Davis down 21 pounds, vertical up eight inches in 12 weeks

  • 07/26/2017 9:36 am in

It’s been a summer of major progress for Indiana sophomore De’Ron Davis.

In April, Archie Miller went straight to the point when discussing the offseason progress he wanted to see from Davis, who had an up and down freshman season in Bloomington.

“We’ve just got to find a way that when you guys see him in October and November that you say, wow, what happened to him,” Miller said back in April. “If you’re not saying that, then we didn’t get it done. That’s just the way it’s going to be. If we say that, then you’re like wow, he looks like a new man, then he’s going to have a chance to have a good year.”

It appears Davis and director of athletic performance Clif Marshall took Miller’s directive and ran with it. On Tuesday, Miller shared some eye popping numbers regarding Davis.

The weight loss portion has been well documented already this summer, but Davis is down 21 pounds. The Colorado native also trimmed his body fat by five percent, increased his vertical jump by eight inches and did 50 extra cardiovascular sessions.

The progress was enough to earn Davis a WWE style belt as summer workouts concluded from Miller and Marshall.

“OFF SEASON is when you earn the right to be great, proud of entire team, efficient and got results,” Miller tweeted. “One stood out above all though!”

In addition, Marshall shared some photos of the offseason progress made by Robert Johnson and Collin Hartman. Freddie McSwain also shared a photo of his progress on his Twitter account.

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  • Outoftheloop

    Sorry. I just read the posts in order, I don’t read the entire thread first. Then I post if I want to. So I did not see Mark’s very apt post until after mine was sent. “Great minds…”

  • Tim Priller Is My Spirit Anima

    POY is a huge stretch.. he is poised to have a breakout year though

  • ScoopGeoff

    Why? Outside of Bridges and Happ are there any sure things? Crean had no idea how to utilize big men… he proved it over and over. Davis was under-utilized and under-appreciated last year. If Archie can simply use him correctly, he’ll be close to putting up the numbers Happ did last year… that puts him in contention for POY.

  • dwdkc

    I think you nailed it, but that incredible strength will be indispensable guarding taller, longer guys. They won’t be bigger. Freddie will almost certainly have a role backing up De’Ron and is beefing up to do it

  • stuart j fultz

    Lol, that was funny man.