News and notes from Archie Miller’s radio show

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Inside IU basketball with Archie Miller was live on Thursday evening at the Holiday Inn in Bloomington. Justin Smith was the player guest in the show’s final segment.

Below are news and notes from Miller:

· Miller said rebounding was the major difference, particularly in the second half, in Tuesday’s loss at Wisconsin.

· On Indiana’s 3-point shooting: “Our perimeter guys are better shooters than that. I’ve been saying that. We just haven’t been able to get it clicking. We need some confidence and some guys to step up and make a couple and I think it will help the rest of the guys step up and make a couple. Because really, at the end of the day, the thing has been: ‘Can you score against really good teams when you need a basket with about eight minutes to play?’

· On early foul trouble in games: “Fouling, it really comes down to discipline. The old adage, the harder you play, the less you foul. And in many ways, the harder you work before the ball ever gets to your man, the harder you work to get in position off the ball, the harder you work within a game before anything ever gets to you is usually how you prevent fouling.”

· On how to fight this team’s lack of consistency: “I think one thing is identifying individual guys and what is the problem, how can I help you. And then I think the other thing is, as a team, being locked in on just the process of getting better, being locked in on not being distracted by outside noise. Whether you’re winning or losing, there’s always some type of noise that’s coming into an individual or player. You have to be willing to, as a group, really shut that out and stay within the process.”

· On preparing to play Minnesota: “It’s one of those things where you don’t really have to worry about the plays or what they’re running, it’s basically you are dealing with guys in general that are big, strong and tough minded and they want to get after you a little bit. I think they have one of the best frontlines in college basketball in (Reggie) Lynch and (Jordan) Murphy.”

· On how Indiana is holding up mentally: “I think anytime you’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs, your team is always looking for answers. I think the one good thing about this group is there is work ethic, there always has been work ethic. There’s never a day where we show up and the group is kind of down and don’t get after it. I think we get after it quite a bit. I think the one thing we’re searching for is a few opportunities for some other guys to start being more consistent. Because I think we have a lot of room to grow if a couple of guys can step their game up a little bit.”

· Miller said he does believe the team will have a different energy at home playing in front of the students next week. “Once we get into these Big Ten games at home with our students back, I think the energy level in Assembly Hall helps.”

· On finding passion from the players on the floor: “I think that’s obviously a daily challenge. There’s a lot of different guys that have leadership qualities. In many ways, emotion and passion and wearing your stuff on your sleeve, I’m not sure we have a ton of guys that have that or have ever had that. We have some guys that can speak up, we have a lot of guys that can do some leadership and show the demonstration by example, but it’s without question one of the things we’ve really searched for with this team is to have sort of a burning fire that we can all get behind. And a lot of times it can’t be the coach all the time. The coach can’t inspire and then yell at and then be positive. It’s just tough to do all of those things. You need some in house communication. I think that’s the one thing about this team is, it’s a little bit more reserved, it’s a little bit more reactive. I think that’s why some starts are slow, some halftime starts are slow. There’s never that consistency of, ‘here we go.’ I think if we could ever get a couple group of guys that ever have that, ‘here we go,’ and are always pepping up and always bringing energy … not that you have to be a cheerleader, but at the end of the day you’ve got to have somebody out there that gives you confidence.”

· On how he responds to someone saying IU doesn’t play with any spirit: “It’s deflating. The one thing about the game of basketball is, it’s a team game. And there’s a lot of different guys who can help you win games. There’s a lot of different ways to win games. But part of winning is confidence, attitude, passion to play. You have to be totally engaged. I think sometimes, the most frustrating part for a coach is to create that culture of attitude and passion and excitement and competition that brings out the best. When it’s not there, it deflates you, it saps your confidence. I think more so than anything, you have to find guys that embody what you do and who understand that it’s the most important thing.”

· On scheduling to fit your team: “You have to schedule for your team. You have to be smart. Going into next year’s team, if you look at it, we’ll have half of a brand new team again. We’ll have a lot of young guys coming in. And in our third year, you’ll have recruited two to three cycles and your whole roster could be turned over. Veteran teams, teams that have been through it, you can do different things with those guys. Young teams, you may want to change that up a little bit on how you get started. No question, every team has to be scheduled smartly.”

