Video: Romeo Langford highlights vs. Princeton, postgame interview

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NEW ALBANY – Class of 2018 New Albany five-star guard Romeo Langford scored 36 points in a nationally televised 65-64 overtime win over Princeton (Ohio) on Friday night.

Langford, a 6-foot-5 guard, is down to three schools: Indiana, Kansas and Vanderbilt. Inside the Hall was in attendance for Friday’s showdown against five-star Darius Bazley and two minutes of highlights are available below.

In addition, we caught up with Langford postgame for his thoughts on the win, his recruitment, being named a McDonald’s All-American and more:

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  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Hello all. I guarantee you that if Romeo comes to IU along with the rest of the signed recruits, games like last night will be a distant memory.

  • Jimmy Arata

    After last night, I can only pray he joins the team. Good effort, but we were undermanned.

  • Agreed. Now, I’ll add that I think games like last night aren’t likely to happen again even with the group we’ve already signed. To a man, those guys are playing lights out in their senior seasons, and they’re showing a lot of things that roster is simply lacking. But yes, adding Romeo would be incredibly huge and next season could be special if he joins the team.

  • Hoosier4life67

    Seems to me people put to much pressure on freshmen recruits. People need to remember they are just freshman. Kentucky puts the best starting 5 freshman team on the court year after year and they have only won it all once doing it.

  • Koko

    I watched the New Albany and Princeton game yesterday. It was a fun game to watch and of course I was pulling for New Albany. Fun seeing Bazley and Romeo go at it for their clubs. The IU game came on right as the OT ended in New Albany. There for a while towards the end of the game we had our three freshmen on the floor together…..If JM is off for a while (fingers crossed that isn’t the case) then I expect to see those three freshmen on the court a lot more as we close out the last half of the B1G schedule. Romeo is keeping his poker face on when asked about the three teams he is down to. Good kid, good player….hope he comes to IU.

  • MrNobody

    One of these days I have no doubt Arch will have IU as a top destination for these kids much like Duke n KY n Kansas. UNLESS this atrocious transfer change idea comes about. Who can think that’s a good idea? Unless coach leaves before you arrive on campus I see no reason for that. But after the Bowen mess who knows?

  • Tyler Johnson

    I pray IU gets back to a shred of what they used to be. Amazing program broken down terrible coaches. All the same, sure hoping Romeo wants to CHALK it up at the Phog!! Rock Chalk Jayhawks!! Hartman is one of the biggest downfalls for the team, but everyone acts like he is such an important piece. For your sake, and my dad’s sake, Archie’s recruits can’t come on any quicker.

  • TomJameson

    I’ve said it before, but Romeo is one of those deceptively fast players. I watched Calbert Cheaney from High School through college, and he was the same way. It’s that first step, and Romeo moves the same way.

    Not comparing talent, just comparing their speed. You’re thinking they’re slow … then they’re past you. Love it! Romeo is a beast, but a very level headed young man. Really would like him to come to IU (like all of us).

  • SCHoosier

    Deceptively “smooth” in everything he does. I’m beginning to think this kid might have a future playing b-ball? 🙂

  • Corey Dunigan

    It is because neither Calbert or Romeo have any wasted movements.

    His approach seems more like “looking for an opening to use my quickness to get around defender”

    Versus “body fakes where his first priority is to fool the defender”

  • Geoff_85

    I read that it’s expected to go through with some minor caveats. It feels like it will ruin the game. In-season recruiting of other teams players…just the thought of it makes me sick.

  • TomJameson

    I don’t know about that. I’d have to see a little more talent than that (very purple). lol

  • Brooke Milano

    wondering how this site often goes dark and blacks out completely on the day before a big game. when I read the word ‘complacency’ in articles here describing IU athletes I shake my head. Oh, and for any blowhard site wannabe celebrity fanboy poster here who wants to call me out for saying something that needs to be said, this site is far from being above critique. this site like all IU sports fan blogs has really gone downhill. can you say ‘dinosaur?’ lucky for you you are in southern Indiana on the Kentucky border where a carniverous dinosaur such as you are can maybe ward off extinction a couple years feasting on the technologically unsavvy idiots living in the hills and hollars of southern Indiana, many of whom still don’t know why on earth anybody would ever want to use a smartphone. you know I am right so don’t even try to argue. you know people by name who do not own a smartphone!

  • What’s a smart phone?

