Notebook: Indiana handles Marian in exhibition

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It took the majority of the first half for the Hoosiers to get going, but in the end, they took control and topped NAIA opponent Marian University, 93-62.

Less than eight minutes into the contest, the Hoosiers found themselves in a six-point hole. Over the next 6:52, Indiana went on a 23-5 run to take the lead for good. Marian got the game to within six early in the second, but the Hoosiers never faltered.

During the 23-5 run, sophomore guard Devonte Green scored four of his game-high 22 points and added two rebounds and two assists.

Throughout the night, Green used his improved handles to blow by defenders or get them out of position, resulting in a number of easy looks from all over the court.

“I’m very comfortable initiating the offense,” Green said after the game. “I’ve been playing at point guard a lot more this year and in practice working on it. So I’m very comfortable.”

Green’s 22 points came in efficient fashion, as he shot 9-of-14 overall and 2-of-5 from three. That was far from the only aspect of his game that stood out, as he added six rebounds, seven assists, two blocks and a steal while turning it over just twice.

If this were a regular season game, Green would have obliterated his career highs for points (13), assists (4) and blocks (1). 22 points are nine more than his career high.

Other players that stood out for the Hoosiers: De’Ron Davis (10 points on 5-of-7 shooting), Curtis Jones (13 points on 4-of-7 shooting and 1 block); Josh Newkirk (13 points on 3-of-5 shooting); and Freddie McSwain (4 points, 2 blocks and 2 rebounds).

Defensive improvement

Although Indiana’s defense struggled early on, it didn’t take long for Miller’s emphasis on that end of the floor to shine through.

After Marian hit a few shots from deep in the opening minutes, the Hoosier defense clamped down. There were few, if any, open shots for the Knights. Double teams were well executed and the interior defense was stout.

“What we were really harping on at halftime is we had to apply a little more pressure to them,” head coach Archie Miller said. “We had to make things a little bit harder for them, and challenging shots, and just making sure that we were grinding away a little bit because when you play against that team, you have to earn it every possession.”

It should be noted that Marian’s tallest player is 6-foot-7, but that shouldn’t detract much from the defensive improvement that was evident.

The Hoosiers allowed Marian to score just 0.849 points per possession, well below the 1.01 ppp given up in the 2016-17 campaign.

Marian’s leader Wes Stowers, who averaged over 19 points a game last year, was held to nine points on 4-of-12 shooting.

“(Indiana) was chasing him and really getting up and pressuring him,” Marian head coach Scott Heady said after the game. “At 5-foot-9 and 150 pounds, they were running different guys on him and playing him tight, bumping him and being physical.”

McRoberts reunion

First-year Marian head coach Scott Heady was at the helm at Carmel High School for seven seasons, where junior Zach McRoberts played his high school ball.

Heady coached McRoberts throughout all four seasons he played for Carmel, including the two years the school won Indiana state titles (2012, 2013).

“I don’t think I’ve ever coached a player that can have such an impact in a game and really not score,” Heady said. “A lot of guys have to score to have an impact. He does so many things that you don’t really see unless you’re watching film after the game. I just love the kid. Just a great kid and an unbelievable teammate. He’s just a winner, he’s that guy that every team needs, that glue guy that does all the little things.”

McRoberts played eight minutes against Marian, scoring four points and grabbing two rebounds.

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  • I heard that too. Hopefully that’s not why he had such a great game. And if it was, then somebody needs to buy him season tickets.

  • TomJameson

    That was a good exhibition game and did what it was supposed to do. Gave some film to watch as they played against a different team. Got an idea of how the defense works in an actual game flow (Marian moved the ball pretty well). Hopefully will lead to getting some of the kinks out of the offense. And got some minutes to the freshmen to get their feet wet, except for Al, of course.

    I think Archie got everybody in the game except maybe Vijay and Race?

  • Hoosier PD

    Isn’t Race being redshirted this year?

  • semohoosier

    If I’m not wrong I believe Race can play in exhibition games and still redshirt

  • bleeding crimson

    Yes, he can play in any and all exhibition games and charity games, not regular season games. I’m pretty sure he can be declared Red Shirt and pulled anytime during the season to play but at that point he will be counted as a scholly player, i.e. (God forbid) if we have an injury he can play, say during the Big Ten, but it will count as if he had played the entire season. As long as we have the available scholly numbers.

  • bleeding crimson

    I seen a pic of him on the tweeter feed I think, both of them pictured together….unless it was an older pic, can’t recall the background.

  • bleeding crimson

    They talk about losing appxly 30 points from last year that we have to make up somewhere…I really don’t see a major problem, if we only pick up 20 points, play 25% better on D, hold rebounding the same and lower the TO, it is almost a given that we hold our average points from last year. You have 9 guys that could average 10 pts any given night and 4 or 5 of them that could average 15 pts and/or 1 or 2 guys hitting 20 pts, not necessarily the same guys each night. Once they all understand what they are supposed to do, could be mid B1G, we will be a force to reckon.

    When you read the stats it makes perfect sense to see why they say 8th or lower in the B1G but there are so many varibles that have changed that they are not taken into consideration. Injuries alone from last year held that back tremendously, so just taken that into account killed our KP#’s. But when you take in the rest of the varibles; coach, staff, returning players w/exp, etc but a huge X factor is CH. I think we’ll be just fine and fun to watch them grow. I predict we’ll split above 50% and go to the dance, and I hate to predict. I guess I’m just too superstitious.

  • TomJameson

    Red shirt or not, Race still counts against a scholarship. The redshirt just postpones, or delays, the start of his 4 years of eligibility (i.e. he will eventually become a fifth year senior). So, Race can actually take up a scholarship for 5 years. Not even going to start getting into the medical redshirt part.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I will say that averaging the same total PPG next season is not necessary in order to win as long as defense is improved even marginally. But when you are talking about what guys can score, you are mixing “average” and what a player can do “any given night”. Averaging 15 ppg is much different (and harder) than getting 15 on a given night. So you are overstating things big time saying 4 or 5 could average 15 ppg. That would be unheard of. I assume you mean there are many players on the team capable of scoring? But it is highly improbable that 4 or 5 guys average 15 ppg nor will 9 guys average 10 ppg.

  • bleeding crimson

    Yes, I may have not stated that correctly, but I think you get my point. Meaning we could have any one player out of 9 that could at least avg 10 pts, and so forth but not all of the 10 would average the 10 pts, that would be impossible.

  • bleeding crimson

    Aaahhhh, I think you’re right. It would be nice to transfer him to a walk-on witht the promise of the 4 year scholly….don’t think many would go for that especially after they received the scholly. That you can do.

  • Hoosier PD

    ok, I thought if a player was red-shirted, they could not participate in any games. I also thought he was red-shirting to heal up from some injuries, I guess those injuries were not too severe.