POTB 195: Recruiting scandal rocks college basketball

  • 09/27/2017 4:50 pm in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly.

In this edition of the show, Morris and Bozich are joined by a pair of guests to discuss the bribery scandal that has rocked the college basketball world. From a Louisville perspective, Zach McCrite joins us to discuss this week’s news and from a broader NCAA perspective, Zach Osterman of The Indianapolis Star also joins the show to discuss the scandal.

Among the topics discussed:

· A recap of yesterday’s news and what’s happened over the last 24 hours
· The impact of this story at Louisville
· How it impacts this year’s team at Louisville (an Indiana opponent this season)
· Who Louisville could realistically get to coach the team this season
· Kenny Johnson’s involvement
· Whether Indiana fans should have any concern
· Where this story will end and what’s next
· The recruiting impact moving forward from this scandal

And much, much more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • Mark Hinton

    Great POTB. This is such a crazy mess. I sincerely am glad that many who are guilty will be charged, and if IU or a member is guilty they need to be taken down too. I hope and believe that IU is clean. All we can do is sit and watch the chips fly.

  • Larry Brown

    A couple thoughts. Firstly, it strains the imagination to think that a head coach is unaware of any critical factor involved in a kids recruitment, whether legal or illegal. So I have to wonder if Sean Miller’s job is not on the line also. Secondly, what a disappointment that John Calipari was not one of those investigated!
    I recall years ago hearing that a certain High School recruiting expert said that he didn’t know of any coach in college basketball who was not breaking the rules in their recruiting in some way or another, except for one:. Bobby Knight

  • AndyCapp

    Still too early for any coach, must less Calipari, to feel that they dodged a bullet. I expect many more revelations before this is over. If nothing sticks to his Teflon then we have to assume Calipari is not as dirty as we want him to be.

  • IUbballfan

    Is this a bad connection/recording with static or is your guest tapping something on the desk? Sounds like that are very distracting in a podcast. 🙂

    Nice interviews. This investigation is about to teach college basketball fans patience, but we should weather the test. The NCAA taught us how to sit back for years waiting on answers in these cases.

  • IUbballfan

    True. But there has been smoke there before. The FBI has a specific focus. I’d say a lot of coaches who are guilty of other infractions will dodge this bullet. The rub will lie in whether this re-energizes the NCAA to be a governing body instead of another spectating cheerleader in the sport.

  • iugradmark

    Thank you for scrambling to get this pulled together. As was stated, we don’t know the full impact of what this will mean for the game. I agree every school is going to be holding their breath for a while and am hoping that IU is not somehow involved in anything illegal. I just gave POTB 5 stars on ITunes.

  • Ivan Renko

    now THAT is a troll comment, LOL. just messing with you

  • Larry Brown

    No my hero is b-ball at Nick’s, demolisher of straw men.
    Since you’re so challenged, the point was that virtually every program violated the rules.

  • JimmyChittwood

    what a jerk comment

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I find it interesting that “Larry Brown” is questioning anyone’s integrity in coaching – because Larry Brown always ran such clean programs……….

  • AndyCapp

    Holy crap bball, whats gotten into you?!? THAT’s an upvote!

  • AndyCapp

    The NCAA is, and always will remain to be, a body dedicated to self-perpetuating preservation. Don’t look to them for any guidance that is not wholly self-serving.

  • AndyCapp

    There are over 1,000 NCAA institutions. So does your “virtually” mean all of them have violated the rules? You make your blanket point pretty easily without any proof. “Virtually” can imply none, as much as all.

  • It’s a hell of a good question. As this story shakes out, I have a feeling we’ll want to attack it from a number of different angles, and the ones you’ve described would all be good ones.

  • I think it was the static on Osterman’s line, I don’t believe it was tapping. But either way, it was definitely distracting. My preference is never guests on phones, but sometimes it’s the only way, and Osterman’s insight was worth the less-than-ideal audio quality.

  • AndyCapp

    Hey Jerod, good to see you on here! Nice job, as always with the podcast. Lots of questions (more to come) and speculative answers as this unfolds.

