Langford scores career-high 48 points as New Albany rolls in season opener

  • 11/21/2017 10:23 pm in

CHARLESTOWN, Ind. โ€“ Class of 2018 New Albany guard Romeo Langford‘s final high school season began with a dominant performance on Tuesday night.

Langford, the state’s Mr. Basketball frontrunner, scored a career-high 48 points as New Albany crushed Charlestown, 110-36, in front of a sellout crowd at the CHS Sports Arena.

His previous career-high was 46 points in New Albany’s win over Southport in the 2016 Semi-State at Richmond. The Bulldogs went on to win the state championship that season.

The 6-foot-5 guard passed Steve Alford on the state’s all-time scoring list with the performance and currently has 2,127 career points.

He is chasing Damon Bailey’s record of 3,134 career points, which was set in 1990.

Langford, who has Indiana in his list of three finalists, can move into the top 25 on the all-time scoring list on Saturday when New Albany travels to Bloomington South. Kyle Macy (2,137 points) is 25th on the list.

The Bulldogs are ranked No. 1 in Class 4A.

New Albany coach Jim Shannon, along with Langford and senior guard Sean East, talked about the opening night rout in a postgame press conference, which is available below:

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  • steelhoosier

    Sweet, Indiana Mr. Basketball I feel should play at IU.

  • BannersOnTheWall

    IU could use a prolific scorer in addition to our burgeoning defense…

  • Well that pretty much settles it. He should clearly choose IU now.

  • John D Murphy

    My mom, who died in August, received a letter from NAHS as being the longest running season ticket holder right before she died. She called me after the first game of Romeo’s freshman year and told me he was going to be best player in NAHS history. Although at that point she really couldn’t see (even from her first row seat).

  • Snowdizzle

    Being a Bulldog myself, I’d be beyond ecstatic to get Romeo to Bloomibgton sporting the C&C!! I graduated in 99, and have always wanted someone from New Albany to represent our state school. Last I remember even being discussed was Donnie Hale who ended up at Perwho. A Hoosiers squad with a ferocious Bulldog leading the pack… Surely shall equal another Banner!! Glad to see Coach Shannon having some success as well!! Go Bulldogs & Hoosiers!!

  • Knight To AM Light

    Nothing will compare to Damon-mania. But Romeo playing out an amazing senior season and committing to IU could be close to that. He has the opportunity to be an IU basketball legend in more modern terms. Even as a one and done. That should far outweigh being just another guy at Kansas or Vandy for a year.

  • slim

    It was an effortless 48 points. My son (9) was hung over the moon with this crazy super star. He grabbed a couple loose balls and passed them to Romeo in warm ups. After the game 100 kids lined up at the locker room wanting an autograph or picture. He signed everything and took pics with them all. My son with an IU number 1 jersey was awesome. Great night, he would be a great Hoosier!

  • Doug Wilson

    Every Year! Well Purdue can have the Offensive only ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • INUnivHoosier2

    Glad you have fun stories to pass on, but sorry for your loss.

  • Ole Man

    Vandy’s gonna get a heck of a player for one year.

  • sarge

    I really appreciate your posts John, and this one has to be the best one yet. This is what Indiana basketball is all about. It is no wonder you are so knowledgeable about the sport with such a great mother. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sir.

  • sarge

    You misspelled Indiana.

  • TomJameson

    Felt he had an off-night shooting the ball. lol

    To anybody, not just you Ole Man, don’t lose hope about getting this young man in candy stripes. Nobody except his family really knows what’s going on, and it’s a long time until he makes his decision. Rumors and innuendoes … they are to be ignored. Archie has already made tremendous strides, and there’s still time for him to make that final push.

    I’m just wondering if anybody is negative-recruiting against Archie. Wouldn’t doubt it.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Sorry for your loss, John.

  • Sandra Wilson

    All this handwringing over one player doesn’t make much sense to me. If he comes, that’s fine, but if he doesn’t, it would likely only be for one year anyway. One player can only help so much. Ben Simmons didn’t do a whole lot for LSU last year. Remember in the NCAA tourney? They were defeated by A&M 71-38. Porter at Missouri is likely done for the season. I’d be much happier to see us with a program like ND who recruits solid players, not 5 star athletes, that remain for 4 years. Notice what ND did to a supposedly strong LSU team last night. (92 – 53) Coaching and committed players can do a lot. A one and done player is just not going to help much unless he is the ONE missing piece for a championship team. If it’s a prestige reason, as I suspect it is for a number of people on here, I wouldn’t know what to say about that.

  • Lance76

    Agree with all of what you say. It does get some attention from other recruits for the future.

  • Fivelefts

    I’m trying not to think about Romeo’s recruiting, because I’ve been let down so much over the years, from the top recruits in the state. I think he doesn’t want to let the fans down, until after his season.. which makes sense, from a distraction POV.

  • inCMitrust

    With the recent Quentin Grimes(shooting guard) commitment to Kansas the Romeo sweepstakes appears to be a 2 school race. Hard to explain besides just wanting to play with friends if he goes to Vandy. The Garland commit made sense, but kids usually don’t do the package deal. The teams improvement this year I believe will influence Romeo’s decision and I hope gives IU chance. As some have mentioned Vandy maybe the leader at this point.

  • marcusgresham

    If you are recruiting, someone is negatively recruiting against you.

