Indiana announces 2017-2018 basketball schedule

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Following the Big Ten’s release of the conference schedule, Indiana released its complete schedule for the 2017-2018 season on Wednesday afternoon.

You can view the complete schedule over on our schedule page.

Read IU’s full release on the schedule below:

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana – With four non-conference games against teams that are preseason nationally ranked and two Big Ten Conference contests among the first 11 games of the season, the 2017-18 Indiana men’s basketball program will not have to wait long to see where it stands as the Hoosiers begin their first season under head coach Archie Miller. Times and television designations for all of the games this season will be released at a later date.

“I think we have a challenging schedule that gives us a lot of opportunities to become a better team,” noted Miller. “As I said before, scheduling is the second most important thing we do besides recruiting. Our goal is to create a schedule that has our fans excited. We have the No. 1 team in the country (Duke) playing their only road game prior to conference play in our building and that speaks for itself, but with the two exhibitions and games against Indiana State and Fort Wayne, I’d expect there would be great interest in visiting Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall this year.”

IU basketball fans will get their first look at the program up close at Hoosier Hysteria presented by Smithville on Saturday evening, October 21. An exact time for the event, which also introduces the women’s program, will be released at a later date.

The early league games are due to the Big Ten Conference hosting this year’s conference tournament in Madison Square Garden in New York, February 28 thru March 4, a week earlier in the season than normal.

The Hoosiers looked locally when it put together its two-game exhibition schedule in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. IU will host Marian (Oct. 28) and Indianapolis (Nov. 5). The Knights Athletic Director, Steve Downing, is an IU Athletics Hall of Famer, men’s basketball All-American and was a long-time department administrator. The Hoosiers and Greyhounds will meet for the fifth time since the Cream and Crimson began playing lower division programs in 2004.

The regular season home schedule begins against Indiana State (Nov. 10), the first regular season meeting with the Sycamores since 2006. IU also will host the Hoosier Tip-Off Classic and will see Howard (Nov. 12), South Florida (Nov. 19), Arkansas State (Nov. 22), and Eastern Michigan (Nov. 24) all visiting Bloomington.

The Hoosiers will play the first of four preseason nationally ranked opponents when it travels to Seton Hall (Nov. 15) for their second appearance against a Big East opponent in the Gavitt Games. IU also will host consensus preseason No. 1 Duke (Nov. 29), travel to Louisville (Dec. 9) and take on Notre Dame (Dec. 16) in the Crossroads Classic in Indianapolis.

IU will conclude its non-conference portion of its schedule with three home games after final exams. IU and Fort Wayne (Dec. 18) will complete their three-game arrangement a year ahead of schedule, Tennessee Tech (Dec. 22) returns to Bloomington for the fourth time and first since 1993, and the Hoosier and Youngstown State (Dec. 29) will meet for the first time ever.

The Hoosiers open Big Ten play at Michigan (Dec. 2) and turnaround and host Iowa (Dec. 4). Play resumes at Wisconsin (Jan. 2). Indiana will face Illinois (A, Jan. 24, H, Feb. 14), Iowa (A, Feb. 17), Michigan State (A, Jan. 19, H, Feb. 3), Minnesota (A, Jan. 6, H, Feb. 9) and Ohio State (A, Jan. 30, H, Feb. 23, Senior Night) in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall twice this season. The Hoosiers will play only road games at Michigan, Nebraska (Feb. 20), Rutgers (Feb. 5) and Wisconsin. IU will welcome Maryland (Jan. 22), Northwestern (Jan. 14), Penn State (Jan. 9) and Purdue (Jan. 28) to Bloomington. IU will play three Monday league games and three games on Friday’s and will not have a Thursday league game.

“With Seton Hall, Louisville, Notre Dame and nine Big Ten opponents away from home, we have a chance to put together a very good resume,” said Miller.

Since Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall was opened in November, 1971, IU has ranked in the top 10 in attendance in 39 of the last 45 seasons. Last year, the Hoosiers finished ninth in the nation in fan support.

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  • pbhuff

    Very solid schedule, marquee games against Seton Hall/Duke/Louisville/ND

    Only one 300+ in Howard (first game of the year), and the next worst team based off of Kenpom is USF (bad team from a fairly good conference)

  • AndyCapp

    This season can’t start soon enough for me… Isn’t it bball time YET?!?

  • inLinE6

    I see us split those 4 non-conf games with ranked opponents. We probably win Seton Hall and Duke, but lose to Louisville and ND.

  • IUBizmark

    Are you out of your mind? The Seton Hall game is away and they’re a top 25 team. Duke is the preseason #1 team.

