• Ms hoosier

    I know this team fell short of winning a national championship but I think this is the 2nd best team in IU history. Behind only the 76 team. I can still remember watching this team and never doubted this teams chances to win every game didn’t matter who they played! They were tough and knew how to win!!

  • Doug Wilson

    You can not repeat your words often and early enough. Well said!

  • Henry22

    Agreed. Although their win/loss wasn’t as good as the 92-93 team, I think they were better since they had Anderson and Meeks.

  • Doug Wilson

    Where was Mr. Bailey and the disquished Coach Greg Graham? All the same, it is nice to see the Old School back at IU. I imagine a few of those gents could give Archie 10 minutes off the bench? 47 is the new 22 haha. Well our minds tell us so at least.

  • Brklynhoosier

    I grew up on these guys. What a great, great team.

  • calbert40

    This was the best team I’ve ever seen at IU. I think they would’ve smoked the ’87 team. I wasn’t old enough to remember the ’81 team. I still think they got hosed against Duke.

  • Hardwood83

    You don’t just “think’ it, objectively they were hosed.

  • What a great team. Thanks for posting this.

  • disquished

  • Doug Wilson

    Sorry, I do more than write term papers 😀

  • should have kept it, I thought it was a funny word

  • Doug Wilson

    was it a word? I thought I was in the Grammar Slammer!

  • Doug Wilson

    2020-21 it all starts again. Brayton Bailey is the one I am counting on to finish off that 2.0 party. Phinesee (and others) will be Juniors. Hopefully we have Brooks, and Watford (and others) on board as Sophomores. And there is a Good chance Al Durham, will be there to remind young Bailey. At IU, We do not turn the ball over… Ever! I have yet to watch the video. Right now though, I am trying to get out of Clydes, ITH ‘Grammar Slammer’. Come on Clyde, I am a Marine with a Phd that is 25 years expired! Give me a break! haha (all in good fun Hoosier)

  • calbert40

    And that UCLA team was really good too. The early 90s teams were just incredible.

  • Gunner76

    The best team I’ve seen other than 76 would be 75.