Announcement primer: 2018 point guard Darius Garland

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On Monday, class of 2018 Brentwood Academy (Tenn.) point guard Darius Garland will announce his college decision at his high school. The announcement is expected to come at approximately 3:45 p.m. ET.

Here’s our primer for the announcement with everything you need to know:

The essentials

Guard, 6-1, 170-pounds, Brentwood Academy, Bradley Beal Elite
247Composite: 5-star (10); ESPN: 5-star (11); Rivals: 5-star (15); Scout: 5-star (7)

The primary contenders

Garland announced a list of six finalists in July – Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Indiana, UCLA, Kansas and Duke. The Jayhawks and Blue Devils, who were once considered a primary contender, fell off in the fall as neither received an official visit. That left the five-star point guard with four schools and all received official visits this fall. In order, the official visits went to Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Indiana and UCLA. At this point, all signs point to Indiana and Vanderbilt as the two schools Garland will choose from.

· The Indiana recruitment: Garland was an Indiana target and priority under the previous coaching staff and made a visit for Indiana’s final home game of the 2015-16 season against Maryland. Once Archie Miller took over in March, Indiana ramped up the interest in Garland and visited him at his high school and watched him extensively over the spring and summer with Bradley Beal Elite. Garland has ties to the state as he lived in the Gary, Indiana area until his seventh grade year when he relocated to Nashville.

· The Vanderbilt recruitment: Bryce Drew, an Indiana native, has prioritized Garland since taking over at Vanderbilt in April of 2016. The Commodores have hosted Garland for multiple unofficial visits and their proximity to him has certainly helped in their pursuit. A former NBA guard, Drew guided Vanderbilt to the NCAA tournament last season in his first season as head coach in Nashville and has done a very solid job in recruiting at a school that isn’t known as a basketball power.

The timing

Garland originally scheduled his announcement for Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m. ET, but then changed it to Monday. Garland’s father, Winston, has been consistent in saying that he would commit and sign in the early period, which concludes this Wednesday.

The need

· At Indiana: The Hoosiers have already assembled a very good 2018 recruiting class with four signees, but could knock it out of the park by landing Garland and five-star New Albany guard Romeo Langford. Indiana has already signed Robert Phinisee, but the addition of Garland would give the program elite talent at point guard to take the reins and also solidify its depth at the position entering next season. Adding Garland would also likely make coming to Bloomington even more attractive to Langford, who is also considering Kansas and Vanderbilt.

· At Vanderbilt: As you’d expect with a five-star point guard, Garland would also have the ball in his hands from day one at Vanderbilt. The Commodores have a lot of time invested in Garland and with just one class of 2018 pledge so far, he’s a pivotal piece as they also continue to recruit Langford and five-star forward Simisola Shittu. Vanderbilt has lost plenty of high-caliber recruits from the Nashville area in its history and Garland turning down the Commodores would be another tough blow to take.


How to follow the announcement

Brentwood Academy’s school sports network plans to live stream the announcement, which we’ve linked below. Additionally, we’ll have updates via our Twitter account, which is also linked below:

ITH on Twitter 

In closing, please remember this is the college decision of a high school kid. Please adhere to the comment standards that have been set forth over the past seven years here on Inside the Hall regardless of the outcome.

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  • SCHoosier

    Nice summary. Not counting on his committing to IU…cause he knows he will be the #1 PG for Vandy as long as he’s there. If we get him…great. we don’t..asi es la vida!

  • Ole Man

    He’s a great kid.
    Wish he would have been a Hoosier, but…

  • Brad

    From everything I’ve read, he is going to Vandy.

  • Lance76

    Big fish –big pond or big fish– little pond. If I was a 170 pound PG, I would go play for a point guard in a state that “basketball is oxygen” and has 17,000 + full house for home games. Good luck to him and I hope he stays happy and injury free during his playing days.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    really not feeling the suspense on this one, sounds like a lock for vandy. stings, but losing romeo would sting a heck of a lot more

  • marcusgresham

    The silver lining if he and the others go to Vandy—–maybe someone in the Sketchy Ethics Conference starts beating Kentucky.

  • He’s coming to IU. Book it

  • Swishmac IU

    Would like to believe he ends up in Candy Stripes, but don’t think it happens. here Romeo’s head is at after watching our performance the last two games. Unfortunately it is going to be a tough year.

  • Kyl470

    He isn’t, he is just saying that.

  • Kyl470

    Pretty sure no one expects him to come to IU at this point. If he doesn’t go to Vandy then I’ll never trust the 24/7 Crystal Ball predictions again. What makes matters worse is that Romeo might go to Vandy now as well and that would really sting.