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  • Guyton25

    We’ve gotta fix our rebounding. I know it’s a hard thing to fix, but every game it’s the offensive rebounds and/or our turnovers that are the glaring issues. I don’t think we should be talking about how good of shooters our guys are on the perimeter because we are an inside scoring team with a pretty trustworthy perimeter shooter in Hartman. The other guys needs to take fewer 3s and take more midrange shots (if they can’t get anything going down low) in my opinion.

    It’s whatever though, the problems we have are hard ones to fix.. afterall, this season is all about learning, growing, and becoming better basketball players.

  • HoosierHopeful

    A lot of talk about the mental game. Coach said, “The coach can’t inspire and then yell at and then be positive.” I think looking back, Crean prioritized the inspire/positivity side more than the “yelling”. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the yelling from the coach. But we lost Crean, his strength coach (flying chest bumps), and we lost Bryant who provided a ton of positive energy his freshman season. I think Bryant’s energy level stayed high, but slowly lost the positivity. Thinking about it that way helps me understand why this whole team seems to be looking for inspiration.
    To me, Morgan and Johnson are leaders on this team, but they’re more lead by example types and just don’t bring the energy/positivity. I thought that would be coming from Hartman, but he’s more reserved than I thought. I sure hope they find a source by next season.

  • HoosierHopeful

    Maybe a grad transfer could be scouted for this.

  • Sandra Wilson

    You’ll only get confidence in shooting by hitting shots consistently. You can’t tell someone to have confidence. It’s amazing that they work so hard in practice, but many times in games don’t seem to be doing that very thing. He’s certainly right about the coach not being able to do it all. It’s pretty evident by now there’s no one on this team that can really lead or show ANY fire on the floor. Build for next year.

  • ImYourHuckleberry

    It is encouraging to know they are working
    hard and bringing it in practice. But like Sandra said, where is this during the games??

  • Colt

    I still have 100% confidence in Miller as the right man for IU. Last night during the Ohio State-Iowa game one of the announcers said that the Ohio State players all told the new coach that they wanted to be coached up and coached hard.

    I think some of the guys we have want this but I have my doubts about all of them. I think Archie sees this as his biggest challenge. Minnesota will be tough so I hope this team is ready for the challenge.

  • inCMitrust

    Anybody that has competed to a high level in sport knows there are people that practice hard and train hard, but come game or race day just don’t bring it. This team seems to be suffering from the latter plus their lacking emotional vocal leaders. A double whammy. Lets just go with a triple whammy. Their not very talented. It seems all our top rated players play below their rankings and our low a little above.

  • Koko

    And there are players and maybe teams that don’t really show up in practice but when game time arrives and the ball is tipped they bring it. As long as a player or team at least duplicates what the coach wants and is bringing it in a game, I don’t really care how they perform in practice. Unfortunately this team prefers to bring it in practice and it also appears they may not be duplicating what the coach is trying to communicate. There are others on the bench that just might step up given the opportunity no matter how they perform in practice.

  • Koko

    From my point of view the basic purpose in any sport is to overwhelm your opponent to the point they cannot recover or it is too late to recover. Drive down the opponents emotional tone to the point of fear and even apathy. The tough teams/players may get overwhelmed during the course of a contest but pull it together to stay in the proper emotional tone to bring it and win the game. IU has shown that ability once in 15 games against Notre Dame. They brought it against Duke until a couple players popped a couple threes and showed some stifling defense during the last few minutes of that game….we were overwhelmed beyond the point of return….apathetic. There are a lot of reasons why this team has under performed during this season and all are valid points for sure. My reason why is we are team with some main players who get overwhelmed easily and cannot stay focused enough to overcome it and then go into a apathy of sorts. How to handle that?…..find the players who don’t get easily overwhelmed and play them. Sit the ones who in essence bring the rest of the team down during a game and play the ones who are willing to fight and play hard no matter the competition.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    I think that the “need” you are referring to is exactly what will be transformed as Miller is able to bring in his own recruits. There will of course still be leaders, but the players in general will be of a different constitution.

  • billyb

    No comments from Smith? I am curious how he is mentally given that he is not getting a lot of minutes.