Around the Hall: Archie Miller, Anunoby to miss training camp, more

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a feature on the three coaches from the Pittsburgh area who are leading three of the nation’s top programs:

With Miller at Arizona, John Calipari at Kentucky and Sean’s younger brother, Archie, becoming the coach at Indiana in March, three of arguably the 10 best programs in college basketball history are being led by Pittsburgh-area natives. In a city synonymous with football, a place where high-end basketball talent is typically in short supply and the sport itself can often feel like an afterthought, three men who call the region home are among the most recognizable figures in the game.

It’s a reality that, while mildly surprising, isn’t lost on those who helped create it.

“I think we’re all very fortunate, especially Archie and myself,” Miller said Tuesday. “A lot of times, timing is everything in sports.”

Raptors rookie OG Anunoby will miss the start of training camp, TSN reports:

After undergoing knee surgery in January, Anunoby (Toronto’s 23rd pick in June’s NBA draft) will miss training camp and the start of his rookie season. The Raptors don’t expect to have him back on the court until November, at the earliest, according to team sources, but look for him to play once he’s healthy and fully acclimated. He’s still very raw offensively, but they could use his size and versatility on the defensive end. They believe he’s the only player on the roster that is physically equipped to challenge the LeBron James-types, so putting him through a multi-year G-League apprenticeship doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Lakers rookie Thomas Bryant has energy to spare, Joey Ramirez of writes:

Bryant tries to make his high-energy play contagious. When he’s on the floor, one of his goals is to give off an equal amount of spark to all of his teammates.

And, despite playing a more mobile game than most centers, he prides himself on still having fuel left to spare.

“The passion is just always gonna be there,” he says. “That’s just my thing. Just running up and down the court — that’s my thing as well. I never want to be tired out there on the court.”

Top Indiana class of 2019 target Keion Brooks Jr. was paid a visit on Monday from Kentucky coach John Calipari:

University of Kentucky head coach joined a long list of big time college basketball coaches to make their way to the Summit City to watch North Side junior Keion Brooks Jr. in person.

Calipari was at North Side for an open gym session Monday evening.

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo, IU’s Archie Miller, and Purdue’s Matt Painter are among the college coaches that have made recent visits to By Hey Arena to recruit Brooks.

North Carolina is scheduled for an in-home visit with Romeo Langford on Tuesday and Indiana is scheduled to be in on Wednesday:

Roy Williams will be in town on Tuesday for UNC’s in home visit, which will be followed by Archie Miller and Indiana.

Rob Dauster of looks at the Mitchell Robinson situation at Western Kentucky and concludes that the elite prospect isn’t a trailblazer for opting to skip college altogether:

He played his entire recruitment wrong, and it begs the question: Who involved in that process actually had Robinson’s best interests in mind?

Spending a year in college at a power program wouldn’t have necessarily solved that problem — let’s just say that the future success of one-and-dones isn’t always the primary motivation for their college coaches — but a change of scenery could have helped.

And now here we are.

Robinson has left WKU for the second time in the span of two months, and this time it appears to be for good. He will not be playing college basketball. He also won’t be playing professional basketball. He’s reportedly going to spend the next nine months working out in Dallas — which, admittedly, is better than remaining at home during this process — before entering the NBA Draft.

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  • IdahoHoosier

    An ESPN article recently broke down the top 100 NBA players and what college they went to. There were 5 IU guys, only topped by a handful of teams who were all also “blue bloods”. I have been known to argue IU’s “blue blood” status at this point in time, but realizing that many guys have recently gone from IU to top NBA players definitely says something. Excited to see what OG, Bryant, Yogi, Troy and the rest of IU’s young NBA’ers can do. See if you guys can’t crack the top 100 too!

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    As a WKU alum, I hate to see Robinson leave (again). Not a good for anyone involved. And I’ll be surprised if the NCAA doesn’t knock on Stansbury’s door soon. They have to have some kind of distraction as an excuse to keep them from dropping the hammer on UNC and removing a banner from UL.

  • inLinE6

    In my opinion “blue blood” is not evaluated month-to-month. We’re one of very few programs that had national championships across several different decades. Our status was built from the very beginning. A dented Ferrari is still a Ferrari.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Agreed. But to maintain relevance nationally recent success is vital to non-IU fans. While no championships have been won in a long while, IU continues to be reasonably successful, get great players, and put guys into the NBA. That is enough to keep IU in discussions about great all-time programs, and hopefully they will take another step forward to increase national interest.

  • AndyCapp

    News about OG and training camp not totally unexpected following his surgery and good to hear that the Raptors aren’t necessarily looking to G-league him. I think they have it about right that he may not to be as much of an O contributor as a lock down defender. If he can remain healthy sounds like OG can expect to have a long, decent NBA career.

  • TomJameson

    Hopefully, OG can practice his outside shooting sometime in the process of his rehab. That should help out the offensive contribution.

    You’re right (IMO), he should be able to have a long NBA career.

  • HoosierConsumer

    If I were Pittsburgh, I don’t think I would be bragging about Calipari. He left his last two schools with his NCAA penalties to live through. Just a matter of time before he does it to Kentucky.