  • marcusgresham

    Notre Dame isn’t winning any championships

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t think he’d be “just another guy” at Vanderbilt. He’d be “the best guy of all-time” there.

  • marcusgresham

    When I saw him as a 6th grader I said “that’s the best 8th grader I’ve ever seen.”

  • Matthew Michael Rice

    He needs to make sure Archie is in the clear with his associations regarding his brother . Vandy is close to home. Better weather, A Coach that played Pro ball, Vandy would have 2 top ten players! IU is risky

  • inCMitrust

    One player can only help so much. Yep, but he could be the one addition to next years team that could jump start the program’s long term success. He could take a middle of the pack B10 team to a top 3 team, make a fringe tourney team a sweet 16 contender or more, and help with future recruits.

  • sarge

    What about Bryce Drew’s brother? Scott Drew is one of the worst as far as recruiting accusations! Do you not remember Hanner Perea, or are you a troll? Better weather? It’s a 6 hour drive, not much difference in the weather and hardly a selling point. If Romeo comes to IU they have a much superior class to that of Vandy’s if he were to go there. IU is not risky, and a clear choice if he wants to build on an already great state legacy and stay close to his family and friends.

  • sarge

    Not to mention boost his own stock through the roof. If he takes Indiana to national contention in his first year he looks amazing to NBA scouts and boosts his legacy in this state to a whole new level.

  • sarge

    Your son is awesome

  • slim

    My son in the #1 IU jersey and Romeo together in the picture was awesome. But yes my son is also awesome.

  • Tyler D

    I still feel he’s a Hoosier.
    1. We aren’t losing a ton talent wise and I expect us to consistently improve this season, Romeo would have the opportunity to make IU a tough out as the center piece next year. Think about the makeup of next year’s roster. Several guys who are talented, very high level role players to compliment Romeo. This team is only lacking a go to guy (and a little bit of cohesiveness but that’s coming.)
    2. Vandy picked up Garland and these ‘experts’ are going with the ‘sexy pick.’ How often do we see analysts do this in every sport? The Raiders were a Super Bowl team the entire off season…eh, not so much now.
    3. Hoosier fans showed him a ton of love at HH and that’ll continue throughout his senior season. You could tell by his dad’s comments they were really blown away by the reception and seeing first hand what Romeo means to Hoosier Nation.
    All things considered…IU was apparently a heavy favorite after the Louisville scandal came out, next came the Kansas buzz (KU just landed Grimes) and then Garland’s commitment to Vandy.
    IMO, if you felt high on landing him a month ago, you still should. ^Nothing that’s happened the over the past month jumps out to me as far as making him a Vandy or Kansas lean.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I agree that “one player can only help so much” to an extent. But I do think you’re kind of underselling Romeo a bit. He’s one of the best players and scorers (if not the best) to come out of the state in a decade, maybe longer. And I agree that his one year at IU may not mean much in the way of wins and losses for that season, but I do think there’s more meaning to his commitment than that. He would make IU cool again, especially to in-state recruits. He would send a message to the up-and-coming recruits that IU is THE ship and Archie is THE captain. Fans and coaches are not the only ones keeping a close eye on Romeo’s decision. Future recruits are too. If Archie lands Romeo, it would be his 1st 5-star recruit, and it could be the best one he’ll ever get. (I hope not, but I do think Romeo is that good).

  • TomJameson

    I don’t totally agree. I don’t “worry”, like I don’t lose sleep over it. But I don’t think negative recruiting has to be very overt either. The subtle barbs and jabs actually leave a bigger impression than the overt “malicious” recruiting. Think of subliminal advertising.

    But I do think, that for a recruit like Romeo, there is a lot of pulling out the stops going on. I have no doubt that some negative recruiting, of some type, is going on.

  • Molon Labe

    I respectfully disagree. I wholeheartedly want Romeo to come to IU, but your facts are way off. Vandy was an NCAA tournament team last year. Darius Garland has already committed and all signs point to Shittu, a 5 star PF also committing. That would be three 5 star recruits joining a team that was already an at large NCAA team. Honestly, that is better than what IU could offer. We did not make the NCAA tournament last year and currently look like it will be a longshot this year. Bringing in 3 four stars and a three star for next year is not as good Vandy’s potential class.
    Second point on the weather, apparently you don’t understand what that six hour drive does for weather. In January it averages almost 50 degrees in Nashville and they only get about 7″ of snow a year. In Bloomington it is high 30s and they average 16″ of snow. That is a pretty big difference.
    I will give you the Scott Drew is slime point. I can’t argue with that.

  • Sandra Wilson

    Do you honestly think adding Langford next year will win us a championship?….ND hasn’t won any championships, but two elite 8’s in the last 3 years isn’t too bad with no 5 star talent.

  • Sandra Wilson

    So what star recruit went to Vanderbilt that made it okay for Garland to sign with them? I think most recruits couldn’t care less what he does. If he goes to Vanderbilt, will they all want to go there? There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what these guys do. Would it hurt us recruiting? Certainly not. Would it help? Not enough to worry about.

  • John D Murphy

    You as well and likewise on enjoying your posts

  • mharv2631

    3 top 10 recruits. Simi Shittu just committed to Vandy.

  • Knight To AM Light

    Comparatively speaking. Heโ€™s a pretty big deal wherever he ends up.