Recruiting roundup: Hunter goes for 48 in triple OT win

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Throughout the season, we’ll be keeping track of how Indiana’s four class of 2018 signees fare throughout their final high school campaigns. In addition, we’ll also be keeping tabs on several key recruiting targets in the class of 2018 and 2019.

Here’s our latest update, covering games played the week of January 8-14:

Class of 2018

Robert Phinisee, McCutcheon: The future IU point guard, who was in attendance for Sunday’s 66-46 win over Northwestern, finished with a game-high 31 points in McCutcheon’s 65-59 loss to Zionsville on Jan. 14.

Damezi Anderson, South Bend Riley: Riley, the state’s No. 1 team in Class 4A, continues to roll and the IU signee is a major reason why. Anderson had 13 points in Riley’s 64-40 win over Concord on Jan. 9. Anderson followed that up with 27 points and eight rebounds in Riley’s 64-60 overtime win at Mishawaka Marian on Jan. 12.

Jerome Hunter, Pickerington North (Ohio): It was a huge week for the future IU wing as he scored 48 points in 91-88 triple overtime win over Dublin Coffman on Jan. 9. Hunter also had 15 rebounds and three assists. The future IU win had 23 points in Pickerington North’s 51-38 win over Princeton on Jan. 13 in the annual Flyin’ to the Hoop event near Dayton. IU associate head coach Tom Ostrom attended the win over Princeton.

Jake Forrester, Westtown School (Pa.): Westtown beat Academy of New Church, 51-49, on Jan. 9 and Germantown Friends, 58-34, on Jan. 12, but no individual stats were available. You can watch Westtown later today on ESPNU in the HoopHall Classic at 5 p.m. ET.

Romeo Langford, New Albany: Langford, who visited Bloomington for Sunday’s 66-46 win over Northwestern, had 42 points in a 112-48 win over Scottsburg on Jan. 13.

Class of 2019

Trayce Jackson-Davis, Center Grove: In a pair of games watched by the Indiana coaching staff on Saturday, Jackson-Davis had 17 points in a 67-59 win over Indian Creek and then had 16 points, 10 rebounds and four assists as Center Grove beat Franklin 68-51 to win the Johnson County title.

Keion Brooks Jr., Fort Wayne North Side: North Side beat Northrup 74-48 on Jan. 12, but final stats were not available. Brooks Jr. had 14 first half points.

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  • Jethro Jones

    phinisee and langford in attendance for the win? anyone know if they’ve ever played together or are friends?

  • Bill Graham

    I need to get out and watch hunter I live in Columbus and he’s right down the road. I’ve heard he’s a bit of a head case but idk if that’s true. I’ll have to see for myself

  • Bill Graham

    They will be next year

  • Lance76

    I am aware that it’s only a mix tape of Jerome Hunter above, but I would like to see Jerome and Romeo go at each other in practice. Glad we have some recruits who can put the ball in the basket.

  • He is not a head case.

  • bball at nick’s

    You’re the head case.

  • inCMitrust

    The tape on Hunter I would like to see is the 23 point performance. He was going against a 6’7″ 5star committed to Syracuse. Hunter’s team won and he apparently looked pretty good against a good team.

  • N71

    Next years’ team is shaping up to be pretty good. If we’re able to keep Juwan and add Romeo, wow. Juwan as we know is an elite do everything guy like Dremond Green. With him we’ll have a wave of frontline guys in DeRon, Race, Clifton, Justin, Zach, and Jake. The point will be handled by Robert and Al so we should be good there. Then comes offensive punch in Romeo, Jerome, Devonte, and Damezi. Finally, add in Archie as coach and things are looking up for us.

  • Indiana_Banners

    Juwan is a phenomenal college player but he’s a 6’8″ post player there’s no chance he isn’t back for his senior year unless he transfers which I think we can all agree looks unlikely

  • Mark Bando

    Hey Alex, I know he is not considered a 2018 recruit, but is there any word on how Race Thompson is doing in practices.

  • Ivan Renko

    glad to see our future Hoosiers dominating the HS stat lines!

  • bleeding crimson

    That is a really good sign that Romeo was at the game, even with RP being there (planned?). If IU was not on his radar there would be really no reason for him to be there. I really don’t believe it is to hush the faithful fans he has to listen to because most of which he has to deal with probably weren’t even aware. Not saying he is a lock but he is interested enough to come again to scope it out. Nothing but good news IMHO.

  • SCHoosier

    Hunter has the real deal “game”.

  • Nimbi63

    I’m wondering about post season transfers as some may not see the playing time.they expected.

  • Nimbi63

    That tape of Hunter above had the most bored looking cheerleaders I’ve seen. 🙂

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    i don’t think there’s much chance he’d get drafted, but that don’t mean he won’t declare. his draft stock ain’t gonna get any higher. so it probly comes down to this year’s draft class vs. next, and how much he’s enjoying the college experience. being said, i personally think he’ll come back. i just wouldn’t be all that surprised if he didn’t

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    RL, hope you enjoyed your visit!

    i’m likin JH. kid plays at college speed already, that’s for sure.

