Robert Johnson on regional covers for Athlon Sports, Lindy’s Sports and Street and Smith’s

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With the start of the college basketball regular season now less than three months away, several preseason hoops publications are beginning to hit newsstands.

And Indiana senior Robert Johnson will be prominently featured on a regional cover of three different preview magazines: Athlon Sports, Lindy’s Sports and Street and Smith’s.

The 6-foot-3 Johnson is the leading returning scorer for Indiana and should surpass the 1,000-career points mark early in his senior season.

Along with their cover releases, Lindy’s Sports and Street and Smith’s revealed their preseason top 10 teams and Athlon Sports revealed a top 20.

Indiana will play three teams in the Lindy’s top 10: Michigan State (1), Duke (4) and Louisville (9). Michigan State is No. 2 in the Street and Smith’s preseason top 10, Louisville is No. 3 and Duke is No. 4.

The Hoosiers will play six teams in the Athlon Sports preseason top 20: Michigan State (2), Duke (4), Louisville (5), Minnesota (16), Purdue (18) and Seton Hall (20).

Here’s a look at all three regional covers that feature Johnson:

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  • TomJameson

    Personally, I think RJ deserves the exposure. He’s going to be an important part of this IU team. He will be a leader on the court, a leader on adapting to Archie’s offensive and defensive systems, and a leading scorer.

    As the leading scorer, he’ll also be the focus of the other teams defense. Some people shrink when the spotlight is on them, but IMO Robert will shine. Not in the shadow of Yogi or JBJ anymore. Some people don’t seem to remember that he was a heralded shooter coming into college, just a tad behind JBJ.

    Can’t wait to watch this team grow into the new systems, and into the new IU era.

  • sd chuck

    RJ will have to have a big year, much like Shabazz Napier of UConn, not saying he will lead us to a championship, but if we are going to achieve much this season, he will have to have a big year. His problems have always been to’s, cold shooting streaks, and injuries. Overall been a real asset for IU for three years. Hope he has a big year and gets some NBA looks!

  • We’reAllForYou82

    Agreed. He looks to me like he fits Archie ball to a tee with his solid build. I think Archie will help him shine again on defense too.

  • It’s a perfect storm for RJ. He got tons of feedback from the NBA on what he needs to work on, and it’s all things that IU will benefit from next season (is it time to start calling it this season?). He also flashed some real ability at defensive help and recover right before he was hurt near the end of the 2015-16 season — that gives me real confidence that he’ll be perfect for Archie’s defense. And I have a feeling his shooting slump from last season won’t be repeated.

    Add in better leadership, as you indicate, and I’m 100% in agreement: he’s going to be huge as a senior.

  • Fivelefts

    I hope Archie coaches him to be more aggressive! I think that’s what’s ultimately holding him back, from reaching the next level in his game..

  • ScoopGeoff

    To me he fits the Joel Berry, Frank Mason mold… steady producers who became leaders and scorers as they matured. He has a big strong body for the D1 PG and can use it effectively on the both ends of the floor. I was thinking that he was severely under appreciated, but I’ll have to re-think that now that he’s on 3 covers.