Hysteria an “electrifying” atmosphere for five-star guard Romeo Langford

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The loudest ovation at Saturday’s Hoosier Hysteria at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall went to Indiana’s new head coach, Archie Miller.

The second loudest ovation of the evening may have gone to New Albany star Romeo Langford, who was making his official visit to Bloomington.

This weekend’s trip was originally scheduled to be an unofficial visit, but after Louisville and Kentucky were dropped from his original list of seven finalists, Langford opted to make it an official.

The No. 5 prospect nationally in the 2018 class, according to the 247Composite, was the first recruit to walk across Branch McCracken Court at Hoosier Hysteria. He was instantly recognized by Indiana fans and it didn’t take long for chants of “Ro-meo Lang-ford” to become audible in Assembly Hall.

“We’d gone to a couple of Hoosier Hysterias before. Last night, it was electrifying,” Langford’s father, Tim, told Inside the Hall on Sunday. “It was good, to be honest with you. It was a special feeling, it was a good feeling. I was surprised. We really didn’t expect that.

“You normally just go sit in the bleachers. We’d never walked over the court to go sit down or actually sat on the front row. It was very exciting. New Albany holds 4,000. To have that many in there cheering for Romeo, it was a good feeling. And I can speak for the whole family, too. That was the first time that something like that has really happened. It was great.”

The trip to Indiana was the fourth of five scheduled official visits for Langford, who is also considering Vanderbilt, UCLA, North Carolina and Kansas.

His final official visit is scheduled for this coming weekend to Kansas.

This weekend’s trip to Bloomington included watching practice, a campus tour, a meeting with the academic advising staff and also a meeting with IU’s director of athletic performance for basketball, Clif Marshall.

“The academic advisor, she was very impressive,” Tim Langford explained. “I liked what I heard from her as far as getting Romeo to know how to balance school and his grades with basketball. The strength and conditioning coach, I know he has a background in the NFL and I asked him about that, but I liked how he broke it all down to me. We were impressed with him as a family. My wife actually talked about that later in the day.

“Coach Miller is Coach Miller. We’re impressed with him. We tried to learn more about the assistant coaches and what their roles are.”

With his trip to Indiana in the books and one visit to go, it’s still up in the air on where Langford’s recruitment will go next.

The original plan, Tim Langford said, was to narrow to three schools after the official visits were completed. But a fall decision is still on the table as well.

“That was the plan (to narrow to three), but at the same time, we’re like ‘Romeo, you can narrow down to three’ or you can just say, ‘hey Dad, I like this school. This is where I want to go.’

“He will make the final decision. But us as a family and as parents, we may say, ‘these are our three.’ But if he says, ‘this is the one I want,’ we’re going to go where he wants to go. As a matter of fact, he can tell me tonight, tomorrow or whenever that we don’t need to take the trip to Kansas and we won’t. We won’t take a trip just to be taking it.

“If he’s confident in the school he wants to go to, so be it. The plan is go to Kansas this weekend and then right before the (high school) season starts, around mid-November, narrow it down to three. But if he says he’s ready, we’ll just make a decision.”

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  • Arsdale

    This is encouraging:

    As a matter of fact, he can tell me tonight, tomorrow or whenever that we don’t need to take the trip to Kansas and we won’t. We won’t take a trip just to be taking it.

  • HoosierHoops

    One of my favorite moments of Hoosier Hysteria 2017 was watching Damon Bailey walk over to talk with Romeo Langford. What an unbelievable moment for Hoosier Nation. Romeo, you’ll be a legend on par with Damon Bailey if you play in Bloomington. We sure hope you’ll head up here.

  • Monument Parkour

    I mean, I’m reading between the lines with crimson colored glasses, but damn it sorta feels that way. Talking about cancelling the Kansas trip! Wow.

  • My oh my

  • inLinE6

    The Langford family is known for keeping this entire process within a very tight circle. If I’m not misreading what his dad is saying, the family is obviously leaning towards IU. Just waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger.

  • Mr.Bailey

    Wow! What a great surprise it was to see Damon Bailey at Hoosier Hysteria . I told my boys “now that was a special player ” Hopefully in another 20 years we’ll see Romeo there and be able to say that about him.

  • Lance76

    I didn’t know that Damon Bailey talked with Romeo. Thanks for sharing that info. Always remember Bailey posting up an opposing guard in the low blocks and abusing him for a basket “and one”. Hope Romeo Langford becomes a Hoosier and brings Darius Garland with him.

