Langford moves into sixth on state’s all-time scoring list

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Throughout the season, we’ll be keeping track of how Indiana’s four class of 2018 signees fare throughout their final high school campaigns. In addition, we’ll also be keeping tabs on several key recruiting targets in the class of 2018 and 2019.

Here’s our latest update, covering games played the week of January 22-28:

Class of 2018

Robert Phinisee, McCutcheon: Phinisee had 27 points and seven rebounds in a 64-52 win over Anderson on Jan. 26. The future IU point guard was in attendance for IU’s loss to Purdue on Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. The Mavericks have won four in a row and are 14-4 this season.

Damezi Anderson, South Bend Riley: Riley, the No. 1 team in Class 4A, remained unbeaten with a 100-46 win at South Bend Clay on Jan. 26. Anderson finished with 19 points.

Jerome Hunter, Pickerington North (Ohio): The future IU wing had a team-high 18 points in a 63-51 win over Groveport on Jan. 23. Hunter had 15 points in an 81-57 win over Gahanna on Jan. 26. Hunter finished with 17 points, nine rebounds and two steals in a 67-58 win over Shaker Heights on Jan. 28.

Jake Forrester, Westtown School (Pa.):  Forrester had a double-double (13 points, 13 rebounds) in Westtown’s 76-39 win over Friends’ Central on Jan. 26. Forrester had 16 points in an 84-82 overtime loss to Massanutten Military Academy on Jan. 28. Westtown cruised to a 93-54 win over Moorestown on Jan. 23 and Forrester only played the first half. He finished with eight points and eight rebounds. Westtown also beat Friends Select, 64-44, on Jan. 25, but Forrester did not play.

Romeo Langford, New Albany: The Indiana Mr. Basketball favorite had 38 points in a 112-43 win over Evansville North on Jan. 26. Kansas coach Bill Self and assistant Jerrance Howard were both in attendance. Langford had 38 again on Saturday in an 87-44 win over Jasper. Langford made eight of his 11 3-point attempts in the win. He’s now sixth on the state’s all-time scoring list with 2,589 points.

Class of 2019

Trayce Jackson-Davis, Center Grove: Jackson-Davis hit a 3/4 court buzzer-beater as Center Grove beat Lawrence North on Jan. 26. Jackson-Davis scored 21 points in the upset win.

Keion Brooks Jr., Fort Wayne North Side: Brooks Jr. returned to North Side’s lineup and finished with 19 points, 13 rebounds, four assists and five blocks in a 77-47 win at Concordia on Jan. 26. Brooks Jr. had 17 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists in a 91-45 win at Logansport on Jan. 27.

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  • Steve wallsmaddee77

    Need to put Mason Gillis on this watch list.
    Rising junior from New Castle. Real deal believe me.

  • Arch Puddington

    Keion Brooks is obviously a talented guy, but for the life of me I can’t get any handle on his game from the highlights. In this clip he is so much bigger than everyone else that other than “Wow!”, I just don’t know what to take away. I guess he’ll be a stretch 4 in college, perhaps a more athletic Christian Watford, but what do I know. I presume his 5-star rating is based in part on his performances against better competition in AAU ball, so I don’t question his ability. I just can’t read his game or his personality well for whatever reason.

  • TomEke

    Alex, are there other names to look out for in 2019?

    247 Sports shows 1 player high choice (Brooks), 7 players interested (including Jackson-Davis), and 13 players the scouts have looked at (including Gillis mentioned below). The other player who interested me is Armaan Franklin a 4-Star Combo Guard from Cathedral.

  • VAHoosier

    The scoring record will be a tall order for Romeo. He needs 545 to tie, and by my count he has up to 12 games left (5 regular season games and up to 7 games in the tournament, I think). So he needs to average better than 45 points per game and also hope that his team does not slip up prior to the finals.

    As a prior BNL grad during the Bailey era, I hoping Romeo falls short.

    [Edit]: But also hoping he picks IU!

  • David Gebby

    I’ve only seen Keion in person once and that was against New Albany when they played at Southport, but he seemed pretty underwhelming. Beyond not looking very good, it really seemed like he just wasn’t that engaged…especially when New Albany started out strong.

    There was a D1 assistant coach/scout who sat behind us. He mentioned how it isn’t unusual for Keion to skip team events and have a generally bad attitude. So yeah, I mean maybe the game was a one-off, but he didn’t even look good enough to outweigh the possible problems.

  • MrNobody

    So much for the rumors TJD had no outside shot 🙂

  • Koko

    Interesting after Romeo’s dad did the interview with inside the hall, Bill Self and his assistant show up at a New Albany game. Was it scheduled or did Self feel a sense of urgency after hearing about or reading Tim Langeford’s interview with inside the hall? Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall on any conversations Self had with Romeo and his family. The drama continues but I keep
    seeing pictures in my mind of Romeo in candy stripes….he looks good too……sorry Bill Self he’s coming to IU Baby!

  • KraigIU

    The interview happened the same day as the games Self went to.

  • TomJameson

    I really don’t believe that Archie would be interested in somebody that generally has a bad attitude. Seriously, he’s often stated that he isn’t interested in guys like that, no matter how many stars they have.

    I think Keion is another one who moves with deceptive speed. To me, and just from highlight clips, he just seems to always be looking around, has great court awareness, and really quick hands.

  • Koko

    Thanks for the info… my mind Romeo still looks good in candy stripes.

  • TomJameson

    I like this 2018-19 class, even how it stands right now. The first year should be much better, for no other reason than having a “true” point guard again. But with Phinisee aside, if two of the remaining 4 can contribute pretty well, I think we’ll have a great team. Or at least, the start of a great team.

  • David Gebby

    Yeah no doubt. I obviously don’t know that much about him, but I thought it was interesting especially with that assistant talking to us, but who knows how valid that is at all.

    Despite my opinion of him, I definitely believe Keion could be really good for whoever gets him…and I’ll trust Archie with who he does and doesn’t want.

  • TomJameson

    You know David, that’s all anybody can really do. If we trust Archie, and trust that he has the moral values we want in our coach, and I do (both), then we have to trust him to do what he thinks best.

  • Steve Morgan

    Hard to ever know any of the intangibles with the recruits, of course. But what I do see in the highlight is a guy who is there to play defense and impose his will on the inside. Also, despite his big size advantage, he gets great position on the offensive rebound putback. These seem like a couple of fundamental things that would appeal to a “fundamentals” coach like Archie. Add in a 3 ball and what looks like some feel from 15 feet in, and his appeal makes sense. Stars and number rankings? That’s for those more qualified than me!

  • David Gebby

    All valid. As I said somewhere else, if Archie has his eyes set on Keion, then I’m all for it. There’s definitely a lot to like about him and Archie will know best!