• SCHoosier

    Wow..tells it like it is. Zach has to love Archie s’ comments..DD..not so much. If McRoberts can h it just a few shots..he should take time away from both Al and Collin. Kid was amazing last night in the ways he got his hand(s) on the ball..if nothing except keeping it in play to give IU a chance for another possession.

  • Let’s face it, we have a type A+ coach and, for the most part, type B- laid-back, nice guy, players. Doesn’t appear to be any fire in the belly, winning or losing seems to set easy with them. Good luck to CAM in getting these guys on board, and I pray he does at some point. Hard work is no fun if you don’t win

  • bfdm

    Funny how all my pro-CuJo comments have been removed from past posted. Definitely not shady at all. Looking at you admins…