Video, Quotes: Curtis Jones, Devonte Green discuss offseason workouts

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Sophomores Curtis Jones and Devonte Green met with the media on Tuesday afternoon at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall to discuss offseason workouts and much more.

Watch his full media availability below:

A full transcript is available below, via ASAP Sports:

What areas have you been working on this summer to improve your game?
CURTIS JONES: For me this summer I try to just focus myself all the way around. I came back and stayed extra time and got a lot stronger, quicker and faster. I was working on my all-around game.

What areas did you see the most improvement?
CURTIS JONES: My bench press at 185 pounds went up six reps.

How big of a difference does that make on the court?
CURTIS JONES: It makes a big difference with being able to hold your ground in the post, finish around th rim and things like that. It makes a difference big difference for me.”

What are some areas you have been focusing on this summer Curtis?
CURTIS JONES: His main focus for me over the summer was ball handling, slowing the game down and decision making. I’ve been getting a lot of shots of things like that.”

How different is this summer compared to last summer?
DEVONTE GREEN: It’s just a lot more adjustments. We are still the same team with the same goals and we’re still working just as hard as we did last summer so much has changed.”

How have the older players helped you with the transition to year two?
DEVONTE GREEN: They definitely have some things to teach me with ball-screens, finding people and helping me become a point guard.

What have you been working the most this summer?
DEVONTE GREEN: Working on the most I think is staying consistent with my 3-point shot and my decision making.

What changes have you noticed in De’Ron Davis since started working with Clif Marshall this summer?
CURTIS JONES: He’s changed a lot. He has working on it. He’s a lot quicker and getting up quick and dunking more consistently. He’s definitely running a lot better and playing above the rim. He looks good.

How much focus has been on limiting turnovers so far in workouts?
CURTIS JONES: It’s been emphasized. Coach is real big on when we are doing dribbling drills or passing drills that there are no turnovers and that we take care of the ball. And then defensively, that is a big focus for us. We have been doing shell drill and staying low.

What have been your impressions of the freshmen so far?
DEVONTE GREEN: The freshmen look real good. Justin is real athletic. Clifton is real athletic. Al can shoot it real good. They all look real good.

What has it been like working with Clif Marshall?
DEVONTE GREEN: He emphasizes recovery. He has a strategy to the way he wants us to work.

Curt talked about this, but what areas have you seen improvement in the weight room this summer Devonte?
DEVONTE GREEN: Strength-wise, I came in and got 10 reps at 185 and recently I put it up 12 times. So I’m definitely getting stronger.

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