  • inLinE6

    Just FYI, Darius Bazley is 6’9. They’re not the same type of players.

  • N71

    I’d prefer you be right but Juwan is more than a “post player”, he’s rather versatile which is valuable. Dremond Green and Kawhi Leonard are utility knife guys and the type of player that Juwan is evolving into. I could easily see him go late first round if he keeps at his current pace. I’d prefer he stay though, we’d have one hell of a team.

  • inLinE6

    Any word on Langford? Did anyone interview him last night?

  • Arch Puddington

    I have some of the same thoughts — I mean, why make a trip that is 3-4 hours of driving just to watch a team you aren’t really interested in play a mediocre opponent, unless you are actually interested? — but I keep coming back to Kris Wilkes, who was visiting and tweeting at IU fans right up to the day he committed to UCLA. I don’t follow athletes on Twitter, but I do remember Alex or someone retweeting something from him at an IU football game not long before he announced for UCLA. Couldn’t prove it, but the sense I got was that he was pretty deliberately stoking the flames for IU fans even after he had decided to go elsewhere.

    Romeo has played this much differently than Wilkes, much closer to the vest. He said he wanted to see how the programs of his three finalists played out this year, and his visit yesterday would seem to be in keeping with that. So while it has to be better than if he wasn’t visiting at all, I try to never lose sight of the fact that we truly have no idea what these players are thinking. Heck, I’m sure they don’t always know themselves, and in any case they are rightly pursuing their own interests, not ours. Glad he came, still won’t be surprised if he goes elsewhere.

  • IUBizmark

    Jerome Hunter is impressive with the ball! He’s superb at getting around guys and to the rim and finishing with contact. Really excited to see this guy playing for us!!

  • BigRed74

    I keep coming back to Hunter looking like a more athletic smoother Christian Watford type guy. Every time I watch his highlights I think this kid is gonna be very very good. Also, Romeo being at a game like Northwestern is a big deal honestly if i wasn’t interested in a team I may still visit but I would try to go to a game like Purdue on the 28th just so I could at least see a potentially hostile crowd at AH. To me you have to be interested to go watch a game like NW you are there to see Archie coach and watch his game plan more than enjoy the atmosphere that is just my opinion. Go Hoosiers!

  • Gofer

    Bloomington is just under a two hour drive from New Albany.

  • VV

    He’s accounting for round trip. Try and keep up.

  • VV

    Archie has recently said Race is spending lots of one on one time with Clif Marshall and is in the “best shape of his life”. He also said he’s competing hard in practice.

  • Bill Graham

    That was a question sir not an accusation

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    searched for news articles, didn’t find any. he must not have held a presser

  • bleeding crimson

    Well we know who the trolls are, if you don’t know where NA, IN is maybe he didn’t realize where B-town is either.

  • bleeding crimson

    I agree, I think Wilkes was so much different than Romeo. He will be the star in the entire state of Indiana, factor in playing time. The distance to Vandy as well as playing time might not be as plentiful as IU. Plus playing closer to home for the folks to visit for one more year of his life than he is a goner. Of course we really don’t know but it’s fun to speculate.

  • Arch Puddington

    Dang. Did someone take a shot at me and then get deleted before I could even enjoy it? Disappointing! Based on your comment, it sounds like someone who takes maps VERY seriously…..

  • bleeding crimson

    Yeah, I didn’t get to see it either but he must have known or even guess NA is appxly 1.5 hrs away but he probably had to mapquest it.

  • bleeding crimson

    I think he was talking about the rumors of him having an attitude for being thrown out of a game once or something to that effect?
    But head case really leaves it wide open….

  • I think he’ll test the waters, learn what he needs to improve, and then come back his senior year and improve it.

  • TomJameson

    Man, Hunter has really long legs. His first step is a doozy! Deceptively fast!

  • Mark Bando

    Thanks for the feedback. I wonder how he is doing in the scrimages.

  • Hoosierkamp

    Yea, He is a stud. Pumped for him to be a Hoosier. Seems like he can contribute right away

  • marcusgresham

    He also has to come when it fits into his schedule (although, the 28th is also a Sunday, so hopefully he’ll be back then, too.)

  • John D Murphy

    “Head case” is local for he lives in cbus but didn’t want to play for the bucs. I lived in cbus for 15 years and they said that about every outstanding athlete locally who didn’t want to attend tOSU.

  • MOHAWK Hoosier

    austin bouscher has more over-all game than anyone IU has coming in next year at guard spot. much tougher than he looks with high hoops IQ. with two spots still open romeo & austin fit nicely. can never have enough guards.