At the buzzer: Indiana 77, Iowa 64

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Quick thoughts on a 77-64 win over Iowa:

How it happened: It was a game of runs Monday night on Branch McCracken Court. Indiana made the first one, a 14-0 spurt in the first half and led 41-26 at the half. The Hoosiers scored 1.07 points per possession in the first half as turnovers and poor shooting stalled Iowa’s offense. But Indiana’s energy waned at the start of the second half as Iowa went on a 16-2 run to get within one at 43-42 with 16:42 to play. The Assembly Hall crowd grew restless and it looked like the Hoosiers would have their hands full down the stretch. Indiana, however, answered with an 18-0 run to notch its first conference win. The victory snapped a two-game losing streak going into Saturday’s showdown with Louisville at the KFC Yum! Center.


Standout performers: Juwan Morgan notched a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds and Collin Hartman provided a spark off the bench with 13 points and five rebounds in 20 minutes. De’Ron Davis was also solid, finishing with 13 points, six rebounds and four blocks in 18 minutes.

Statistic that stands out: After shooting just 5-of-21 on 3s in Saturday’s loss at Michigan, Indiana was better from the perimeter in the win over Iowa. The Hoosiers shot 8-of-21 on 3s. Indiana also had another strong game in terms of taking care of the ball and finished with a turnover percentage of 14.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • Ole Man


  • Sure, I get that. I just found it curious.

  • Ole Man

    You just did. No getting around it.

  • sarge

    That 2 one liners in one comment section!

  • sarge

    Wow, just wow.

  • Ole Man

    After a while it is both boring and annoying.
    Not you, necessarily, because you post with intelligence, but often the couch-quarterbacking is beyond ludicrous.
    I have low tolerance for negativity and that is what so much of it is.
    They offer nothing to discuss from a basketball perspective as you often do.
    Rather they simply grouse and whine and moan.

  • sarge

    I get it, seemed low scoring for Iowa anyway.

  • sarge

    Love the knowledge

  • sarge

    Common now, Iowa and Duke should have slept us on the inside. We dominate for only having one guy over 6’7″ playing major pt. And he probably averages a half game of minutes. Eastern Michigan was supposed to be intimidating too with that lanky zone. You will come around, and JM is beast!

  • sarge

    Go swim some laps with the wife!

  • Ivan Renko

    I’m with you 100%, there seems to be a disturbing number of bona fide trolls and faux IU fans on here, esp this season!

    I have never intended nor do I ever intend to post with negativity. Regardless, I stand by my post here and all my posts on this site.

  • woot woot

  • lol

  • same here. very worried they might be off-kilter because of that, and right before an absolute must-win game. glad to see them play through…and start banging down some shots

  • Ole Man


  • Ole Man


  • Michigan hit 3’s. It’s going to be IU’s achilles’ heel, as it has been all season thus far. Otherwise, I agree, they could/should have won.

    This was another positive game with clear signs of team development. Every game from now on out is winnable, sans maybe East Lansing. I very much liked the confidence on offense tonight, my big takeaway.

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    I’m surprised more folks aren’t pumped about Davis banging in there and collecting 0 fouls.

    So glad to have Hartman back.

    A little concerned that 6 of 10 of our TOs were on the guards. I know they handle the ball the most, but I think there were a couple sloppy passes at feet…

    Loved the punch-back and the fight after Iowa’s run to start the 2nd half!

  • Banned on the Run

    That was fun to watch. The way we’re able to get quality looks on the regular versus both man and zone D. The improvements in and focus on our man D. The way we feed the post and our back-to-the-basket guys go to work. The way we get counterpunched and then rise up and put the opponent down like a bad dog. The buy-in from these guys is palpable, and it’s a joy to behold.

  • Doug Wilson

    Be careful Ole Man. Ya end up needing a rep from Kelly to get ya out of the Grammar Slammer.

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    Re: JM–I believe that’s the same comment an opposing coach made in one of the earlier post-games this year. IU doesn’t run plays for JM and he still has been getting his so far this year. What a great motor!

  • don’t watch the games, but have opinions about the team’s play? AND you know how the entire season will transpire?

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    I like your confidence that DD’s FTs will come, but I think Bardo or somebody made a good point, I think in the Michigan game, that if he can’t start connecting on FTs, teams will be happy to hack away at him and essentially come away like they got a TO.

    It doesn’t appear to be his mechanics. He often has good form. His FT% was way better last year. I am thinking it’s mental… but oof, I hope that airball doesn’t linger on his mind–it was by like 3 feet. My 10-year old nephew never misses that badly…

  • pics or didn’t happen

  • Yes on Devonte, probably not on CM. Moore will be pretty good. Give him time.

  • totally agree on the JJ comparison, been thinking that myself. Obviously not the same caliber player at 18, but they look very much alike. Hopefully CM settles into his role this year and starts finding his own way soon. He could be quite good.

  • Thought the same. Seemed like a legit threat, but IU beat them back. Oddly like michigan did against IU last game. Good sign this time around.

  • Ivan Renko

    didn’t know they talked every day, but very glad to hear it. thanks for sharing!

  • slim

    Whats up with Freddie? Disgruntal? Bad attitude? Looked like he was talked off the ledge several times.. JM talked to him during a timeout and after the game.

