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Redshirt senior Collin Hartman met with the media on Tuesday afternoon at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall to discuss offseason workouts and much more.

Watch his full media availability below:

A full transcript is available below, via ASAP Sports:

You have been cleared for contact. Obviously you have been able to do different things over the last few months. What is the difference for you now that you have cleared that last hurdle?
COLLIN HARTMAN: It is a big step, obviously. We have taken this process somewhat slowly. We have been very diligent in the rehab and really staying safe, taking the time that we have. There is no need to push into contact and risk a third injury. It has been good to take those steps forwards and see the progress.

A number of people in your situation might not have wanted to stick around for a new coach. Is that something that intrigued you?
COLLIN HARTMAN: It is a change. It is cool to be a part of two eras. I had four great years with Coach Crean, won a championship. I have known him since I was in eighth grade. We have an extensive history between the two of us and I am appreciative for everything he has done for me, and I am also looking forward to what we do with Coach Miller and what we have going forward in this year. One of the main reasons I came back was just because I do not get another chance at this.

Juwan talked a lot about leadership. Can you talk about the importance of veteran leadership with this group?
COLLIN HARTMAN: It is extremely vital at this point because we are all learners. We are all learning a new system and new coaches. We are all learning. The leadership comes when we are just pushing guys and getting the best out of each other. Some of us that have won before, we know what it takes to win and we just got to take the mentality of winning and transform into this new system that Coach Miller and his staff is implementing.

A lot of people look at last season’s team and think that the outcome would have been different with you on the court. Do you look back and have what-ifs?
COLLIN HARTMAN: There are always what-ifs. You cannot change it. It is what it is. Last year I tried to do my best and communicate. We were a young team and a lot of unfortunate incidents with OG and injuries. A lot of things did not go our way. In situations like that you do the best you can at that point in time. For myself it was just talk to these guys: keep coaching, keep coaching, keep coaching and just diligent in your work day in and day out.

When you were thinking about coming back, who did you keep counsel with? Who did you talk with about the decision?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Obviously, my mom, my family, coach Crean, the coaching staff and everybody around me. But, I really took to heart what people said who did not have their biased opinions in the matter. Those that did not get anything out of me staying or going. I talked to people that were neutral that gave me an insight on life. Those are the real people that I really took in. I love my mom more than anything but I knew she wanted me to stay, and that’s what she was going to try to sway me to do. She did a great job staying neutral. So I did talk to people who did not have a stake in whether I stayed or I left.

Are you trying to impress upon the young guys just how important it is to put the Hoosier jersey on? How important the moment is, and taking full advantage of it?
COLLIN HARTMAN: It is really hard to, if you have not lived it on the court, it is hard to put into words what this jersey really means, especially for the guys coming on the campus. It is different when you are in Bloomington. People recognize you, they know every move we are making, they know if we are doing something good or doing something bad, walking around or whatever, they know. It means more than they can imagine. A lot of these guys have never played without a name on their back and we do not. We just have a name across our chests and that is all that we represent. Yes, we represent our family and represent ourselves, but at the end of the day we represent millions of people that are IU fans that live and die by every game we play. It is hard to really put into words to these young guys what it really means.

You are learning to work with a new coaching staff, what has been the biggest adjustment for you?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Just the schemes, really. At the end of the day, if you play hard, they are going to live with mistakes. If you play hard, try to make up for those mistakes and you do not turn the ball over you will be fine. A lot of people play hard, so that is where your talent and work comes in play. We have had a good summer so far. It has been a very smooth transition so far because the game is the game. The x’s and o’s will probably be the biggest change in the transition.

Are there players besides yourself that are taking on more of a leadership role?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Definitely. Rob has, he has always been a leader by example, but I think he has really taken up a more vocal role in his leadership. Josh, Juwan and guys like that have stepped up. Everybody has really matured throughout the summer and I think we have really grown together as a group.

How are you smarter about rehab, training and practice?
COLLIN HARTMAN: The one word I would use is efficiency. When you go through rehab you will not be able to go as long as other people are, you are not going to be able to work as long as you would like, but when you are doing that work you have got to use it wisely. You cannot be doing stuff that is not going to help you or mess around like some other people might be able to. You really have to be efficient with your work. That applies to everything in life as you move on: from practice through movements through school through anything you use your time efficiently. I think that is one of the biggest things that I have learned more.

How has it been since you proposed in March?
COLLIN HARTMAN: It has been pretty crazy. It kind of blew up that night, but it has been crazy. It was an unforgettable night. I do not think her or I, or anybody that was there will really forget it. It was a special moment. I had her family there, my family, all of our friends, both teams and it was the easiest way, and the most inconspicuous way, to get everybody there so she would not know what to expect/ It was kind of hectic for a little bit, but it has slowed down a little bit. We went looking for venues and that was not as fun as I thought it might be. We are going to shoot for way after the season so I do not have to worry about it until the end of season.

What is your first impression of the freshman class?
COLLIN HARTMAN: They listened really well. And at this level, especially with the coaching change, that is huge. They may even have the upper hand on me because they are not hardwired one way already. You know I have to change their schemes or whatever and so we are learning together. They work hard, they listen well and they are easy to talk to. They are good dudes so it makes living with them basically that much easier.

What do you hope to get out of this next season?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Simply put, whatever the game calls for at that point in time whether it’s guarding big or guarding a guard or scoring 20 or scoring 0 and getting rebounds or steals or whatever. I just want to be able to play every position that coach needs me and be able to be a Swiss Army knife. Where he could put me anywhere at any point in time and I can carry out my job.

How different is what you are able to do now that you are cleared compared to what you have been able to do since last year?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Well it’s a lot different. I have to think about other people now when I do contact. Throughout rehab, and I’ve done this twice now, you’re not thinking about anybody else. You control your own body movements and that’s it. But after you get in contact, you have to be get back into the physicality of the game and you have to think about other people’s movements and read them and that’s not all just based off you now. So it’s really reactionary and reprogramming my body and my muscles to be able to react and be more explosive.”

What are some areas that the team has worked on so far this summer to improve up on some things from last year?
COLLIN HARTMAN: Working on defense, working on our skill work, ball handling, passing and making everything more crisp and clean. So at the end of the day, that’s really what it comes down to – if you play defense and don’t turn the ball over, you are going to win 80 percent of your games.

What’s different about the approach you guys are taking to making sure that this team has the leadership needed?
COLLIN HARTMAN: You said it. It’s the communication vocalising things and not just expecting people to know it. Like I said Rob and Juwan are being much more vocal on and off the court, which is very promising for games. Because when you get 17,000 fans in there, you can’t hear anything especially if nobody’s talking to you. So communications has to be at a very high level and I think that guys are really taking steps towards that this year.

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