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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff.

Bloom Magazine published an in-depth interview with Archie Miller, which hit on a variety of topics:

BLOOM: Who, in particular, should we be watching to make big-time contributions this season?

MILLER: If you look at the most experienced guys, I’ve been very impressed with Collin Hartman. Everything I’d heard about him on the front end has been true. He’s an extension of our staff. He’s locked in, completely motivated on his recovery, and he’s really come a long way, health-wise. I like that.

This year’s Forum Tipoff Classic at Southport will have an IU flavor with Damezi Anderson and Jerome Hunter facing off (Hoosier Sports Report):

Jerome Hunter and Damezi Anderson will be on the same Indiana team a year from now.

First, they’ll face off against each other’s respective high schools.

Hunter’s Pickerington North (Ohio) team will meet Anderson’s South Bend Riley squad in one of the featured matchups of this year’s FORUM Tipoff Classic at Southport. The game is one of six contests at the annual showcase event, which will be held on Dec. 9.

For the 41st straight year, the Big Ten led the country in men’s basketball attendance:

An average of 12,235 people showed for per Big Ten men’s basketball game last season, tops in the country, according to the NCAA.

It marked the 41st straight year the Big Ten led the nation in men’s basketball attendance. A total of 3,119,823 showed up for the league’s home and conference tournament games, the third straight year that number was north of 3 million.

Indiana is 100/1 to win the national championship next season, according to recently updated odds:

College hoops season is months away, but now is a good a time to start separating preseason contenders from pretenders before the season sneaks up — when we have our heads turned, paying attention to the NFL and college football.

Kentucky, Syracuse and Louisville led the nation in attendance last season:

The NCAA released attendance figures for the 2016-17 season on Tuesday as Kentucky, Syracuse and Louisville were the top three draws in college basketball last season.

Big Blue Nation came out in full force once again as the Wildcats averaged 23,461 fans per game. Syracuse averaged 21,181 fans per game while Louisville brought 20,846 fans to each home game.

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  • TomJameson

    One of my favorite questions/answers of the Bloom Magazine interview …..
    BLOOM: Is this the year that Tim Priller gets to play? He hasn’t gotten many minutes, but he’s a fan favorite.
    MILLER: There’s a good chance that my man Tim Priller’s going to be in there. Tim’s got to see himself a little differently than he did yesterday. He’s got to go from being a fan favorite to being coach’s favorite. That’s the key.

  • VOXAC30

    He won’t play much or have any meaningful minutes but I hope I am wrong. At 6’9 I would think he could set a pick, block-out, get a couple put-backs or even a few rebounds.

  • stuart j fultz

    That’s real positive to hear about Priller. I’ve been having it in my mind he could get around 6-8 min a game when needed. I hope he can bulk up a little more, he could actually really help us with some post defense. I have a feeling he’s gonna be used more than we’re all thinking. Go Hoooooosiers!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Jackson

    Thanks Alex,

    I really enjoyed the Bloom article.

  • Koko

    I disagree with your take on Priller’s playing time but we will shall see. I think he will play meaningful minutes and I think he will do well
    giving DD a rest or if DD gets into foul trouble. I look for Priller to become the coach’s favorite and make an impact on this years team
    above and beyond what any fan can imagine at this point. Just the fact coach Miller called him “my man” and opening the door to Priller having the opportunity to be the coach’s favorite makes me think coach has Priller on his radar for more than a couple mins or a few seconds at the end of a game.

  • Tim Priller Is My Spirit Anima

    Priller has to get at least some meaningful minutes, at least against Purdue and other big teams. No one else can guard a true big man on our team besides DD and Priller, and even if he lost 21 pounds DD can’t play 40 minutes a game!

  • Outoftheloop

    All of which Tim has done in his limited minutes!

  • VOXAC30

    @disqus_iZOnwU4OEH:disqus I hope I am wrong but we will be in a world of trouble if it is Tim Priller coming in for DD. I want him to get the minutes and he has shown that he can do it in short burst. Given the opportunity he may prove me wrong and I hope he does. He has had 4 years to build his body to make it stronger and faster and he is a scholarship player that has been playing against some real talent in practice. I am all for a “I told you so”, and a smack down but I just don’t see it. The good news is we will know in a few months:)

  • TomJameson

    Hey Vox, you just described Tim’s game. At least what we’ve seen of his game as he’s played during his limited minutes.