  • I think it’s no longer just a pipe dream that we could land both Romeo and Garland.

  • Yeah, that kind of blew my mind.

  • Donnie Vick

    Both talking of a November decision. Surprising.

  • I know, right? And I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. I’m really just astounded that things are going this well in Archie’s first year.

  • Jtime

    Langford would be a centerpiece on this team. If his goal is to play at the next level IU offers the perfect balance of being the centerpiece and playing for a marquis program.

  • dwdkc

    And it won’t be under “marquee of Queensbury” rules either!

    I know bagging on misspellings is lame but couldn’t resist. Especially with autocorrect messing with us all the time

  • Mr. Shep-dizzle

    Man, is Hoosier Nation feeling good about its future or what? We’ve got the coach! We’re getting the recruits! We will get the national titles! Mr. Langford seems like he has been sold on IU for awhile.

  • 5 Banner Btown

    Alex posted that Romeo, Garland, n a cpl IU players were still out on the floor shooting around when he was about to leave at 10:30 PM after HH. It wld b nice if they wld go back to doing the autograph session b4 the event instead of after. As soon as the 2nd half of the scrimmage started about half of the crowd got up to go stand in line to get there posters signed. They also shorted the time frame down to 30 mins

  • Gordon Waller

    Didn’t know he took “U”K and L’ville off his list. Smart kid. Now, just go ahead and declare for IU! DO IT!!

  • Doug Wilson

    Any photos surfaced yet?

  • N71

    Imagine for a second if we added both Romeo and Darius to next year’s class…how fun would it be to be on that team? If DeRon hasn’t departed for the pros I can’t think of a weakness, we’ll have it all, guard depth, scoring, ball handling, passing, wings, rebounders, post depth, shooting, defense, coaching, etc. That would be fun to be a part of for sure.

  • ScoopGeoff

    I watched HH, then last night I watched the UK Blue-White game (that they play 50 times on the SEC network) (oh, which is right next to the B1G network on my channel guide, so I can never miss that they play it incessantly)… Don’t know how the atmosphere compared to HH, but the talent gap was shocking. Archie needs Romeo and Darius yesterday.

  • Ole Man

    When the ink is dry on the contract…

  • Ole Man

    What did he say about KU? I must have missed that.

  • William Stephens

    The statements being made by Mr. Langford seem to indicate that Romeo is very happy at IU. His statement that a fall decision is new to me because I always heard they wanted to wait until spring. I believe when U of L fired Pitino and with UK falling by the wayside, Indiana is going to put both Romeo and Darius onto next seasons squad. The chills they both said they experienced from the reception were from a crowd of only 12,000 fans. Every time they play in Bloomington they will have about 17,000 screaming die hard fans who give every ounce of support they can muster. Now that will give chills. I do believe Archie is building a super team, and Indiana has a tradition for the Greatest College Basketball Team of all time, the 1976 Hoosiers. Going anywhere but Indiana means you can’t play on the same floor, in front of the same fans, or wear the same uniforms and candy stripe pants. Throw into the equation a top notch education, one earned by attending class and doing school work, beautiful campus, great campus life, playing basketball in the best basketball conference in the NCAA, the B1G, and the honor of being a beloved Hoosier for life.

  • SCHoosier

    U can bet the KU coaches have already seen Mr Langford’s comments about the fan welcome. they will have the Jayhawk gym LOUD if they visit (and why wouldn’t they>?)

  • Ivan Renko

    KU fans are some of the loudest and most raucous, but I assume they’re very desensitized to top 15 talent being paraded through the phog. and KU only seemed to become a major player in romeo’s recruitment after the L’ville fallout. I’m also probably just looking for excuses that points romeo to IU haha.

  • Ivan Renko

    i was a little surprised by that too. but my unbiased half is telling me the dad was just trying to make a point that whenever Romeo is ready to make a decision, they’ll support him. (and if it happened to be IU, then why make the trip to KU.) some people aren’t the smoothest in their words when in front of the mic haha.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Gotta agree with you here. Top notch talent, experience, size, depth… Morgan and Davis should both still be here next year.

  • Ivan Renko

    I sure hope Romeo can fully appreciate the type of player Damon was and what he meant to IU and the state of Indiana. part of me wonders if romeo’s response would just be “who is this guy” when approached by Damon. some of these young studs may not realize who they’re talking to if they’re not as big of IU fans as the folks on this site haha

  • HoosierOne

    I have nothing but respect and love for Damon, but let’s not get the impression Romeo’s goal in life is to be the modern day Damon. Romeo….come to IU, make your mark, and then head to NBA stardom making millions!

