Around the Hall: Miller off to hot start on recruiting trail

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff.

Gary Parrish of listed Archie Miller as one of five coaches at new schools who are off to a hot start in recruiting:

Miller left Dayton for Indiana on March 25 and was able to keep all three recruits signed by former coach Tom Crean — Justin Smith (No. 94 in 2017), Clifton Moore (No. 152 in 2017) and Aljami Durham (No. 228 in 2017) — and also add four-star forward Race Thompson (No. 96 in 2017) to complete a class that ranks second in the Big Ten. And Miller is already killing it with the Class of 2018. Jerome Hunter (No. 51 in 2018) and Damezi Anderson (No. 87 in 2018) both committed on July 17. So, right now, Indiana’s 2018 class is ranked 12th nationally. And it’ll move into the top 10 if Miller is able to secure a commitment from five-star in-state product Romeo Langford.

In a college basketball notebook, Rick Bozich of details some of the stops Miller made during the second July evaluation period:

Doesn’t matter that Miller and his staff have earned three commitments from Top 100 prospects in the last week. Miller needs to add two, and perhaps three, more players to his 2018 class because the Hoosiers have five seniors — Robert Johnson, Josh Newkirk, Collin Hartman, Freddie McSwain and Tim Priller.

Miller must land a point guard and wants to add another inside player. A sixth commitment (if it happens) would be a shooting guard (wonder who he has in mind?).

Miller flew to California Friday to watch a string of players, likely including point guard Robert Phinisee of McCutcheon (Ind.) High School and then took on a red-eye from L.A. Friday night so he could be in Louisville to watch IU commit Jerome Hunter Saturday. He was there in his baseline seat for every Hunter jumper.

On Sunday Miller might be in Kansas City. Or back in Louisville. Or somewhere else. He does not sit still.

Eric Bossi of caught up with 2019 guard Jeremiah Francis, who Miller watched on Wednesday in Las Vegas:

Indiana: “Coach Archie Miller is a good guy. When he was at Dayton I didn’t really talk to him a lot but knew of him and talked to his assistants a lot. He’s a great guy, very organized and I really like coach Miller.

Drew Davis of Indiana Sports Coverage caught up with 2019 five-star Keion Brooks Jr.:

“Archie was kind of later than some other coaches, but he has been working hard to catch up. We talk a lot and his pitch is you’re an Indiana kid, why would you want to go somewhere else when you can do it at Indiana. Also, Indiana has a great fan base and if you go to Indiana and you’re successful, then the fans in the state of Indiana will love you forever.

“The thing with Archie Miller and his staff is they’re recruiting my family as well, and not just recruiting me as a basketball player. I can really tell with Archie Miller that it’s genuine, and everything isn’t always about basketball. You know sometimes we just have normal conversations where basketball isn’t brought up, and that’s the thing I really like about IU.”

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  • BannerOrBust

    Keep doing your thing Archie!

  • N71

    I’ve noticed something over the past couple of months, the use of “Archie” by all who deal with him. You would expect that from someone in the press or a fellow coach but the kids use “Archie” as well which is unusual…and good. If you listen to recruits they say “Coach Izzo” or “Coach Painter”. By recruits using “Archie” I’m feeling its an indication of how well he relates to them, probably because Archie’s young and his style of communication. The way he talks is like someone who gets things done, direct and with purpose. He’s not a politician, doctor, or attorney who sometimes talk so they can listen to themselves. I think we landed a really good one in Archie.

  • Milton H. Williams

    I guess he doesn’t really mind, since “Archie” is just a nickname.. I agree, I can imagine how allowing kids to call him Archie, could make him seem a bit cooler..

  • Bill Graham

    Interesting take for sure. If you think about most great coaches, politicians, celebrities, etc. etc. They usually have a memorable name. I learned back in my college days that news anchors often go by shorter names that are more memorable: for example, if a news anchors name is Chris Mackmorningham. He might go by Chris Mack (and yes I used his name bc it fit)…but you get the point… Bob Knight is a memorable name it sticks better than Martin Ingelsby for example. So Archie might have some success by simply being Archie.

    ….wishful thinking but if you fast forward 100 years from now (when you and I are long gone), doesn’t the name Archie Miller seem to fit in the same cosmos as Bob Knight and Branch McCracken??

    Just some thoughts.

  • Ivan Renko

    ironic it was that kid saying “Hey Knight!” and not addressing him with coach or mr. that led to the alleged altercation and bob knight’s firing.

