Around the Hall: Big Ten moving to 20-game schedule for 2018-2019 season?

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Big Ten programs are preparing for a 20-game schedule beginning with the 2018-2019 season, according to Jon Rothstein of Fan Rag Sports:

Two separate sources told FanRag Sports that the league office has been discussing the move with its respective teams over the past few months and while nothing is finalized, things appear “heading in that direction” for the 18-19 season.

Teams in the Big Ten currently play 18 league games.

The ACC announced last July that it will go to 20 conference games during the 19-20 season and this move by the Big Ten would be a way to keep up in terms of giving its teams the best chance to gain as many quality games as possible.

Rob Dauster of NBC Sports weighs-in on the Grant Gelon situation:

I feel for Gelon here. I really do. Getting cut sucks, and everyone reading this now has probably gone through it at some point in their life. It happens all the time, in every sport, at every age group. Once you get to a level in athletics where you’re playing in more than your hometown rec league, it gets competitive. If you’re not good enough, you don’t make the team. That is how this works. Gelon found that out the hard way.

And frankly, what Miller did is not uncommon. It’s called running a player off, and it happens all the time at every program. Gelon had a bad enough season as a freshman that there is no guarantee that he would have kept his spot on the team had Crean kept his job. Simply put, he is not a Big Ten basketball player. I’d wager that two out of every five transfers at the Division I level are the result of a player transferring out of a school — either because he was forced or because the writing was on the wall — to a lower level, one more in line with his skill-set.

In his Monday Muse over at, Rick Bozich writes that Archie Miller is delivering results on the recruiting trail:

One reason Indiana University summoned Archie Miller from Dayton as the Hoosiers’ new basketball coach was IU’s recruiting had become inconsistent and choppy in recent years under Tom Crean, especially with in-state players.

Miller described his recruiting philosophy during his introductory press conference, committing his staff to the pursuit of Indiana high school players with a strategy he called “Inside Out.”

In less than five months, Miller and his staff have executed that strategy with gusto.

In a Lexington Herald-Leader piece from earlier this month, Ben Roberts writes that Kentucky has faded in the Romeo Langford recruitment:

Langford told the Herald-Leader and others at an Adidas event in July that UK’s standing in his recruitment was “still the same as before” the Team USA trip. He’s expected to cut his list to seven schools sometime soon, and Kentucky might make that list, but — as of now — it seems highly unlikely that he ends up as a Wildcat.

Louisville, Indiana and Kansas are the three schools with the most buzz in his recruitment at this time. When asked last month what he would consider to be his “hometown school,” the Indiana native named Louisville, which is located about 10 miles from New Albany High School.

Center Grove junior Trayce Jackson-Davis is one of 12 players in the class of 2019 trending up, Eric Bossi of writes:

Why he’s trending up: Jackson-Davis has NBA bloodlines (his father is Dale Davis), great hands and a high skill level. He was very impressive in Las Vegas at the end of the summer and is one of the most promising big men in 2019.

Recruitment: His father’s alma mater Clemson has offered and so have Xavier, Butler, Indiana and Purdue.

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  • ’11Hoosier

    I believe that Romeo waiting to announce his decision until the Spring gives the Hoosiers a better chance at getting him.

    I’m speaking from pure speculation but I think it’d be a big leap of faith for a player of his ability to commit to Indiana without ever seeing how an Archie Miller Indiana team plays. He already knows what a Rick Pitino Louisville and a Bill Self Kansas look like. He doesn’t know what an Archie Miller Indiana looks like (yet) and that could be a big help in raising Indiana’s stock over the next 8 months.

  • inLinE6

    He not only knows what a Rick Pitino Louisville looks like, but also how it’s operated. So I highly doubt he’ll end up there. I’m mildly surprised Duke is not mentioned as a destination with some buzz. But if we’re competing with L’ville and KU for his service, I like our chance a lot better. And I do agree wit you that the later he decides, the better our chance is.

