• Doug Wilson

    [email protected] Yes it was me that has been mentioning Brayton Bailey. I have been following his movements. He is a 2020 kid. He has been following the Hoosiers through the Crean era. From what I can “Read into” his Twitter seems he is no different than you and I. He loves IU Basketball. With Miller, now ya got a system that is very close to what they now as Indiana Basketball. They can relate. I will stretch myself here. I could see down the road that we are not going to loose a few of our assistant coaches before 2020. Seems Damon Bailey, Greg Graham and others from that era have taking a liking to Archie. Could we see an available Bailey or a IHSAA coach in Greg Graham take an assistant roll at IU? I foresee IU getting one or both.
    With that, I am Loyal to ITH, so I will not lead ya through the internet. But their are tonnes of ways to see what Brayton is doing. I do know this. Brayton is a flag standing, Marine Corps supporting, All American Hoosier (State of Mind) kid. I remember reading Season on the Brink. Learning about Damon Bailey. I had news clipping from Lafayette Journal and Courier sports articles all over my wall. Bailey is a name. in 1992/93 I joined the Corps and left for California. While I was there, it was hard to find IU coverage. So I resourced everything I could to read about all things IU. Bailey was always in the highlights doing junk yard work for Sir Knight. Brayton seems poised to take right off where “Big Daddy” Damon left off. Hell yeah! I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a verbal from Brayton Bailey before a comment from Romeo. As ya know, New Albany and BNL HS are slated to play this year. look for Brayton to do his best to lock down Mr. Romeo. Who wants to just sit back and watch a kid break their father’s IHSAA scoring record? I am guessing, not Brayton? Get some kid. If he is successful, I am sure the whole state of Indiana will know the name Brayton Bailey. as we say in the Marines Corps, Brayton. “Get some.!”

    A Quote from the Late Tom Petty…

    “She grew up in an Indiana town
    Had a good lookin’ momma who never was around
    But she grew up tall and she grew up right
    With them Indiana boys on an Indiana night”

    Archie… Wow does he not sound hungry? This was a great first post game interview. The confidence he has in his system, and the desire to get better with every game. He’s going to beat MSU. I can feel it! If not, he is atleast going to send a preview of what to come in the rivalry series with MSU. We need Brookes. His commitment would takes away 1.5 players away from Izzo. I like Izzo, but I know Archie’s system is better.
    ~Australian Hoosier out

  • Excellent interview, nothing but the facts. I liked many of CA’s answers but the one that struct me most was when he said regarding his rotations, he wanted to stick with the players with the hot hand. a welcome change in my book.