  • AndyCapp

    Absolutely was! I am sure his phone is ringing off the hook and it was cool of him to give you/us so much of his time.

  • Arch Puddington

    Like you, I’ve challenged those who reflexively call Cal a cheat. I say he is the recruiter nonpareil, and has created a brand that draws elite talent all by itself.

    But if I were to argue against myself, it would start like this: Trey Lyles. CTC, who was a straight I arrow as far as I can tell, continued to pursue Blackmon quite assiduously after he de-committed, but dropped Lyles like a stone when he did. As far as we know, CTC never called or texted again. Something unsavory happened there, and especially in light of what we have now learned, I won’t be totally surprised if we someday hear more about Mr. Lyle’s recruitment.

  • Ms hoosier

    I agree!!

  • Larry Brown

    But apparently I’m not the only one

  • Larry Brown

    As stated in the original post, this was what someone else, very high in the recruiting Services ranks, said. In fact this was no obscure quote, it was quoted in several Publications. But I realized it is sometimes fashionable on this site to attack the messengers

  • Larry Brown

    This is very telling about you. If you look at my original post, I never once said that Calipari was cheating. What I said was that I was disappointed he was not mentioned as being investigated. Perhaps you need to improve your reading skills and stop in closing your own preconceptions on what other people write

  • Larry Brown

    Once again, refer to my original post. It was not I who said it was pervasive. It was a recruiting analyst, one of the guys who works for the big Services, who had done it for many years. In fact that quote was fairly well-known at the time. And by the way, I myself was recruited and attended the Five Star Camp of Howard Garfinkel back in the 80s, and I was exposed to a few things, so that quote is altogether believable to me (played there against Len Bias, Johnny Dawkins in a few other future NBA draftees)

  • Larry Brown

    I know an ex-girlfriend of one of the IU stars from the late seventies, and she insists that when that star was making a visit to Kentucky when he was being recruited, a Kentucky booster put a wad of money into his hand as he told him how much he would love for him to come to Kentucky. And again, I was a direct witness and even in a small sense an unwitting participant in quid pro quo kind of stuff when I was at the five-star camp. Believe me, I am not surprised one bit at the stuff that is being revealed, nor that it is widespread.

  • N71

    I was considering the impact to the ACC if Louisville gets the death penalty which then had me turning back to the BigTen wondering if one of our teams gets tagged once they move from Adidas into Nike and Underarmour, presumably. Maryland? Who has had a marked improvement in recent years, both Minnesota and Northwestern come to mind. The Pitino playbook may be active within our own league perhaps. One thing is certain though, Rutgers is safe, they have to be.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    On that ground, it’d be especially interesting to compare the mentalities, motivations, social norms, etc. behind today’s scandal, and historical ones like the infamous Black Sox scandal of the early 20th Century. I don’t know much about that historical event – heck, I don’t know much about baseball in general – but from what little I’ve read, I do understand that the scandal was based somewhat on what the players considered insufficient compensation for their play. While it’s a thin reed connecting that to the present, it is a similarity that may yield insights if explored.

  • Larry Brown

    It wasn’t MY point. It was someone else’s …. A recruiting guru of many years, and the quote was published. If you want “my” proof, I have made a few other posts now with anecdotal evidence. I don’t claim any special knowledge myself, but based upon my own playing days I am sure stuff was going on in the 1980s and now it is 2017 and a lot more money is involved in college ball. To me it only makes sense that the problem would be worse now. Just look at how universities hire and fire coaches. It is totally cutthroat. Do you really think that a lot of coaches would not bend the rules a little if they feel confident they will not get caught?
    Which is not to say anything about IU, because I had the impression that Tom Crean was totally clean

  • Doug Wilson

    Perhaps….. The FBI is still ‘laying the bait’ to catch the ‘Big Fish’? The press release did state, “The FBI are still open to taking calls from people who may be involved in these schemes at other schools, with Kim adding that the FBI “has the playbook” on these types of rackets, imploring those involved to step forward and call them now, as it would be better than “waiting for us to call you.”

