At the buzzer: Michigan 69, Indiana 55

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Quick thoughts on a 69-55 loss at Michigan:

How it happened: Big Ten season arrived a month early this season and Indiana wasn’t ready on Saturday afternoon at the Crisler Center. The Hoosiers fell behind 12-2 in the game’s early minutes and never got closer than five the rest of the way in dropping their conference opener. The rough start came courtesy of poor decision making (three turnovers in the first four minutes), questionable shot selection and Indiana helping off of shooters. Michigan’s first 12 points all came via the 3-point shot and the Wolverines controlled the game for all 40 minutes. The loss was Indiana’s second straight and puts Monday’s home game against Iowa in the must win category with a road trip to Louisville and Notre Dame on a neutral court coming next.

Standout performer: Juwan Morgan was Indiana’s lone bright spot as the junior had a career-high for a Big Ten game with 24 points. Morgan was 9-of-14 from the field in 32 minutes and also collected eight rebounds.

Statistics that stands out: Indiana reverted to early season form in committing nine first half turnovers and 11 for the game. The Hoosiers also only attempted one 3-point shot in the first half and made just two 3s in the game.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • weak offense

  • Bk39

    55 points is a problem on offense, can’t win many games with that. Defense was good other than the coaching decision to double team, put the players down 10 points right off the bat.

  • SeeingRed

    If Newkirk keeps drilling no arc line drives off the front of the rim it’s easy to understand with him anyway. The flat shot means he has to be perfect to make them go in.

  • stillstoned2016

    College basketball unemployed coaches are often mid-major success stories that failed the leap to major programs. A system that worked at a mid-major may be quite unsuccessful at a higher level of division one play. Better talent, better systems, different attitudes all play a part. Some coaches can adjust their systems.and find success. Others keep trying what worked in the past and find themselves with headsets on talking about the good old days. Personally I see little reason to play the seniors on this team. Let the underclassmen play that you are counting on for next season and JM. Let the youngsters learn and gain experience. You may lose by 30 instead of 10 but a loss is a loss regardless.

  • Mark Bando

    There are many things about this team troubling me right now. Archie is not one of them.

  • Speed

    If we had 11 turnovers last year we should be jumping for joy. This year we expect fewer especially with the progress this team has made. In reality this team is not a good shooting 3 point team and probably not for the rest of this year. We need to defend the 3 better no doubt but progress has been made in great strides and an occasional setback, especially on the road should be expected. Don’t buy your dance tickets but this team should continue to get better and we will be tougher at home.

  • Missing Moye

    A few thoughts:

    – Starting with the obvious, Morgan is playing well on both ends of the floor. Great to see that.
    – I get weary of seeing the term “lack of effort” getting thrown around after every loss, especially ones where shots aren’t falling. I’m not sure I saw anyone out there not trying, not hustling, and not going for loose balls. If you want to say “lack of execution” then maybe I can get behind you.
    – I also get tired of the knock on the seniors. They are learning this system the same as everyone else, and not everyone turns into a great leader just because they hit the mature age of 21. Also, this offensive system doesn’t seem to fit the skill set of guys like Johnson as well as Crean’s did. But he’s still giving it his all on both ends, even when it doesn’t look pretty.
    – I hate singling players out, but I’m really exhausted with Newkirk (and it has nothing
    to do with him being a senior). I’d rather see the minutes at guard split among Al, Devonte and Rob, with Josh and Curtis getting only brief spot minutes unless there is foul trouble. Time to end the three guard experiment and get Smith, Hartman, and McRoberts minutes at the 3.
    – Kudos to Michigan for a good game plan and playing physical defense. It’s tough to swallow setbacks, but this isn’t the first and won’t be the last. The future is bright, let’s all try to not have a stroke until we get there.

  • RonG

    Thanks for the post. I Saw the same thing but wasn’t sure. Now I can stop trying to adjust my tv. Can’t magine what the rims look like in Cook Hall!!!!!

  • Ke Sang

    really enjoy watching the post game interviews now. Like Archie’s response to Duke and Michigan game. I advise everyone watches it.

  • RonG


  • Fifer39

    Keep the faith bball. Especially now that your quoting of the defensive efficiency stats has got you a kp sponsorship!

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    Davis with 1, freakin’ ONE total rebound. Come On!

  • Fifer39

    See you Monday.

  • Ole Man

    3 players to the pros
    new system

  • Ole Man

    Offense, until this game, has not been a problem, Clyde

  • BannersOnTheWall

    I think it’s time for a starting lineup change, especially in light of coming out so poorly on defense today. Maybe something like Davis-Morgan-Hartman-Johnson-Durham?

  • I did mean mostly this game. But it hasn’t been all that great in others, as well.

  • Apoc

    It may have something to do with the guards’ inability to keep their man in front of them and their inability to fight through/over screens. This leads to a big having to hedge longer than needed, leading to the help side defense having to cover the big guy’s man, leaving a weak side shooter open. On the strong side, if the big doesn’t hedge long enough, then the wing player has to rotate over to help, leaving the strong side wing open.

    This is just my guess, but it appears similar to what the previous coach had the bigs do, so it may also be a force of habit and not necessarily the guards’ fault every time.

  • stillstoned2016

    Perhaps you are troubled by the wrong things.

  • Ohio Hoosier

    A team that can’t make three pointers is going to have a hard time
    being competitive in today’s college game. IU didn’t seem ready to
    get after it from the get go. Seems like they have to work so hard to get
    a good look at the basket, let alone to score. Hope to see improvement
    in all aspects as we move forward. DD can’t guard athletic big men out
    on the floor. He is just not quick enough. I think he just had a bad game
    today. It happens.

  • Tony Neel

    I have never agreed with something more in my whole life. Why on Earth do our bigs help out 10 feet past the 3 point line? TB used to do it as well. Maddening.

  • Tony Neel

    I know what you mean but the gaurds they help against are not Steph curry no need to be that far out.

  • inCMitrust

    I’ve noticed the bigs over help all the time. Bad habits from the last defensive scheme.


    To kinda paraphrase Dennis Green, ” this game was what you and I said it would be….a trap game ”

    That is all……smh


    Totally agree this one was a ” team ” loss, with the exception of JM.


    That is EXACTLY who I would start in the next game, and FWIW that’s who I would have liked to have seen start the UM game. For those that say CH is still on limited minutes, I say all the more reason to start him and have a better chance of avoiding these horrific starts, avoid the poor start and then sub for him.

  • Koko

    Well said….agree with all of your points.

  • Koko

    Oh please….give me a break….Justin is fine….I don’t hear you complaining about Freddie missing close ones and dunks. The day will come when you can’t wait to watch Justin play….if you have no patience go back into your self proclaimed hole….and take your playmate Ken with you. We will call you when it’s time to come out.

  • Ole Man

    Until the MI game it was ranked 30th in the nation on Kenpom

  • Koko

    My goodness, you are a bit testy today.

  • Koko

    Not anymore….it ended on Nov. 30th.
    It’s all good now.

  • so? it’s been lackluster in general. Not bad but definitely not good. They need more of what they did tonight, otherwise the inside game will be taken away…to predictable. Does mr. pom have anything “adjusted” for teams that trade 2 point shots for 3’s?

  • Ole Man

    Clyde, 30th in the nation is 30th in the nation.
    Go fix the hole in your cup.
    Sounds like you can’t fill it more than half empty.
    Because the “point” you’re attempting to make goes back to our D and not our O.