  • N71

    I was trying to see things from Romeo’s perspective if I’m one-and-done, staying close to home has quite an appeal for a few reasons I’m thinking. Let’s follow the assumption which takes Duke and KU out and leaves UL, IU, UK. He doesn’t seem to show much interest in UK so that leave IU and UL which is basically what Sports 247 is saying. With UL I see 3 negatives, they already have a combo guard in the class, Rick Patino is 64 and could drop any day now, and the recent scandals. Archie is a fresh 38 on the other hand, we may have more playing time, and we’re free of head coach character issues. Facilities, conference, and exposure are about a wash. The longer this thing draws out the better but a rabbit will still need to emerge from someone’s backside.

  • Kard Kong

    facilities are a wash? Conference a wash? Exposure maybe…but not the other two items you mention. Come on man… LOL

  • Arch Puddington

    “The longer this thing draws out the better but a rabbit will still need to emerge from someone’s backside.”

    I agree with much of your post, this in particular. If Louisville was the slam-dunk that some have said, it would be over by now. Whether he was always open to other offers, or is simply waiting to see if any additional shoes drop, the bottom line is the same. Among the things I suspect he is waiting on is not only who else commits where, but how things play out with the 2017 recruits. For example, Duke has a monster recruiting class this year with 4 of the top 8 players in the whole class, including a SG. If he blows up and goes pro, that’s one thing. If he ends up staying for a second year, that could impact Romeo’s decision.

    Crystal Ball only lists IU, Louisville, and Duke as potential destinations, but his list of offers includes UCLA, Kansas, UNC, and other big players. I definitely see us as a long shot, but not a no-shot.

  • Sandra Wilson

    So now we’ll have a 20 game schedule that’s completely unfair instead of 18? Why not 2 divisions and a balanced and fair schedule ?

  • Kard Kong

    I will say that if Romeo doesn’t end up at Louisville, I hope he goes to IU. Would love to see Archie rebuild the program using in state talent. The state of Indiana produces enough talent to warrant a national championship most years. It’d be nice to see someone be able to rein in all of this talent into one unit. I think Archie can be that guy.

  • HoosierInChapelHill

    Agreed. Hoosier facilities clearly better and B1G is better most years.

  • IU22

    Or a 26 game schedule, round robin.

  • sarge

    The facilities are much better at IU, no doubt in my mind. If he wants to focus on improvement while in college, IU has the best basketball facilities on the planet besides professional teams. It is what gives us an edge in recruiting over everyone.

  • Outoftheloop

    Yes that is a good solution, totally fair and zero questions of balance. Raise the number of games to 32, and count real tournaments as 1 game. So IU would play 26, home and away, against the B1G; 1 in the ACC/B1G; 1 in the Big East/B1G; 1 in the CrossRoads; 1 vs Louisville, AZ, KY, etc.; and 2 at home vs top 200 teams. There would be no “gimmie” wins. A 50/50 plus 1 record would get you in to the NCAA Tournament automatically, and no 28-4 team from a non-Big 5 conference could complain about being treated unfairly (all Big 5 conferences would have to do the same).

  • Outoftheloop

    What were the NCAA Sanctions on Louisville for their moral corruption? Have they gone into effect? The same question for UNC concerning for their athletic-academic fraud violations? Will the NCAA ever act decisively (except to punish individual athletes like Bryant Fitzgerald so IU Foofball)?

  • Outoftheloop

    Agreed! If IU sucks playing Archie Ball, we don’t deserve Romeo (but IU will not suck playing Archie Ball!)!

  • Hardwood83

    Or get rid of Rutgers and some other deadweight program (Northwestern would be my pick)

    It’ll never, ever happen, but that would be my preference.

  • John D Murphy

    I love you guys and your blinders (I really do that isn’t sarcastic). Cook Hall might be an advantage, but the YUM center is the facility in college hoops right now. Also the ACC has been the superior conference to the B1G historically and is definitely better right now. Academics, environment, etc… IU blows UL away.

