Video: Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage highlights

  • 10/21/2017 9:28 pm in

The highlight of Saturday’s Hoosier Hysteria at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall was a 24-minute scrimmage, which offered fans their first glimpse of the 2017-2018 Indiana Hoosiers.

Inside the Hall was courtside and we’ve compiled highlights of the scrimmage, which was won 40-31 by the Red team. Devonte Green had 14 points for Red, while Robert Johnson paced the White team with 12 points.

(Josh Newkirk, Al Durham Jr. and Collin Hartman did not participate for precautionary reasons.)

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  • Arch Puddington

    New coach, new system, multiple guys hurt, what can we really learn from a silly scrimmage? Plenty!

    1. Motion offense, be still my beating heart. Guys screening, cutting, and passing. It makes me so happy I can hardly say.
    2. Devonte Green, holy cow! Just a scrimmage, I know, but he was showing strong at the end of last year, so we know he is for real. Has more sass to his game than anyone else on the roster, and I mean that in a good way.
    3. Clifton Moore is quite a prospect. Much quicker and more agile than I understood from his write ups and videos. Won’t be dominant until he is stronger, but the potential for dominance is there. Very exciting.
    4. DD isn’t quite ready to be “the man”, but he’s getting closer. He looks comfortable being the focal point, and he can pass and score out of the low post. He was also active as a screener and cutter on the perimeter, which will really add to the offense.

    Can’t wait to see and learn more about what our new coach does with these guys.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    1. Love Clifton Moore. He may get a lot of run this year, but that kid’s gonna be a stud in a couple years maybe sooner!

    2. Could we possibly get a few more minutes this year for Priller the Thriller? I know I know I know, don’t play a guy who can’t help you win, but I think he showed his last game last year that he can play a few productive minutes.

    3. Guard play will be key in addition to DD’s ability to stay on the court court.

    4. Good to see JM looking healthy out there.

  • Second year in a row where Devonte Green tore up Hoosier Hysteria. I think he had something like 5 three’s last year. He’s going to be the all-time career scoring record for this event?

    Seriously though, he looked like the hungriest and best player on the floor. RJ and JM were cool customers, look for them to kick butt on a regular basis. They’re going to eat underclassmen alive.

    Freddie McSwain is an absolute beast and is going to be a major contributor. His many missed dunk put-backs and alley-oop attempts probably damaged those rims.

    Curtis Jones is silky smooth and I hope he can find a way to further develop. He’s got the talent, but I’m unsure he’ll have a huge break out year this year. Same with DD…still not ready to be a star, but still solid and ready to be a big contributor and dominant centerpiece. Especially from the free throw line.

    Would have been nice to see how Colin played with the rest of the squad. Can’t wait.