  • Ivan Renko

    i didn’t suggest that was Romeo’s goal in life. but it’s pretty cool when an arguably top 5 or 10 player in IU history approaches you to talk! I was just trying to say I hope Romeo can appreciate what that means.

  • Justin Beard

    This is when it counts.

  • HoosierOne

    I didn’t mean to diminish what you said….I agree with you that it was a really cool thing. I too hope he realizes what a respected and high caliber player he was at IU and all he did for the program. I just don’t want Romeo to get the impression we see his bar from coming to IU as Damon Daily when I’m sure he wants to be an NBA all star.

  • Ivan Renko

    definitely! both are very very different players. Damon Bailey never even played in a single NBA game… but Romeo is almost assured to be a one & done with at least 10-15 years of NBA play ahead of him. like you said earlier, Romeo’s #1 goal is to play somewhere for 1 year then head to the NBA to make the big $$$$. I’m sure any comparison to Damon won’t affect his decision

  • If you’d have told me in early March that you thought we’d be even this far along with Romeo and Garland in October, I’d have asked you what you were smoking and then I’d ask if you care to share.

  • gr8iufan

    To have both, someone will have to go pro or transfer.

  • TomJameson

    Well, I hope that all comes true. Really think DD is going to be a 2 to 4 year player, so just need Romeo and Darius to come aboard.

    And most definitely yes, that would be tons of fun to be part of and to watch as a fan.

  • TomJameson

    They’ve always left a fall decision open, at least a glimmer. Not been very hopeful of it, but since he’s knocked UL and UK out of the decision, I can more easily see it happening now.

  • TomJameson

    Still not counting chickens, but the possibility is there. IMO, it’s never really been there before the regime change. Archie has really made some headway. Of course, Romeo knocking out UL and UK has a lot to do with my (little bit more) optimism.

  • Molon Labe

    I am sure Romeo knows exactly who Damon is. Not just because he was an IU hero, but because he is the states all time scoring leader and Romeo has a chance to break that scoring record this year. Hopefully that familiarity with and knowledge of what Damon did and how important he is to the state and not just IU helps push Romeo to IU for his commitment.

  • TomJameson

    I’m on the fence on that one. You have a good point, but so does Ivan Renko.

    My first thought though, is why they would even make those comments, if it wasn’t a possibility? To say that they would commit right away if Romeo said that’s where he wanted to go could be fantastic …. or nothing much.

    Quoting Romeo’s father … “As a matter of fact, he can tell me tonight, tomorrow or whenever that we don’t need to take the trip to Kansas and we won’t. We won’t take a trip just to be taking it.” Either way it goes, this was great to see.

    Like Ole Man said “ink on paper”. I have to keep telling myself that. lol

  • That’s a great point, particularly about UL. Probably, we wouldn’t be having this discussion if the scandal hadn’t broken, although I still think we’d be in better shape given Archie’s full-court press on the Langfords. Now, Garland I think is a bit of a different story. If we do land him, I think that would be an even more impressive accomplishment in Archie’s first year.

  • TomJameson

    Things will work out … sounds trite because we hear it a lot, but it’s always been true.

  • TomJameson

    I’m glad that he was involved (scored the dunk contest), and that he got such a welcome from the crowd. That had to impress recruits as well, by showing that IU fans never forget their players.

  • TomJameson

    Don’t know this of my own information, but I’ve heard that Brayton is pretty good.

  • TomJameson

    Man, just getting this close to those 2 players is a fantastic run for Archie, given that he had so much ground to make up. Some will take a miss as a failure, but I think most will recognize the achievement to even getting this close.

    Now, if Archie can land even one of these two, his place in recruiting history is pretty secure … as it should be. If he lands both, the expectations for next year will be HUGE!

    Okay, don’t count your chickens …. don’t count your chickens ….

  • Old Hoosier

    I really liked the quickness and movement of Clifton Moore. This kid is going to surprise some folks this year.

  • Except, Kansas already had their HH-like event and they don’t have any exhibition games next weekend (when Romeo’s visiting there). So as far as I know, there’s no occasion to have an arena full of fans welcoming him.

  • Ole Man

    And I never bogart! LOL!

  • Good (Ole) Man!

  • Kwang

    I am just so ready for this year!

  • Comparatively the KU Campus is unimpressive… What is the distinction between an unofficial visit and an OFFICIAL visit? RL in Crimson & Cream, tha’t be fun!