  • pcantidote

    YUM center is a great corporate style arena but I’m not sure how important that is to kids. Look at all the guys that go play at Duke and Kansas.

  • sarge

    The YUM center is just where they play the games. We are talking facilities, not just where the games are played. Not to mention that the YUM center is shared by the volleyball team and is not specifically used for basketball. Indiana has their own arena, practice facility and brand new “training lab” that in my opinion give recruits better facilities for development.

  • ColumbusIUFan

    I’m still trying to figure out how Gelon is pushed out, but Priller stays. Does he have any chance at legit minutes this year? I get that he is a senior though and would be really hard on him at this point.

  • Kard Kong

    The Big Ten has won 1 championship in the last 20 years. The ACC has 7. Not trying to troll, just not understanding how you can say that the B1G is better most years. Also the ACC is 11-5-2 in the history of the ACC B1G challenge. But the B1G is definitely the next best conference imo year in and year out.

  • Hoosieriniowa

    and dump the conference tournament

  • IdahoHoosier

    I wondered that same thing. One thought is that 6’9″ reasonably skilled bodies are a little scarce right now, so Archie may hesitate at tossing aside a guy who can play minutes at the 5 position.

  • SCHoosier

    IMO Arch respected Prillers senior year and knew he can get some back up minutes out of him. GG was another story….

  • Zach

    The ACC always has more national championship contenders each year and thus many more titles the last couple decades, but the B1G is the better conference in terms of being more competitively balanced from top to bottom

  • IUBizmark

    Not to mention the talent gap in players…and coaches. Advantage ACC.


    I live in very southern IN and have a couple of friends that seem to be in the know when it comes to things related to UL bball and ftball, plus, much to the chagrin of some on here, I consider UL to be my second favorite team. First off thanks for coming on here and not being a troll or acting like a typical fan of that blue cesspool south of us where Calislimy is the ring leader. I refuse to say “coaches”. While I don’t agree with everything that you say I think that the bulk of it is correct, at this point in time. The B1G is probably just as good, if not better, when you examine them from top to bottom, with the ACC being consistently better overall when you consider just the top few teams. Facilities wise I have to give the edge to IU, UL has really good facilities, but IU has an A plus, state of the art setup, when it comes to bball. The Cook Hall facility has the ability for them to plug their own music into the Hall’s sound system or even program other music for when they are putting in the extra work and it has several other features that are really big with today’s players. While we all know that that shouldn’t make any difference we also know that it does matter, to varyng degress, with most, if not all recruits. IU’s also enables each player to have the luxury of being able to walk back and forth between the practice facility and where they actually play the games without ever having to exit one building and entering another. That doesn’t sound like that big of a deal until certain things happen or until it is 10 below and snowing like hell lol

    I’ll be more than a little surprised if RL ends up anywhere other than UL, and if he isn’t going to be at IU, I would just as soon he play at UL. There is going to have to be an awful lot of things fall just right for him to end up at IU. Enough that I don’t ever see all of those things falling into place. If I had to guess I’d say that IU is, at best, third on his priority list, and that is if one gives credibility to Duke supposedly not being in his top three or four, something I find pretty hard to believe, especially if they crush it this year and they basically all leave.

  • Outoftheloop

    Because there are not 2 divisions that are balanced for both football and basketball! If NW is moved from the West to the East, and MSU from East to the West, it would be better on “balance”. If you play everyone in your division (football=6 games) or everyone home and away in your division (basketball=12 games); plus 3 games (football) against similar quality teams based on last season’s results (#7 vs #7,6,5) (9 games) or 7 games vs every team in the other division, home or away (19 games) (basketball); you will approach “fairness”. That is the best you can do.

  • Outoftheloop

    Thanks. So, beyond Louisville’s self-imposed penalties, Pitino misses 5 games as coach, but recruiting, NCAA Tournaments, national and conference revenues and appearances, etc., go on as before. Not much!