  • iugradmark

    Unfortunately, I don’t see us winning any of the 4 ranked games. Our best shots are probably against Seton Hall (early in the season) and N.D. (best matchup). I am hoping we are not embarrassed against Louisville or at home against Duke.

  • Ms hoosier

    Man!!! I’m sick of losing to Duke and L’ville

  • Eli McNaughton

    I see us going 2-2 out of those games. Probably we will surprise one team. Probably we lose one that we are hopeful to win going into it.

  • AndyCapp

    I am not concerned at all about our record against the ranked teams, other than to say that I hope we are competitive in all of them. What happened last year has caused me to temper my outright enthusiasm and become more pragmatic. I believe that we are *very* likely to surpass pundit expectations but recognize that we are in the midst of a major program re-boot. One thing I will say, the schedule late in the year appears to be VERY favorable for us which is one of the variables I ranked highest in terms of building momentum going into March. If we do well early in the B1G, stealing a couple of wins against the top projected finishers and holding serve at SSAH, I see us finishing 4th. Go Hoosiers!

  • Missing Moye

    I was about to say something similar with regard to the schedule. If you look at the last 11 B1G games, you don’t see any games there that look unwinnable (maybe MSU at home, but it is at home…). It sets up well for a late season run when they are hopefully hitting their stride.

  • AndyCapp

    Exactly right M2. The schedule is even better than I had hoped for in terms of a late season run… and just when I was getting ready to spread a conspiracy theory about why the B1G Scheduling Committee has it in for us 😉

  • Well, alrighty then. There we have it. Now we know exactly what it is we’re waiting so impatiently for.

  • I have us beating Seton Hall and ND, and losing to Duke and Louisville.

  • No, damn it, not yet.

  • AndyCapp

    So what’re your first impressions Mark?

  • I went through and marked off possible wins and likely losses. My over-the-top optimistic prediction is we go 24-6 in the regular season. Yeah, I know. My more realistic prediction is we go 21-9 in the regular season. But our SOS should be pretty good.

    The schedule on the back end of the B1G looks favorable, which should help us gain some momentum heading into the B1G tournament and also should have us on an upswing when the NCAA selection committee is going through their process. I think if we win at least 20 games, which is very doable, then we’re in the NCAA tournament for sure. If we’ve strung together some wins to finish the regular season, then maybe we even squeak in on 18 or 19 wins. Once we’re in the tourney, then all bets are off — I think this team will be vastly improved in March and will be one of those teams nobody wants to play.

  • AndyCapp

    “Once we’re in the tourney, then all bets are off — I think this team will be vastly improved in March and will be one of those teams nobody wants to play”…

    LOVE seeing this. It has been awhile, I mean several years (and maybe even 20+), since IUBB had that feared rep going into the tourney. I’m damn sure ready for us to be that program again!

  • I know, right? I mean, that’s one thing that I am most excited about: my utter certainty that the team will improve throughout the season and be playing its best basketball in March. Now if the damn season would just start already.

  • AndyCapp

    LOL, I can’t even say, “Patience, Grasshopper” because I’m right there with you! And I am also with you on your utter certainty – – I think by March we will be looking at a team that has gone from speculative-to-good-to-downright dangerous…

    Now where did I put my damn time machine…

  • At least we have football to look forward to. I’m thinking Allen is going to be good as well — maybe not as good as Archie, but still better than we’ve seen lately.

  • Jeff Crowder

    I agree with similar sentiments that the schedule seems strong but favorable. I also believe they will surpass expectations. Archie is gonna coach em up. I expect to see a much more disciplined team on taking care of the ball and defense. Go Big Red!

  • AndyCapp

    Yup, just looking at the defensive improvement IUFB made last year (not hard to do since our D has been a veritable sieve for many years now), I think he has the right stuff to improve our position in the B1G. Wish that we didn’t have to play the Bucks the first game of the year but if they can keep from being outright dominated I like our chances this season to go bowling again

  • Agreed. The OSU game will be tough, but I think if Lagow can mainly throw the ball to IU’s receivers and not the opponent’s defenders and our rushers can be decent (not necessarily great like in the past, but decent) then a winning season is entirely possible. Should be fun.

  • AndyCapp

    Yup! Probably not since the late ’80s with coaches Mallory, RMK and Jerry Yeagley have we seen the potential for IU to be relevant in all 3 Fall sports at the same time. Good time to be an IU fan!

  • Brent Kado

    Excited to see how we do. Addition of Friday games is interesting. And 12-6 (or 11-7) would be great. We’d be Big Dance bound!

  • TomJameson

    I don’t think that “probably beat Duke” is in anybodys vocabulary this year. lol

  • Calhoosier Deck

    You are crazy, if they go 500 its a good year.Next 2 years will improve.