    It is hard to imagine that a player, already in the NBA would not release info down the line to escape possible federal charges. There is going to be players who were offer cash, that didn’t make it to the NBA that might speak up. The FBI only now gained access to the Fraudulent Coaches computers. I have also read that Nike EYBL are now being looked at, Not just Adidas Schools.

    There is only one coach who brags more about his recruiting success than Slick Rick, and that is John Calipari. John Boy is being quite as a church mouse at the moment.

    One thing I find funny. Watching Big Blue Nation figure out who is going where now that Louisville and Arizona’s ships are sinking.

    The FBI might have questions for the NCAA Infractions committee. Could questions about UMass and Memphis days come back to haunt John Boy? Stayed Tuned…This might be better than the actual season?

  • HoosierMumma

    Now they can sell it for 150k.

  • Arch Puddington

    The NCAA exists for one reason, and one only: to protect the multi-billion dollar stream of revenue that comes from big time sports. It is not some independent agency watching over other people and institutions, it is made up of the schools themselves. Legally, politically, and otherwise, the NCAA has very little incentive to expose and punish member schools that misbehave, and very little authority to investigate.

  • Larry Brown

    Hubie took me to cheaters anonymous

  • ForIndiana

    This comment…there will likely be more coming when you consider we only know Universities 4, 6 and 7…there are at least 4 more not yet identified. The Arizona piece and the connection to the Miller family is one to watch…if you read the Miami blogs they talk about their piece of this and the apparent $150K bidding war between Miami and Arizona and Adidas and Nike suggests there is much more to come…that combined with the USC pieces where it seems Sean Miller had to have known sports agents were hanging with his assistants and possibly attending closed U of A practices? The season is going to have quite a cloud hanging over it and you just hope our team stays well clear of the limelight in regards to recruiting improprieties.

  • Larry Brown

    “scare-monger”??? Go look at the UA websites, they’re speculating on whether or not Sean Miller will keep his job.
    Your constant stream of baseless accusations to fact-based comments is interesting.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    KUDOS – That is funny!

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I hope that the investigation carries over to the payment of AAU coaches by Universities through 501 (c). This aspect as everyone knows is bad cess and a big part of recruiting and influence.

  • Arch Puddington

    If there is any good news for us, it is this: in the aftermath of the Sampson mess, there should have been a deep commitment to avoiding even the appearance of impropriety at every level of our athletic department. Hopefully “should have been” translates into “was”, and there is nothing at all to discover.

    Having said that, the Kenny Johnson connection scares the heck out of me. No evidence at all that he did anything improper while at IU, but I am not as assured as some others seem to be that it makes sense that he went from crossing no lines at IU to paying six-figure sums to recruits at Louisville. That is not a small step.

    Who knows. Maybe the stakes changed so significantly after he got to Louisville — big raise, fancy title, chance to be a head coach someday — that he was willing to cut corners he wouldn’t have before. Or maybe he had been on a losing streak with the recruits he pursued and gave in to a momentary weakness. Or maybe there was just more loose money and more opportunity at Louisville. But there can be no mistaking that Noah Vonleh’s recruitment went somewhat like Brian Bowen’s, and that Kenny Johnson was at the center of both. Nervous.

  • Kyl470

    Do I think the entire sport of college basketball is as dirty as things appear right now? No. However, I’m not surprised at all to get proof that there are some shady dealings in college basketball. I think it all comes down to a certain set of criteria for these types of payments to happen.

    Step 1: Kid must be an elite talent. I highly doubt anyone would risk paying a 3 or 4 star player.

    Step 2: The kid’s family most likely is in rough shape financially and needs the money ASAP.

    If a kids family is doing ok I can’t see his parents risking his eligibility when they can just simply wait another year for him to go pro and get paid. However, if a kid is living in a rough area like north St. Louis (I live in St. Louis which is why I picked St. Louis) then he might need the immediate pay out to get his family out of a rough situation. I could see an 18 year old not wanting to leave his mom or dad knowing they are in an area where people get murdered every day. If a school comes along and says we can give you 100K now allowing your family to get an apartment somewhere else and have money to live off of for a year until you go pro, well that’s hard to pass up.