  • whomikewho

    The guy who posted Langford to Vandy only has submitted 3 projections. All to Vandy.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Reading all the comments it seems like no one expects him to commit to IU. Can anyone give me the quick summary why stock was so high after Hoosier Hysteria now it completely switched? Is it the team’s performance the last two games or something else?

  • inLinE6

    I thought the hype switched about a week ago when Garland’s family sit and discussed, and there appeared to be an interview with Evan Daniels. And all Nashville people were very confident, for… no apparent reason. I’m not surprised either way, but admit that Vandy is taking some slight edge right now.

  • N71

    I’d be willing to bet most are referencing 24/7 Crystal Ball like I’ve been, there’s very little info out there otherwise. Why he changed…I only have hypothesis. Vanderbilt is an excellent school but he’ll only be there for a year or two, probably won’t be heading on to med school from there. Being close to mom & dad is what I’m going with as the primary driver.

  • Bruce Clark

    Miller had too much room to make up; Drew looks like he is building a nice program at Vandy. Garland will be a very good player at Vandy.

    Romeo cements our 2018 as the #1 recruiting class. With Davis, Smith, Moore and Durham bac plus the commits so far, really excited about the future of IU basketball.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Gotcha, thanks! I’ve been watching the Crysal Ball the past few weeks and saw them trend towards IU sharply then swing all the way to Vandy. Do these professionals have more information then anyone else on what the family and Darius is thinking?

    I said it in an earlier post, but I’m a Valpo alum and had multiple run-ins with Bryce Drew during my time at the school and attending the same church. He is an incredible coach but an even greater person. He’ll be a great recruiter in the years to come.

  • N71

    Surely these “professionals” know more than the guy working the plumbing aisle at Home Depot so I follow their forecast pretty closely. I typically click on the predictions to see what the most recent guesswork is versus what they thought months ago. Otherwise, at a glance, the percentages can be misleading. Everything “recent” says Garland to Vanderbilt and Bryce Drew.

  • MCPeePants

    Simi Shittu canceled his UNC visit and became another huge Vandy favorite on the exact same day Darius and his family announced they have made their decision. All the stars are aligning for Vandy to have a monster class with Drew at the helm. God help us if they land Romeo too.

  • MCPeePants

    How’d they make his final 3 then?

  • Kyl470

    He was probably also saying book it that Billy Donovan was going to be our coach.

  • Kyl470

    He would be the #1 PG at IU as well.

  • KingofKentucky

    Jerry Meyer just switched his pick to Vandy. Best of luck to Darius at Vandy.

  • RonG

    Quality of their engineering program. Read he wants that as a major. Said even if came out early would still want it!!

  • Ms hoosier

    I totally agree with or without Garland I like what Archie is doing!!! I like the style of Offense and defense that he is bringing to IU and IU will once again be a tough hard nose team under Archie!!! With what Archie has coming back and what he’s got coming in next year IU will still be ok!!!

  • Arch Puddington

    I think there is more at stake here than the commitment of a single players. If, as appears to be the case, neither Darius nor Romeo is coming to IU, we still face a multi-year rebuild. As things stand, we will have more players on the roster next year who were ranked outside the top 100 (8) than inside (4). The highest ranked player on the team will be CuJo (at least according to ESPN), who was ranked 40th. After that its DD (51), Jerome Hunter (73), and Justin Smith (91).

    Seen in that light, even Romeo would not be enough by himself to make the Hoosiers nationally competitive. Of course I still hope he chooses the Hoosiers, but the bottom line to me is that without both him AND Darius, the Hoosiers will remain at minimum 2-3 years from genuine national prominence. As excited as we all rightly are about the players Archie has landed for next year — especially since he ended a long losing streak with Indiana recruits — none are likely game changers as freshmen. They are excellent 4 year players who will form a great foundation for success down the road. But it takes elite talent to win at the highest level, and right now that is in pretty short supply. We will get better over the next year or two for sure. But when we will be the nationally competitive blue-blood we used to be? Only when guys like Darius Garland begin to choose IU over Vanderbilt. Here’s hoping the signs are all wrong and today is that day.

  • Brad

    Archie will get it done. Good to hear from you again. 🙂

  • whomikewho

    Simply talking about the one guy who was referred to in the comment above mine. Vandy could very well be where Romeo goes. That particular guys opinon on the other hand is very bias.

    Btw another person switch from IU to Vandy on 247. Which is scary.

  • Arch Puddington

    Well then, welcome back. Or “again”, whichever is appropriates. I’ll give you this: if our upperclassman showed the same determination you do, we’d be a better team….

  • Brad

    I’d settle for half the same determination.


    Sketchy Ethics Conference…lol….I like it….I like it a lot.

    Sooooo fitting !