  • I was a freshman at IU 1986-87. What a great year that was. The football team was very good, and of course the basketball team goes without saying.

  • I’ll admit that my 24-6 regular season prediction is wildly optimistic. I do think “if they go 500 its a good year” is almost as wildly pessimistic. Archie is a great coach, and this is the most talent he’s ever had. I’m confident he’ll be able to get them playing well more quickly than some people might expect. But heck, that’s why they play the game, right?

  • Ole Man

    4 times IU plays with only one day in between.
    That’s tough gentlemen.
    It isn’t always who you play, it’s when you play them and under what circumstances.

  • GHG

    CCM will have them in better shape than any year under Crean, IMO

  • Arch Puddington

    Interesting observation. The good news is that the first of those games is at home against Fort Wayne. Last year notwithstanding, we should win that game comfortably. The bad news is that the other three of those games are on the road: at Illinois, at OSU, and at Rutgers. None of those teams figure to be world beaters, but still. Any B1G road game is a challenge. Playing on short rest with travel time in between is not great.

  • Outoftheloop

    Why “tough”? Is it balanced, does each B1G team play at least 3? The Ivies play each league opponent both home and away and only on Friday and Saturday nights. Totally “fair” to each team.

  • Outoftheloop

    Not “crazy” but an optimistic fan.

  • Outoftheloop

    Just when would be a good time to play OSU in football (or AL for that matter)?

  • AndyCapp

    If they go .500 it’s NEVER a good year. Why so gloomy Deck?

  • Outoftheloop

    “A major program re-boot” with 7X4-star players (Johnson, Newkirk, Morgan, Davis, Jones, Smith, and Moore), 4Xgood 3-star players (Hartman, Green, Durham and McFly), and Senior Tim Priller (plus a 4-star redshirt freshman Race Thompson)? Most programs would love that kind of “re-boot”!

  • Ole Man

    Race doesn’t count. He won’t see the floor. JN and CJ have yet to demo that they can live up to their “high” 4 star rankings. No clue what the freshmen will do–maybe some contribution from Smith, but I’m betting Moore rarely sees the floor the first year.

  • Koko

    In the national championship game.

  • Ole Man

    I think we “squeak” by ND just because we always do and go 1-3 in those games.

  • Ole Man

    No; don’t believe each B1G team plays at least 3.
    That would be 3 times 14 which equals 42 and their are only 34 of them.
    IU has four of them leaving 30 to be split by the other 13 teams. That’s just over 2 per team.
    IU got “scheduled!”

  • AndyCapp

    Would need more data from the other B1G teams schedules before agreeing that this is any tougher on us than the conf as a whole. Pretty confident we’re not the only ones having to do this so it mostly balances out. Two of those four games are definitely winnable.

  • AndyCapp

    You didn’t even mention the coach. I would say he is the most important factor in our reboot.

  • AndyCapp

    To augment your argument (does not include tourney’s):

    Mich St plays ONCE with only one day in between, it’s in B1G
    Minn plays 3 times, two in B1G schedule
    NW plays 3 times, two in B1G schedule
    PU plays ONCE, it’s in B1G

  • Calhoosier Deck

    not gloomy realistic,lack of big men, better big 10 ,new system to learn and buy into.Dont get me wrong I like Archie Miller, will be nice to see defense and toughness again. I just think it will be a year or two until we see the improvements, if he gets Romeo and a legit big guy I could change my mind.But this year I don’t think the freshman,and whats coming back are good enough to carry Indiana to the tournament. hope I’m wrong.

  • AndyCapp

    I understand your points but outside of Mich St the B1G is not better than it was last year, in truth it is probably down. We are laden with upper classmen so I think these floor leaders will negate any glaring size deficiencies, which is certainly not just OUR problem but in the entire B1G not called Mich St, with smarter play. I believe that Coach will certainly do better with the talent that we have and that not only are they more than capable of getting us into the Tourney but they will make it to the second round

  • AndyCapp

    10-8 certainly possible but I think (hope) we are no worse than 11-7. 12-6 would be a *very* good rebuilding year IMO.

  • Outoftheloop

    But we are both in the same division of the same conference. So that is an impossibility! But it is a good idea.

  • Outoftheloop

    “Grumpy” Ole Man. You could be right…or wrong!

  • Ole Man

    YEP! MSU already had the easiest schedule before they announced the dates. Now they will literally “waltz” to the title.

  • Ole Man

    It’s not being “grumpy” to make a sound basketball observation.
    It’s not like I ask anyone to agree with it.
    Just my opinion.