  • Arch Puddington

    “Iowa is a poor team” isn’t a “mantra” (I’m frankly not sure you even know what that word means), it is plain reality. Kenpom has them 83rd, 11th best in a conference you recently said is so bad it might only get 3 teams in the tourney. They had lost 4 of their last 5 coming into the game last night, including at home to Penn State. Your claim that those who have stated a straightforward fact are somehow “diminishing” our victory is pure hooey. We took care of business against a not-very-good team. If you don’t like hearing that, perhaps these discussions are just too rough for your fragile sensibilities.

  • MrNobody

    Clyde what do you think if RJ’S shot. Know he fades too much sometimes but follow thru looks new this year? ??

  • Donnie Vick

    Would it be possible to put the opposing team’s box score in the “At the Buzzer” articles?

  • TomJameson

    Just a lot of energy. He was really up for that game, and personally, I like seeing him bring that attitude to the game.

  • TomJameson

    It was, very simply, not a great fit for either CuJo or IU. Be willing to bet that the split was amicable, and coaching staff is trying to help him find a landing spot that will do him well. Would be nice to see him come to the Evansville Aces. I think he’d be a star there.

  • slim

    I didnt see him do much in this game. 4 mins….

  • IUBizmark

    Ole Man knows everything. Worse yet, he lets everyone on here know they can’t have an opinion unless they agree with him. Don’t even bother responding.

  • IUBizmark

    Dude, let other people have an opinion. Your nitpicking of their opinions on an open forum is both boring and annoying!

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    The same way you guys were saying it was gonna be a 20 win season with 11-12 wins in B1G before season started…. I watch the games at me leisure … I don’t live and die on every play like most of you… When a guy makes a couple of baskets he’s becoming a star, and when a guy makes a couple of stops he is gonna be our defensive stopper!!! and when a coach has never won a championship he’s the greatest ever.. y’all super CORNY ..

  • Hardwood83

    It’s a fan site man, if you are expecting dispassionate, sterile analysis then look elsewhere. Kinda silly to scold IU fans for behaving like IU fans.

  • BreathinHoosiers

    Yes! I noticed that the last several games something is just different about his release or his follow-through. Just does not look very smooth

  • Ole Man

    I wouldn’t talk about anyone else’s “sensibilities”, Arch. It seems you’re the one who flairs at the least bit of opposite opinion.
    I stand by what I said.
    Prior to the game Iowa was ranked higher in Kenpom than IU.
    So according to you IU is trash.
    Well, I’m not ready to go that far.
    I’m not ready to say that everyone IU beats is a dumpster fire.
    I have no idea what you revel in degrading IU by degrading its opponents.
    I have no clue as to why you must trash every positive by IU by superimposing some “but it doesn’t really mean much” clarification upon it.
    Your reality is your reality and no one else’s. It isn’t fact. It isn’t written in stone. It’s opinion.
    Face it. Even when you agree with me you go out of your way to find a way to disagree with me.
    Fine, I don’t really care.
    But I think your pompous, know-it-all attitude is a bit tiresome.

    “We took care of business against a not-very-good team.” << That is a well written, excellent statement. It doesn't editorialize, as you are prone to do and for which I call you out.
    Stick to that. PLEASE!

    Or ignore what I write. I don't care.
    And I saw where you had edited your original post, btw. I'm fully aware of what a "mantra" is since I'm qualified to teach meditation.
    You should let me teach you. You might find it really useful.

  • Ole Man

    Dude, aren’t you being a hypocrite by attempting to tell me what opinions I can express?
    Your constant inanity of expression is what’s boring and annoying.

  • Ole Man

    And here’s a great example of what I mean:
    ” Indiana has now held two straight Big Ten opponents to less than their season average in points per possession. And through two Big Ten games, having played a couple of pretty good offenses, Indiana is 4th in points per possession allowed.”
    This is why I get so upset at you, Arch.
    You ignore this type of information for some shallow, “they’re a bad team.”

  • Arch Puddington

    Here is what I said:

    “Some sloppiness early, but only 3 TO’s in second half. That, plus .89 PPP. Iowa isn’t very good, but I’ll take that.”

    Here is your summary of what I said:

    “So according to you IU is trash….
    I’m not ready to say that everyone IU beats is a dumpster fire.
    I have no idea what you revel in degrading IU by degrading its opponents.
    I have no clue as to why you must trash every positive by IU by superimposing some “but it doesn’t really mean much” clarification upon it.”

    It is not enough to say that you have exaggerated my words. You have simply invented an entire body of thought, complete with charged language I didn’t use and thoughts that I have never had.

    Not much else for me to say. I once went two years without responding to anything you said, during which you continued to routinely respond to my posts with exactly this kind of hostility. I have tried to find a new equilibrium with you, but this exchange shows exactly why that is not possible. Made up accusations, name-calling, and all kinds of personal commentary that has nothing to do with basketball just aren’t my thing. I’ll stick to basketball and those who can talk about like decent human beings.

  • I hate purdon’t

    These are people’s opinions folks…lol There isn’t a right or wrong opinion.

  • I hate purdon’t

    Freddie did seem a little bitter. I do have to admit that Freddie would be a good poker player because he shows no emotion.

  • Calbert_

    “you’re acting like somebody licked the stripe off of your candy cane!”

    This is great, I’ll definitely be using it at some point!

  • Ole Man

    Yeah, Arch. That’s exactly right. I’m all those things.
    That’s why elsewhere in these threads yesterday I posted that you were the most intelligent, profound poster in these threads.

    That’s why you posted that I didn’t have a clue what a mantra was.

    Think it’s been a two-way street with the aggravation, but go on believing your own mystique.
    I get ornery sometimes and I own it.
    You on the other hand never drop the sly, off-handed or back-handed swipe.