• TomJameson

    I wonder what’s going on with Devonte and Curtis. They certainly aren’t where I thought they would be, not in there game, nor in their consistency. I think Devonte needs to just play within himself, and stop trying to do to much and forcing things. Not sure about CuJo at all. I see the effort and I know he works hard, but don’t see the results yet … at least not those consistent results.

  • TomJameson

    Love it that Archie truly sits the players that don’t do what he’s asking. I’m thinking that’s why DG sits out so much lately. But good to see the bench being used effectively … not bench players, the actual bench. lol

  • GaHoosier

    I truly enjoy listening to his post game interviews.

    He really understands the game. When he makes comments regarding the game he just watched, he seems to remember everything. He is dialed in. As TomJameson mentioned, I love that he uses the bench as a bench for players who need to learn from their mistakes.

    Also noticed during the last two games, the players are seeming to enjoy the game again!!!