• What will happen with the returning players, can they adjust from organized chaos to disciplined control? That is going to be tough for then going from the weave of death, quick jump shooting, stuff the stat sheet, taking defense off to Archie’s system. Stay with it guys and good luck. Go Hoosiers!!

  • Fivelefts

    I like that Archie uses the term “Lazy” to describe lack of effort. It’s a good word to use, when you are trying to spark self discipline. I don’t think CTC used that word, because usually in those pressers, the players usually repeat phrases and terms to describe their game, that the coach uses in practice. I’ve heard Archie use the word lazy, to describe DD’s game before. At the time, I wondered how DD was taking that. I’m glad to see that he isn’t taking it as a negative, which some might, but rather as motivation! You can tell, that Archie knows how to light a fire!

  • SCHoosier

    Good question…Archie was pretty clear that he has a “quick shooting” team and doesn’t like it. Everything can change with the right coaching. (I hope)

  • Kevin Natale

    Obviously we all want banner #6 but i think it’s fun watching the growth of these guys. Juwan is confident and a very well spoken man that plays hard and to see the accountability that Deron is putting on himself shows a great level of maturity. Banner #6 probably will not come this year but these two are excellent ambassadors of Indiana Basketball. Go HOOSIERS!!!

  • I had the same thought about these being two really great kids. And I think they’re both benefiting tremendously from having Archie as a coach.

  • After a timeout in the Indianapolis game, the number of quick shots (particularly the very early contested threes) significantly reduced. Things were much better in the second half. Seems like when Archie sees something, it gets fixed. I’m hopeful that the offense will be more effective tomorrow.

  • iugradmark

    I agree that you can see adjustments. I actually think Juwan took it a bit too far last game. He came out the first game and took a bunch of quick and long 3’s. I think they talked to him about that and he stopped but he didn’t really work himself into plays inside and seemed to be lost on offense. I am looking forward to seeing him this next game. Finally, Archie has given Crean a lot of compliments on how hard the kids work and how coachable they are. But he also has said that they are doing some things 180 degrees differently than what was done in the past.

  • bleeding crimson

    Really proud of our young men. I think they really want to perform well and they are actually learning something. Still a ways to go but they’ll get there.

  • VanPastorMan

    Your comments made me think of the eulogy Charles Barkley gave at the funeral of Moses Malone. Malone told Barkley when he was a rookie that he was lazy. Then he said, “It’s not that you are lazy. It is that you are too fat. So you have to get in great shape which includes you watching your diet.” Of course Charles lost the weight and became a great player. He said Moses would find out when he ordered a pizza for delivery and call Barkley saying, “you ain’t gonna get to your goal if you keep eating like that.”