Video: Romeo Langford highlights vs. Evansville North, Jasper

  • 01/29/2018 7:12 pm in

Class of 2018 New Albany five-star guard and IU recruiting target Romeo Langford had a big weekend as he scored a total of 76 points in a pair of wins over Evansville North and Jasper. Langford is now sixth on the state’s all-time scoring list.

Kansas coach Bill Self and assistant coach Jerrance Howard watched Langford on Friday night. Inside the Hall was in attendance for both games and we’ve compiled highlights from both games below:

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  • SamWow123

    and De’Ron

  • beppecolo

    Just to start a discussion (argument?), I like IU’s ’18 class OK without Langford. No question it would be a ranked class with him. But, I think bringing in length in the form of another 6’10” or bigger player in the frontcourt would be a greater benefit to competing in the B1G than signing Langford to a 1-and-done. This reflects a lack of confidence in DD. I vote for length over Langford.

  • N71

    I vote for both, Romeo and another “big”. Odds are we loose someone to transfer or our best player goes pro whether they’re ready or not. Juwan seems ready though.

  • BBB

    I already posted this on another thread, but I was a little late to that party, so here it is: I just don’t see the appeal of Vanderbilt for Romeo. I understand why a player, especially a potential one-and-done, might want to go to an immediate contender. This points to Kansas. I also understand why a player, especially a potential one-and-done, would want to showcase his talents and not have to share the ball with other top tier recruits. This points to Indiana. Vanderbilt appears to be a few years away from really competing, yet they also have two top-15 recruits and another top-100 wing coming in next year.

    Unless Romeo is wanting to play with Garland or is really fond of Bryce Drew, it doesn’t compute for me. Maybe he’s a big country music fan?

  • Arch Puddington

    I like the class without Langford, too. A lot. But however good it/they turn out to be, next year’s roster is significantly imbalanced. There will be 8 players who are primarily wings or forwards (and I include McRoberts in that group). We will only have one true big (maybe two if you count Forrester), but in my view the fact that we will only have three guards is a MUCH bigger problem. DD kind of fizzled before getting hurt, but at his best he was enough by himself to keep teams like Duke and Louisville from simply steamrolling us. Add all the length we have coming in next year, and I think we will defend and rebound just fine. But at this point we are looking at a freshman PG and two essentially unranked combo guards as our entire back court. (And that’s assuming no one transfers, which I would almost bet on!). AD and DG have both had their moments, but neither has been able to initiate any offense or score with any regularity. And even if one or both really step up next year, three guards is simply not enough. So even beyond the importance of getting a talent like Romeo, the roster needs another guard kind of desperately.

    Of course, the roster is also imbalanced in terms of class size, so it probably doesn’t make any sense to add another player of ANY position unless he is nearly certain to contribute right away. Too many players in the 2018 class already. So as I work my way through this thought, my vote is Romeo or no one. Next year’s team won’t be a big contender anyway, so save the spot for 2019 and beyond unless it is a can’t-miss guy.

  • Arch Puddington

    At least for the moment he does appear anywhere on any draft board. He is probably a 2nd team All-Conference guy, and even a POY candidate like Keita Bates-Diop projects in the mid 2nd round. He probably projects as a kind of combo wing, and I am not sure he has the perimeter game to pull that off (yet). He still scores a lot of his points inside, something I don’t think he will be able to do in the NBA. Even Troy Williams, who is roughly the same size but more athletic and much more skilled with the ball in his hands on the perimeter, is right on the line between NBA and G-League. I am sure that JM will test the waters, as they say, but unless he thinks his long-term prospects are better by going through the G-league than by staying at IU, I believe he will be back.

  • TomEke

    I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but what is it you’re not seeing? He improved in every significant category on Per 40 basis (accounting for increased minutes) except for AST (asked to score more) & FT% (muscle mass) this year:

    PER 40
    SOPH: 20.4 PTS 9.1 REB 2.3 AST 3.2 BLK 1.7 STL 5.3 PF 1.7 TO 0.62 FG% .50 FT%
    FRES: 17.0 PTS 8.9 REB 2.6 AST 2.0 BLK 1.2 STL 6.9 PF 3.5 TO 0.49 FG% .76 FT%

  • vicbert caladipo

    He’s too slow of foot. Archie has said that a few times in that we are much quicker without him. To play Archies style of D you must be fast getting back from the hedging. The minimal gains from Soph to Fresh aren’t enough. Plus Achilles injuries are tough to come back from especially when you had foot problems leading into your college career. Too early to call, but wouldn’t put my hopes on DD coming back and playing big minutes

  • TomEke

    IMO he battled, and really continues to battle, the sky high expectations fans had for him coming into the season (I’d say based mostly on his progress in offseason workouts).

    Minimal? Show me another player who is shooting that much better from the field this season — because RoJo, JN, ZM, CH, and, specifically, DG certainly aren’t. JMo has a case here, but the percentage gain is still lower.

    DrD might not become a superstar here, but I didn’t think JMo would either until his Junior year. Regardless, unless IU lands a big as either a recruit or grad transfer, whether Archie thinks he is slow of foot or not, he is the man down low again next year, so they need to find a way to work around that. Unless they want to keep matching JMo up against 7 footers.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    who knows what drew’s sales pitch is, but yeah, a couple big names have listened. i do find it peculiar that all of a sudden vandy is a relevant player in cbb recruiting.

  • Kyl470

    The more I think about it the more I don’t think Romeo is coming to IU. I think if he wanted to come to IU he would have announced already. I mean think about it. Right now he is playing in sold out gyms across Indiana because Hoosier fans want to see him when he is in their town. If he would have announced Kansas or Vandy I believe those crowds would be smaller or possibly hostile instead of cheering for him. (BTW I don’t support being hostile towards high school players) Right now even when he is playing a road game he has fans packing the gym and cheering for him.

  • N71

    I can’t help but feel the same way about it. Commit now and thunder into Bloomington. Otherwise plan the stealthiest exit.

  • hoosier2018

    I won’t dispute your thinking. However, I’ve watched Romeo for 4 years and I’ve listened to him speak about his recruiting. He is just different and I mean in a good way. The mind games are being played by everyone, but him. He has stated that the 3 schools are even. Maybe he is waiting for something to push a school over the top. I hope he picks IU.

  • Hoosierkamp

    one did just tear his ACL, not that I wish that in anyway. But might reduce the like-li-hood of them being good next year. Vandy is really bad right now

  • Hoosierkamp

    but we really needed him against Purdue and OSU…..

    really needed him