Indiana has “terrific” in-home visit with five-star point guard Darius Garland

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Even with four players already committed for the class of 2018, Indiana isn’t done recruiting.

The entire Hoosier staff was in Nashville on Monday night for an in-home visit with five-star Brentwood Academy point guard Darius Garland.

The 6-foot-1 point guard is the No. 9 player nationally according to the 247Composite and lived in northern Indiana up until his seventh grade year.

Garland is no stranger to basketball in Indiana as his father, Winston, is a native of Gary and starred at Roosevelt before moving on to Missouri State and a successful NBA career.

“I grew up a huge Hoosier fan and had the privilege of being recruited by coach (Bob) Knight,” Winston Garland told Inside the Hall on Tuesday morning. “Whenever I get a chance to go to Assembly Hall, it gives me chills. It’s been awesome having him potentially being a Hoosier.”

Both Winston and Darius will get a chance to go to Bloomington next month for Hoosier Hysteria when the family is on campus for an official visit.

Five-star New Albany guard Romeo Langford is also scheduled to attend Hoosier Hysteria, which takes place on October 21.

In addition to the IU trip, Garland also has visits scheduled to Vanderbilt, UCLA, Kentucky and Duke.

The in-home visit on Monday with Archie Miller, Tom Ostrom, Ed Schilling and Bruiser Flint allowed both Winston and Darius to learn more about the coaching staff and their vision for the program moving forward.

“It was awesome,” Winston Garland said. “We watched Archie from afar at Dayton. He and his staff are terrific. We learned a lot about Archie.

“And I think that’s what the home visits are about. Seeing some of the coaches outside of their element and the different personalities. It’s an hour and a half or two hour visit, but you learn a lot. It was terrific.”

The next step in IU’s pursuit of Garland will be the official visit next month during what will be a huge recruiting weekend in Bloomington.

Winston Garland said that each visit will be important as the family gathers information that will aid in the decision making process.

“For him, we’ve talked about getting a feel for the campus in the short amount of time that you’re there,” Winston Garland explained. “Trying to vibe with ┬ásome of the guys that might be returning if you go there. Pick out some of the things that you like, the pros and the cons. Every visit is huge. Being there for Hoosier Hysteria itself, that will be tremendous. That will be fun.”

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  • Funny enough, the GT game really doesn’t feel like that long ago to me. But, it does feel like it belonged to a different program. IU basketball already “feels” different to me — more serious, more focused, better managed. Of course, we still need to see Archie coach a game at IU, which is the most important unanswered question.

  • Right now, I’m just enjoying the ride. Before Archie’s hire, I didn’t expect to be even remotely in the running for Romeo (and I’m pretty sure we weren’t), nor for Garland. The things that top recruits are saying about Archie and his staff are incredibly positive whether we land them in 2018 or not, and I can remember people assuming that Archie wouldn’t get a full head of steam in recruiting 5-star players until his second year at the earliest. I think many people are so excited today because it feels like we’re much farther ahead than we expected to be at this point.

  • I understand that BTN Plus will televise it. So I’ll be signing up for October and November at least.

  • Yep, great point. Archie got a very good (possibly excellent) class locked in early thus leaving himself plenty of time to maneuver for players like Romeo and Garland. As some have said, it’s like playing with house money.

  • IUBizmark

    Thanks for pointing that out; you’re right.

    I looked at Vandy’s roster and it has more guards and older guards that’ll be in place next season. Seems like the better option from playing time and surrounding (post) players is IU.

  • onehoosier

    I’ve seen those predictions, and they seem overly conservative. Last years team had the talent to be a Final Four team, and significantly under preformed.

    For this year, I see a strong group of upperclassman, some solid role players, and a few breakout player possibilities.

    Keep in mind, Johnson, Morgan, Davis, Newkirk, Smith, Moore and Jones were all 4 star recruits. Hartman probably will have a similar contribution. We have a solid foundation with reinforcements on the way.

    Archie has work to do, but he won’t need a miracle for this team to be competitive with the best. Go Hoosiers!

  • TomJameson

    I think “The Movement” was the turning point in TC’s recruiting. Things started to go downhill from there for (probably) multiple reasons. Some we know, most we don’t. But I think that’s when Indiana coaching staffs started to NOT be so upbeat, or supportive, towards IU.

  • onehoosier

    Looking back at recruiting class rankings on Wikipedia, the 13-14 class was a very solid class, ranked in the 4th-6th in the country. After that class, Crean never got in the top 15 again.
    Something turned for sure… but 2009-2013 had a stretch of talented players wanting to play at IU.

  • cbags05

    Yes I know. Not a high likelyhood obviously. But to even be in the discussion, like others have said, is remarkable. It shows that the IU label still means something. And the right coach can capitalize. Maybe Arch misses on these two, but regardless, better days are ahead.

  • ScoopGeoff
  • William Stephens

    Getting highly rated high school player to commit is just step one. And frankly that may be the easiest step. When they arrive on campus they (in many situations) will be living away from home for the first time. That alone can cause problems, homesick, bad habits, new friends….etc. I believe Romeo is still leaning to Louisville, but Indiana has a much stronger academic school which may sway him. I also believe Darius will favor Duke, however he was a Hoosier kid and the class coming in would have to make him very interested. I still believe coaching makes the team reach their potential. Being a superstar in high school is great but college is much different. A little bit of luck with having players “Gel” and develop their skills to make a complete team. Capable of both offensive and defensive greatness. That is Archie’s challenge. I will root for IU no matter who Archie feels he needs to sign, 5 stars or 2 stars. GO IU!!!

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    I hope you are right, but a one and done player like Romeo probably doesn’t have academics at the top of his priority list.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    I would bet big bucks that if IU signs Garland and Romeo, Green and Jones are both gone.