News and notes from Archie Miller’s radio show

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Inside IU basketball with Archie Miller was live on Thursday evening at the Holiday Inn in Bloomington. Zach McRoberts was the special guest in the show’s final segment.

Below are news and notes from the show (all quotes from Miller unless noted otherwise):

· Miller said the biggest disappointment in the Purdue game wasn’t that the ball got into the post, but it was what happened once it got in there.

· Miller said that McRoberts doesn’t need to score a point to impact Indiana winning. “I would put him up against anybody in the league right now just in terms of being an all-defense selection.”

· Miller said he thought Devonte Green had his best game of the season against Ohio State after only playing four minutes against Purdue. “He took it to heart. He was engaged when he started the game at Ohio State.”

· Indiana will depart for Rutgers on Sunday at noon following Saturday night’s game against Michigan State. The Hoosiers will workout in New Jersey on Sunday afternoon before playing again on Monday night.

· Miller said the Hoosiers had a strong practice on Thursday and that he believes the team will remember how difficult Michigan State made it for them in their first meeting in East Lansing. “We’re going to have to have a tough mindset.”

· Miller said the expectation is that Collin Hartman will be a gametime decision for Saturday’s game against Michigan State. Hartman dressed but did not play on Tuesday at Ohio State.

· Miller was asked what brings him the most satisfaction with this season’s team: “I don’t think you’re ever satisfied in anything you’re doing. You’re always on a quest to be at your best. The one thing our staff is pleased with is our team has improved. I don’t think there’s been a moment in the season where we haven’t improved. Our guys in February are better than they were in December. The quest is, for another month, can we keep climbing the ladder slowly but surely.”

· Miller said that he’s “very rarely” offered a scholarship to a high school freshman.

· When asked which players on the current IU team could be coaches, Miller mentioned Hartman and Al Durham Jr.

· Miller said that key areas for improvement for Justin Smith moving forward are his ability to grab 50-50 balls and also rebounding.

· On Victor Oladipo being at the Purdue game and the time he spent with the staff before the game: “I don’t think, from top to bottom on our staff, did we ever anticipate a guy investing his time that much for coming back for a ceremony. He was in the office with coaches for 20 minutes talking. You can tell how vibrant he is.”

· Miller on comparisons to him and Bob Knight: “First of all, I can’t coach an ounce of how Coach Knight did it. He, to me — and I study the game and have a father who studies the game — when you start to talk about a Mount Rushmore, he’s on it. The ability to coach the game on offense and how he did it over the course of time, most people will tell you he’s the best tactician to ever coach college basketball.”

· McRoberts said that his primary focus is defense and playing hard. “Just being around it so long and always watching it growing up, that’s been something that stuck with me is always playing hard.”

· McRoberts said he grew up going to Butler games as his father and grandfather both played there.

· McRoberts said one of the funniest guys on the team is Johnny Jager.

· McRoberts will graduate in May (economics), but plans to return to Indiana’s team next season. “I’ll graduate in May, but plan to come back.”

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  • Arch Puddington

    Don Fischer is a genius at what he does. I use that term very deliberately. His voice and mannerisms are fantastically evocative for calling games, and his ability to capture the spirit of college sports without becoming too syrupy or fawning gives him the ideal demeanor for what he does. I caught the last few minutes of the show last night, and his interviews with both Archie and Zach were perfect examples. He asked the coach simple, direct questions that address real issues of interest to the fans, then got out of the way so the coach could answer. And the appreciation he expressed to Zach for what he brings to the team captured exactly the way fans feel, but without overdoing it. Just thoughtful and sincere. I’m sure there are lots of beloved play-by-play guys at colleges around the country, but there are very few at any level as good as Don Fischer.

  • sd chuck

    The team has gotten better! Frustrating year as the only players to be consistent have been JM and Zak. Everybody needs to work on free throws. Hoping that DD will at least be able to stand on the FT line and shoot FT’s all summer!

  • Hoosier Hall

    Don Fischer is the absolute best.

  • Koko

    Now we know how Archie feels about RMK.

  • Colt

    Archie is spot on about Bob Knight. I also agree with Archie’s assessment on the progress IU has made. He stepped into a tough situation.

  • Colt

    Get off your high horse son. No one is prostrating themselves at the Knight altar. If you cannot see how great of a coach he really was then you know nothing about basketball.

    No one is expecting Archie to be Knight. The fact that Archie can appreciate Knight’s coaching talents is a good thing.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    Don Fischer #1
    Marty Brennaman #1A

  • Arch Puddington

    For Archie to say anything other than what he said would have been foolish in the extreme. RMK has a nearly cultish following that even to this day thinks of him not just as a great coach who won three titles, but as a Great Man who did things The Right Way. There is nothing at all for Archie to gain by entangling himself with the sterilized and romanticized version of Knight that lingers in the minds of many. His self-deprecation, while no doubt sincere, is also an eminently sensible way to steer clear of some needless turbulence.

  • Colt

    You need to grow some thicker skin. No wonder you don’t like Knight.

  • Colt

    Ewww…you got me there.

  • Arch Puddington

    I agree entirely that you and I shouldn’t continue the mythologizing. He won three national championships, but was abusive and vulgar, left the program in worse shape than he found it, and has spent nearly 20 years trampling on the fans and players whose support underwrote all of his success. I just think the guy who sits in his chair now has to be incredibly circumspect about all that. Until/unless Archie has won at least one national championship, he has no choice but to deal with the legend and the many fans to who subscribe to it. Hopefully he wins one sooner rather than later, not least because it will allow us to finally begin moving beyond the ghosts of the past.

  • inLinE6

    I’m very supportive of coach Crean but this is not a true statement.

  • inLinE6

    Will ZM earn a scholarship next year? Here’s the situation: he doesn’t need a graduate degree, per se, and the kid is coming back for basketball. It doesn’t make sense to start for a B1G team and pay your own tuition, let alone for Master’s program. But at the same time, as much as I’d love to award that open scholly to Zach, from basketball standpoint, I’d rather get another impactful graduate transfer, who can come in and help. Unless Archie wants to save it for 2019, where we have a shot at several high ranking players, then it’s great to use on Zach for a year.

  • inLinE6

    He was indeed cleaning a huge mess but what did RMK have to do with it? Those players were recruited by Davis and Mr. Blueshirt.

  • Molon Labe

    In what way did Knight leave the program in worse shape than when he found it? The players stayed at IU and went to the National Championship Game in 2002. Davis was a bad coach and really started the downslide. Then Sampson ruined everything with his ethics. You may not like Coach Knight, but he led a successful program for nearly 30 years. He won 3 National Championships and had legitimate chances for a few more along with 11 Big 10 Championships. He may have had a temper and been an asshole to be around, but times were different back then and the vast majority of his players are still very loyal to him today. Your revisionist history is not even close to reality.

  • Molon Labe

    What part are you speaking of? Knight left the program in great shape when he was fired. Everything that Crean had to deal with was all because of Sampson.

  • Fifer39

    I’ll be incredibly disappointed with Archie if he doesn’t. How can you ask a guy to be a starter over plenty of scholarship players this year but then not give him a scholly. I get that getting someone else on board may strengthen the squad overall, but if anyone deserves it, Zach does, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be an important part next year too.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Joey Votto #1