  • ’11Hoosier

    Kentucky since 2010…
    1 National Championship
    5 Final Fours
    6 Elite Eights

    Indiana since 2010…
    0 National Championships
    0 Final Fours
    0 Elite Eights

  • RonG

    Keep on hoping! Why would Romeo want to play for a HOF coach like Self who has only won 13 consecutive big 12 championships, has a 212-10 record at Allen field house w/33,51,&69 game winning streaks? Plus KU has only won the conference championship 60 times in their history, played in 46 ncaa championships (28 consecutive-current div 1 record). They were only able to go to final four 14 times,with 6 runner ups and 3 championships. The’re not even 1st in total wins. There 2nd with 2217 ,bah humbug! However, they can say the’re #1 with 97 winning seasons, most in div 1.They are also #1 in div 1 w/22 1ST team all Americans. So if you think all the above justifies a KU commit, thing again! Romeo is staying home! PS I had nothing to do waiting for football-I know, get a life- but this is what we are up against. I just wish it was Dartmouth and not KU. Game time!! Have a great week to all who read this!!!!!

  • Outoftheloop

    No evidence for why you feel so superior to”us”. Enjoy your birthday dinner alone!

  • Outoftheloop

    Loved Romeo’s little smile when the interviewer tried to box him in on where he is “leaning”! Romeo is a gifted young man! I would love him in candy stripes!

  • Outoftheloop

    KS is very beatable this year!

  • bpw97214

    My brother has Borderline Personality Disorder. Your post reminded me of him.

  • Outoftheloop

    Now count the number of top 50 recruits over the same period. KY has wasted more talent and consistently under performed more than any other program over the Cal years.

  • AndyCapp


  • vicbert caladipo


  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83


  • Brooke Milano

    I think Alex has been reading so many of his own press releases about his blog he is starting to believe his own commercials talking about how great it is. Meanwhile, none of the 3 writers on staff has been assigned to write a single article going on 2 days now. The busiest week of the basketball season was a real ballsy time of year to test theories about how little has to be done around here and still maintain site loyalty. Sheesh.

  • Brooke Milano

    Ive heard that runs in the family.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Boy am I grateful to have one. I always thought the Indy 500 was 500 laps until I looked it up on my Smartphone! Joking of course..

  • Ivan Renko

    Lol GTFO.

  • inCMitrust

    I live in KY and my friends are delusional about the success of their program. I see a coach that openly states his job is to advance his players to the NBA. Yes, believe it or not he does say that often. UK’s run is coming to an end and all those recruits ended with only 1 championship, what a waste of talent.

  • coachv

    that’s funny. go on with your bad self, boy. lot of that running in my family. not me, of course

  • bpw97214

    Yeah, kind of like the lack of gag reflex you inherited from your mom. But hey, can’t blame her for finding a way to keep the bills paid….props!

  • coachv

    hartman has been disappointing. thought we would get more from him. for a fifth year guy, i mean. mcroberts still providing zero on offense. that’s not going to cut it.thought he turned the corner on that a few weeks ago. he needs to stop getting in that stupid crouch every single time he gets the ball. obviously, you can’t shoot from that position so the defender can immediately eliminate that threat. mcroberts can’t afford to make himself any easier to defend.

    the fact is, our team is not very talented anymore. we lost a lot since last season. every team in the big ten has a bunch of guys as good or better than most of our roster. green is brimming with talent but when miller put the reins on him he became hesitant to shoot. now he couldn’t hit a barn with an elephant.

  • Brooke Milano

    ok now I get it. you’re jealous coz you can’t figure out a way to pay your bills. sorry bro, jus do whatcha gotta do. but I totally get yer trepidation imagining the potential Indyucky region clientele base lol. #me too bro #me too. I guess jus holla rape if that’s yer only outta yer present and sure 2 b future jamz

  • Brooke Milano

    yeh course not lol

  • Brooke Milano

    dude was that sposeta be some kinda rural southern Indiana satanist goat slaughter magickal curse or something? coz if so, not superstitious bro ha

  • Todd Lindeman

    Hartman is experiencing the same thing will shehey did his senior year those guys are very good ROLE players they are smart and can take the pressure off the five stars problem is we have no five star guys this year. No bashing anyone here they are just not cut out to carry a team. Hartman is a class act and im proud to call him a Hoosier!!

  • bpw97214

    And just like with Borderline Personality Disorder….heeeee’s baaaaaaaacckk….

  • TomJameson

    Yeah, I caught that too. Pretty sure he’s heard all those questions before though. I’m with you, really want him at IU.

  • TomJameson

    I’m not really sure of who DOES like it. Haven’t done much research on my own, but I thought most coaches were against it. Anybody have an idea who the driver is?

    Is it the NCAA trying to do something “big” to deflect all the truth about their obvious incompetence?

  • Bankshot

    Self esteem issues, or just a loser!

  • Bankshot

    Hey Fool, you have to have a personality before you can have a disorder!

  • Mark Wilson

    I like to read these columns for info on I.U was really looking for insight on The Romeo recruitment and have to read through a bunch of bologna, stirring up controversy, and arguments not relating to the story i want to follow. Stay on subject or find sonewhere else to argue. Go Hoosiers!