  • AndyCapp

    Can you imagine our trajectory if we got Romeo AND Phinisee 🙂
    And how about we get them both AND they stay a second year to welcome K. Brooks! 😀

  • Bill Graham

    Ok my take

    1. Obviously Alex is excited. And for someone to be as close to Indiana basketball as Alex is to be excited…thats a good sign…a very good sign. Even in the Crean years Alex was (mostly) collected, rational, and analytical. So to read genuine excitement from Alex is encouraging.

    2. Lets take a look forward
    This Year (so far) Next Year
    PG: Newkirk (12) PG: Green (11)
    SG: Johnson (12) SG: Jones (11)
    SF: Hartman (12) SF: Smith (10)
    PF: Morgan (11) PF: Morgan (12)
    C: Davis (10) C:Davis (11)
    -The point is even after losing those seniors and without including the new recruits we still maintain a likely core of 3 to 4 upperclassmen. Basically, what Archie has done by getting these new guys is established longevity. We should be in a position to rely on upperclassmen for the impending future. Even if you factor in transfers and NBA departures Archie has still retained a huge core of players: a core that can afford to lose a guy to NBA or as a transfer.

    3. At this point, Romeo’s significance has decreased (slightly). Romeo will most likely play at Kansas, Duke, or Kentucky (lets be realists here). But even if he does Miller took away 3 kids (4 including Smith) that were top 100 LIKELY Big 10 recruits. So while he only has 1 from Indiana he’s essentially done his job. Give him another in state kid or two (Phinesee and you name who) and all of sudden he’s done what most of us) have wanted. I’m not saying Romeo isn’t important (heck the kid is the difference between being a top 10 team nationally to being a 5-11 seed in the tournament (from what I’ve read and what I’ve seen – I’ve refd this kid several times btw). Point is with our without Romeo our Juliet in Bloomington is fine (and yes I immediately apologize for that reference but as a former language arts teacher I had to).

    4. Green and Jones are bigger factors than what we are giving them credit for. ANY TEAM: literally ANY TEAM starts to recruit what the are losing. Well we are losing guards Newkirk, Jones, and Hartman (depending on the situation). We lose our starting backcourt…Most coaches would immediately pull a Calapari and try to replace that (only to lose it again…screw u coach cal – seniors > freshman any day). Archie has not signed guards yet and has primarily targeted forwards. Why? Curtis Jones and Devonte Green. To be honest, Miller doesnt have to even sign a top tier guard until next year 2019. Because in 2 years our lineup ‘should’ look extremely similar to this year two senior guards and two junior-senior wings. This relates back to my point on longevity and touches on what Miller has said about the importance of longevity.

    5. Its still early. If you look at the resumes of most successful coaches they mostly all struggle in the first year or two at a new school. you have roster turnover, new systems, new staff, etc. etc. etc. The point is: be patient.

  • TomJameson

    Archie has had that nick-name since he was a small child. That’s not just his name, it’s a one-name identifier that is unmistakable. Like Cher or Prince. But face-to-face, I’m betting he gets called “coach” quite a bit as well.

  • Vincent Agramonte

    Really like what Keion had to say about Archie, makes me think we have the best shot at him as of now.

  • Corey Dunigan

    For those who haven’t heard…. I believe his Momma started calling him that as a kid because he had a bit of mean mug way about it him at times.

    After Archie Bunker


  • marcusgresham

    The family aspect always had to be IU’s advantage with the Brooks/Schilling connection.

  • marcusgresham

    I agree with most of your points, but you kind of lost me on the “(11)” and “(12)” next to the names. Are you doing that in regards to junior and senior numbers?
    If so, that would be (15) and (16.)

  • marcusgresham

    I’m not as pessimistic on Romeo as others are.
    I have a good feeling IU will either get him or Dort.

  • IU-Buckets!!

    I think he meant that like 12 is senior, 11 junior, 10, sophmore etc.

  • SouthBendHoosier

    Bill, although I agree with you on most of these points, I have to disagree with your usage of parentheses. If you want to make a point, make it, (or hide behind parentheses to give you an out in case people disagree) don’t dance around while using poor grammar assuming the guise of intelligence.
    I also don’t understand your numbering system, whether the roster spots are accurate or not. What does “12” represent? My 12th year in school was my senior year of high school… I’m confused. I encourage you to go back to high school and complete your GED

  • Bill Graham

    Good to have the support of a fellow Hoosier.

  • adam

    lighten up francis