At the buzzer: Indiana 75, Minnesota 71

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Quick thoughts on a 75-71 win over Minnesota:

How it happened: After Indiana didn’t score in the final 3:41 of the first half and a nine-point lead shrunk to one at the half, it was fair to wonder if the Hoosiers would have another performance like the one on Tuesday in Madison. But after failing to respond in the second half against Wisconsin, Indiana delivered a strong second half in Minneapolis. Even as the Gophers grew their lead to eight with about 15 minutes left, Indiana continued to make plays and chip away. And in the game’s closing minutes, the Hoosiers had a breakthrough. Justin Smith’s 3-pointer with 2:30 to play gave Indiana a 71-70 lead that it wouldn’t relinquish. And after some clutch free throws down the stretch from Robert Johnson and a few defensive stops, Indiana finished off its first road Big Ten win of the Archie Miller era.

Standout performers: Three Hoosiers finished with 20 or more points and each performance was crucial in the win. Johnson poured in a career-high 28 points and also added seven rebounds and seven assists in 38 minutes. Juwan Morgan had a double-double with 20 points and 12 rebounds. And Smith, who started for just the second time in his career, also had 20 points and hit seven of his 10 shot attempts.

Statistics that stands out: Indiana held Minnesota without a field goal for the final 3:35 and also held the Golden Gophers to under a point per possession for the game (.97 PPP).

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • sam

    Not many freshman are ever consistent so I just hope he plays hard when given the chance….

  • Ole Man

    Hard to do down here in NC.
    Need to get a portable computer so I could listen in my living room where the TV is!

  • Ohio Hoosier

    Only one question after this game?
    Why the heck hasn’t Mr. Smith been playing all along?
    Can’t figure that one out. He is very athletic and helps in all phases
    of the game. I don’t get it.

  • Koko

    Nice road win. Great breakout game for JS. Look forward to Tuesday night……Go Hoosiers!

  • Missing Moye

    Anyone know where I can find the box score with the +/- stats for the game? I know it’s a bit of a dubious stat, but I like tracking it and keeping a season tally.

  • Mark Bando

    I wish i had the energy to look and see the last time only 4 teams from the big ten got in the tourney. I have a feeling it doesnt happen that often if at all.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Well then for you to celebrate get a burrito at 3am!!! Corny I know but what the heck.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Unbelievable, isn’t it.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I forgot about the horrific situations that Minnesota athletic students have done off and on the playing field. It’s gone on for decades and once involved the athletic director also. They spread bad cess all the way from here to Seattle! Take care as always.

  • Monument Parkour

    Did you see him play earlier in the year? Flashes of talent, but also tons of turnovers and sometimes looked lost out there. He’s a freshman after all. But now that he’s starting to “get it” we are in for a treat… I hope.

  • Fifer39

    I wouldn’t count out Ohio State yet.

  • beppecolo

    Telling it like it is (Howard Cosell). Two thoughts: maybe he’s is so outspoken because he cares about IU (although his son is playing for OSU, I think) and, he sounds to me like he’d like to be coaching (or is he just an armchair coach). Could’ve tempered his lineup comments by noting that both RJ and JM needed a blow but, all things considered, I would rather listen to someone with knowledgeable comments than some happy yapper that doesn’t have a single insightful thought during an entire game. Every announcer bugs somebody: everybody loved John Madden and Phil Simms – couldn’t stand either one of them.

  • TomJameson

    He hasn’t always played so well. Monument Parkour is correct, hope we are in for a treat. But don’t be expecting it just yet. One great game from the young man, does not consistency make.

  • TomJameson

    Yes, it is intentional. He is a “click-bait” master. Some like to say that he is a homer for IU, but I just don’t see it. He has a very “covert” grudge against IU, IMO.

    Fun fact … I heard that his nickname in high school was “Jockitch”. That’s funny.

  • TomJameson

    No, seriously, Dakich does not know what he’s talking about. That is why he isn’t coaching. He knows enough to speak, but his layup explanations was way off. He just talks authoritatively, like he knows of what he speaks … but he doesn’t.

