• Sarasota Hoosier

    I was talking during game with my best friend and we graduated together from IU in 1981, and I told him the only thing worse than no senior guards are senior guards that suck. What I mean by this is young players like Durham and Green look to seniors to show the way to play, and they are getting zero guidance. Johnson and Newkirk are capable of having good games on occasion but they are not and never have been leaders. No wonder NBA scouts told Johnson to work on point guard skills, he is the worst post passer I have ever seen. Seniors need to talk, direct even scream on occasion and that does not happen. IU has no senior guard leaders, and that’s all on Crean. I love IU, but IU needs to sit a bunch of players until Miller gets the effort he needs. McRoberts played like walk-on tonight but he should not be starting, off bench at best.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    What might make you more mad, me too, is that we/IU will win some games yet this season no one thought they would. Watson of Nebraska will kill us however.

  • William Stephens

    One of the worst collection of players I can remember. Three point shooting the last three games is 16%, 22% and 24%! Hartman last night hit every three for IU (4). Shooting a three is equal to a turnover because Davis only puts out effort about 10% of the game. McSwain has led the team in turnovers recently, had five last night. Off the bench turnover leader and our 6’10” freshman doesn’t play. Why? If I were coaching and a kid was lazy he would sit. If another was a turnover waiting to happen he would be a mop up player at best until he learned to value the ball. Not a starter or the first guy off the bench. Devonte Green comes into the game and instantly fires a three without running any offense. Of course he clanked it and instantly went back to the bench. How many game does it take to understand what the coach expects? The Badgers were playing without a guard on scholarship due to injuries, yet Newkirk, Johnson, Durham and Green were unable to take control of this game. Embarrassing. I know these guys were not Miller recruits and may not have the skills he demands. If that is the case I seriously hope the incoming recruits get here soon. Another thing is it may be some dissention within this group. Why else would they play with so little desire or effort? As a lifelong IU fan this is something I am not accustomed to. I feel sorry for the fans and boosters who dish out money to attend games and the team can’t show a desire to compete. If I were coach I would disallow most of this bunch to wear the “candy stripe” warm ups.

  • HoosierOne

    I feel for you Archie! Hang in there. Once you get your guys in there it will be different. Start by sitting the guys who aren’t showing heart on a consistent basis or playing as a team!