• Bill Graham

    Been proud of this team with 2 gritty wins. Always admired butler and notre dame for their grind-out wins. Regardless of how bad they are shooting both of those teams always seem to compete it would be nice if this is a trend in that direction.
    As for nw I’ve watched them a couple times this year and here’s my two cents:
    1. Can’t afford to come out sluggish they will bury us in a hurry if we do that
    2. Let em beat us in the paint. Prevent the dribble drive and stay close to shooters no doubling down low that will result in a quick kick back 3.
    3. They can flat out shoot the ball
    4. McIntosh’s Dad was incredibly disrespectful to me recently so I’d like to see nw lose for that added reason (nothing against Bryant just not a fan of his ole man)
    5. Do I suspect a Clifton Moore appearance?

  • Lance76

    I hope we see CM sometime, but only if he is ready to contribute. I would think that there is more than a few times when going from high school to college could destroy a confidence level. This is not a knock on CM, just need to get off on the right foot.

  • Bill Graham

    Agreed I’m with the “he should have been redshirted crowd” but he obviously has major potential.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I still think a redshirt next season would be a decent plan. We’ve had some great IU players redshirt (Kirk Haston, Brian Evans)