  • SCHoosier

    He has showed little court awareness..gets stripped of the ball…a step slow on D etc. Play more aggressively last night and two of his fouls on Murphy ( a tough assignment.).IMO weren’t. Smith proved last night that if he protects the ball he can score. Miller’s change in the offense (use more screens, curls and drives)..paid big dividends for the Hoosier offense…and
    Smith/Johnson in particular.

  • kennygeorge

    If you go into ncaab and look up scores, then pick the IU game, it will give you the box score for each team.

  • Koko

    I call it covert hostility.

  • Arch Puddington

    Now THAT is funny.


    While I usually agree with the vast majority of what you say, I gotta say that I’m not there on this one. I think with the TV timeout coming it gave him more options instead of less. With this game we had the overwhelming amount of points being scored by a few certain players, and RJ and JM were at the very top of that list. Taking them both out at the exact same time, that close to the end of the game and in a game that was as close as it was, was a bad decision in my book. IIRC there was an immediate 7 point swing and AM had to reinsert one of them before he really wanted to, which in turn resulted in that player not getting the rest that he obviously thought he needed. I’m not trying to nit pick AM’s coaching decisions in the game overall, but rather saying that I didn’t necessarily think that particular one was a good decision.


    I replied to Ole Man above about how I didn’t think that taking RJ and JM out at the same time later on in the seconde half was a good coaching decision and something tells me I’ll have more than one reply to that from fans saying I’m wrong, but I stick with that opinion.


    Couldn’t agree more. If anything, and IMHO, the upcoming TV timeout gave him more options and made it more sensible to not take both out at the same time. The way it was done actually resulted in them not getting as much rest as I think AM would have liked to have gotten them. I don’t disagree that they needed a rest, it was the way he went about getting them that rest that I disagreed with.

  • Ole Man

    I get ya, but he kept them both out until after the time out.
    My only quibble is that I might have used DG because as bad as he was playing, he can still create his own shot.
    Archie’s gamble paid off in having them both rested for the stretch run. And he took them out before the 7 minute time out, so there was time left when they reentered. (Unless my mind is totally bonkers today; a possibility! LOL!)

  • Bill Graham

    Perfect analysis couldn’t agree more.

  • Bill Graham

    You only read my comments after I called you out on your hypocrisy. Furthermore you replied to my comment after you knew I signed off for the evening because you are a coward. And when you abbreviate a players name we still know who you are talking about. And since you are so opposed to any criticism of our players and coaches that without a shadow of a doubt makes you biased and therefore your comments are irrelevant. Such as demonstrated in your posting about my concerns about coaching strategy and longevity. Which in no way shape or form has anything to do with loyalty and if you actually surveyed Hoosiers you would find my concerns are not alone. Several of us are still “undecided” about Archie… by the way the word “undecided” means unsure/still evaluating not “troll” or “hater”

  • Bill Graham

    Archie even noted that his assistants disagreed with it. The man is human he did some good and some bad. Some of us need to wake up from the honeymoon phase and start evaluating him (game by game – with patience) but still evaluating him on the good AND the bad. Not every win is because of brilliant play or coaching. You have to evaluate the bad to be unbiased and grow any good coach and fan knows that.

  • Bill Graham

    Ole man is smitten with Archie. Don’t say anything critical of him because that immediately makes you a troll or hater. The man coached a perfect game and has coached a perfect season let’s just leave it at that.

  • Ole Man

    After reading that post, you’re right.
    I’ve changed my mind. You are not a troll.
    You’re freakin’ insane!
    GET A GRIP!!

    Me calling you a troll is a long way from you calling me a coward.
    Get help.
    Internet rage is an actual disease.

    Aside from having no clue when you signed off, I’m going to ignore the remainder of your post.
    I hope God blesses you.

  • stavrogin44

    Agree 100% with everything you wrote. No one is beyond criticism. I support Archie, think he’s a good coach, and also think he’s fallible.

  • AndyCapp

    Scratch and scratch and, like DD, the pain just doesn’t go away 😉

  • AndyCapp

    I agree, especially with the taking time part. He doesn’t really have the length in the players this year to implement the system fully. Give the freshmen next year a few months and I expect that Archie’s system will look a heckofalot better.