  • Larry Brown

    Also knew Bernie Fine of Syracuse, actually fairly well. Thankfully my parents wouldn’t allow me to accept his invitation to come to his home after the SU camp

  • Larry Brown

    Apology accepted. Lets keep it civil since we’re all IU family ….

  • Koko

    Wow…did you come up with that conclusion doing a “intellectual study”? LOL

  • Koko

    Not an easy thing to do with the LOL man.

  • Koko

    And maybe he had some financial issue pop up once he landed at UL….he needed the money.

  • Arch Puddington

    What I would add to that is how the rules of what you refer to as “the basketball industry” impact those who occupy the space in the middle. As I have argued at length elsewhere, my feeling is that by criminalizing behavior that is not inherently criminal, the NCAA essentially creates an entirely new space within which cheating can occur. Maybe no big deal in a pre-TV revenue world, but a huge deal in world in which huge personal and institutional fortunes are in play. People are responsible for their own choices and actions, but rules that clearly work against the interests of the players must surely add to the scope of the wrongdoing.

  • VOXAC30

    I have been thinking of it from this angle…. lets make the leap that the big three (Adidas, Nike, and UA) are all implicated and it is as bad as advertised. Universities tend to be very conservative with there brand and what they offer in education and above all the degree and school name cannot be tarnished (unless your UNC). Is it out of the question that the schools will decide go away from one the brand offerings for apparel. What if they went with Russel and Baden or other lesser known brands or even used a different apparel model all together. Then there is the question what does the NCAA do if anything other than dishing out punishment (we will have to wait 5 years for that)?

    I have a friend that is a senior vp from a fortune 500 company and he said the world of apparel marketing in colleges will change because of this. Not because they are the main culprit but because they are a big piece of the pie.

  • AndyCapp

    What “original quote” are you referring to? I have gone back over your posts several times and there is no phantom original quote other than your blanket statement that “virtually every program violated the rules”. You finally referenced a recruiting guru (that is not really proof just someone else’s opinion). I’m not attacking the messenger because I do believe there is a problem, I just don’t like sweeping generalizations or singling out a coach/program (read Calipari/UK) without tangible proof.

  • Bankshot

    You sure do like to use the word intellectual when your comments do not reflect it. Interesting that you bring up Coach Knight. Never attempted to cheat, didn’t have to and hung three banners!
    Calipari is a certified cheat! Marcus Camby at UMass received cash and jewelry. Derrick Rose had someone else take his S.A.T. before enrolling at Memphis. Anyone who watched Kentucky basketball in the 70’s knows they invented the $100.00 dollar handshake and the practice is alive and well in Lexington.
    I hear Crean is on top of Louisville’s list. I hope so! As I said on this board in November of 2015, Crean can’t coach and will never get I.U. to the final four. Not an intelectuuall, just a lot of sperience!

  • AndyCapp

    I guess the only reason I am finding any solace is that Johnson has been gone long enough that it is unlikely the FBI has any direct evidence that can tie IU-Johnson-anything illegal. They may yet cast a wider net based on what further is discovered after people start talking but, barring anything Crean may have done (which I suspect is a non-starter), I agree with your first comment that we were probably uber diligent/vigilant and that not much if anything is going to land on the program.

  • AndyCapp

    That would be cool for Crean. Better, I think, than the UofL job. He probably wouldn’t last at UofL much longer or less than at IU.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I had that same thought. It seems hard to fathom that those big three you named would be nearly gone in college sports, but it is times like these moments of crisis where some unheralded company makes themselves rich. If s smaller shoe company is ready and able to increase production, they are poised to benefit from this scandal. Could be very interesting!

  • Courtney Shively

    Big Baller Brand is behind all of this LOL. As much as I hate to say it, that company may be able to take advantage of this situation and catch up to the big boys in no time at al.