’t even imagine what a scoring threat like that would do for Juwan, how much it would free things up down low. Add in Damezi and Jerome who are scoring wings and we should be able to apply all types of pressure on the opposing defenses. With our new defensive system in place, in all, things look promising with one exception, we’re still going to have problems with the 6’11” 255+ pound dudes that know how to play. If we don’t land Romeo it won’t be for the lack of a presence, the highlights of his game last night in North Vernon were unique, I’ve never seen the opposing team’s student section all decked out in IU garb chanting “IU, IU, IU”. I get it but I’ve never seen it before. Add to that he scores 63 points and there’s something special going on with that young man.

  • sd chuck

    highlights show a vg shot from behind the arc

  • Koko

    Don’t forget Race Thompson.

  • Koko

    Nice player….look forward to his on court leadership. I think we have a good
    one in RP.

  • N71

    Agree. Only having seen video from a year ago Race seems similar to Juwan, a thick 6’8″ utility guy. He’ll still be undersized come BigTen once DeRon goes out with his 3rd foul at the 15:12 mark in the first half.

  • IUBizmark

    That is one confident high school senior! Going to be the kind of leader IU needs for 3-4 years. Thanks for coming to IU RP!

  • Ray Hallett

    Seems to drive the basket easily. Then in my mind’s eye I try to imagine what that will look like when he is driving against Big Ten sized front lines instead of 6-2 forwards. Will need to make some adjustments.

  • Geoff_85

    True about being undersized, but seeing him at Hoosier Hysteria, I recall Race being really speedy and athletic for a big guy, and IU needs speed/athleticism in the frontcourt badly on the defensive end. They absolutely have to get better on their rotations and getting back out to the 3pt line after doubling down low. Race, after spending a year with the team, ought to be surprisingly good on the defensive end for a frosh.

  • Geoff_85

    And Bloomington is not exactly a hop skip and a jump from Lafayette. Certainly encouraging and shows me he really wants to be prepared and is putting in the work to do so. I am VERY excited about Robert Phinisee. Plus, it means we keep a player named Robert on the roster, which has been important to me since Robert Baden. Ok, maybe I’m kidding on the last part. I did like RV’s game though.