    I just think he’s not been motivated, and from Archie’s comments, Tim just might have been motivated enough. We’ll see, but if Tim could give DD some relief minutes without losing a step defensively it would be a big break for this team.

  • VOXAC30

    I rarely miss games and that is the reason I typed those specific things… and I admit that Tim Priller did things when he was in last year. In fairness though the team last year never truly played to there potential and anyone who did things looked good. I hope I am wrong but he won’t see many meaningful minutes.

  • Hoosierkamp

    Archie is terrific. So well spoken, yet concise. Never long winded… but says a lot. I enjoy hearing his perspective. And when he become bigger and bigger in the sport (winning at IU), he is going to be a powerful voice on some of these items/issues.

    Thanks for the article!

  • Ole Man

    And they will continue to be limited.
    Love Tim, but he is what he is.

  • Ole Man

    Priller just isn’t athletic enough to guard another true big man and smaller, more athletic players in that position will eat him alive.

  • TomJameson

    Well, I would normally agree with that last statement, but Archie’s own statement gives me pause, plus, of course, the need IU has for a backup for DD.
    So at this point I just wouldn’t be so definite about Tim not giving significant minutes. Not a lot of minutes, but being significant when he is in there.
    So at this point I just wouldn’t be so definite about Tim not giving significant minutes. Not a lot of minutes, but being significant when he is in there.

  • Kyl470

    When you look at the lack of height on this team they could really use Priller contributing 6 to 10 minutes a game. He doesn’t have to be a star he just needs to be able to hold his own and not give up easy buckets to the other teams bigs. If Priller can’t contribute we are going to have to depend on Hartman and McSwain both guys who are 6’6″ at best to defend guys 3 to 5 inches taller than them.

  • Eli McNaughton

    After reading the Archie interview and thinking about the comments he has made consistently over the summer, I think we will see a surprise staring line-up of:

    PG – RJ
    SG – CUJO
    SF – CH
    PF – JM
    C – DD

  • TomJameson

    There are a few forward/wing types that can step up. You named Collin and Freddie, but there is also Juwan, Zack, Tim, and that’s not even counting the freshman.

    Just saying, we may just have to come at the center position in waves.

  • BadBoyHulls

    RJ did say a lot of the feedback he received during the NBA exploratory period was about his ability to play a pure PG role and be a floor general. I hope he is given that opportunity but not sure it’s the best option for the team considering Newkirk and Green can fill that role and let him play more off the ball.

  • Eli McNaughton

    I do agree with you based on last season. But if RJ can’t be better at point skills than JN, then he won’t be able to play point in the NBA. Archie commented that nobody has out worked RJ this summer. So my thoughts were that hopefully he can out perform JN at point through improvement and start at the point. And play himself into the league.

  • stuart j fultz

    Yeah nice take on that, I think Coach Miller is gonna use what he has for where he needs it. I think he’s got good height and length to defend the post pretty well. I’d like to see about 10 more pounds of muscle on him though.

  • GaHoosier

    Thus far, I have to give Coach Miller an “A+” since arriving on campus.

    I was a big fan and supporter of Coach Crean, but I thought it was time to move one…however, I was very spectical of the decision to hire Coach Miller.

    Not only am I happy about the hire, but I’m openly excited about the next era of IU basketball. He truly understands what basketball means to Indiana. I can’t wait for this season to begin!!!


  • Sarasota Hoosier

    I am in the distinct minority here, but for the first time, I saw actual basketball skills out of Priller last year. Decent help defense, good rebounding stats in his limited minutes, hit his free throws, and he usually was in the right place at the right time. Again very limited minutes. The knock against Tim was that he was not a hard worker, and did not like to go to class. Perhaps with a new coach and now a senior, he will contribute more than anyone thinks. Go IU!

  • BadBoyHulls

    I agree that RJ can be better at point guard, my point is more of what line-up will be most effective. Is the team more effective with him at the SG and letting Green and Newkirk contribute in more a slasher/passing role. I am hoping CUJO steps up but if not who fills the SG role withe RJ at point?

  • Guyton25

    The team comes before the individual. We have 2 better PGs. He can work on and demonstrate his point skills at the SG position anyway. He’ll also be out there at point a few times mid-game, assuredly.


    In an odd sort of way TP might turn out to give us the best example of the differences between his approach and Crean’s when it comes to what they are/were capable of getting out of their players and how each one’s approach differed. I’m like you in that I don’t see him giving us much, if any, more than he has in the past, but if he can it should give us a window into that area that has not been discussed much.