Video: 2018 forward Darius Bazley spring highlights

  • 06/27/2017 11:58 am in

Class of 2018 Cincinnati Princeton (Ohio) forward Darius Bazley, a former Ohio State commit, is on an unofficial visit to Indiana today.

Bazley, a 6-foot-9 forward, is ranked the No. 44 player in the 2018 class according to the 247Composite. We’ve compiled close to two minutes of video from his play on the Under Armour Association and Nike Elite Youth Basketball League circuits from earlier this spring, which is available below:

Update: Bazley was offered today on his visit:

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  • iugradmark

    Nice skill set. Obviously needs to get stronger. I was wondering who else was in the running for him before when he picked OSU. I’ll say this again, but there seems to be a lot of lefties being recruited by IU.

  • N71

    1) Glad he may not be going to OSU, he’d be a problem to deal with.
    2) If he ends up at IU…nice.

  • Donnie Vick

    Sign him up. Can’t wait till Archie’s first class begins making commitments.

  • Arch Puddington

    I’m getting to be a broken record (even if only to myself), but you really can see in this kid the package of traits that you see in a lot of CM’s recruits almost regardless of position:

    1. Plays energetic, physical basketball at both ends of the floor. (Bazely has a deceptive, flowing gait that belies the fact that he is all over the place)
    2. Can shoot from outside.
    3. Solid skills that complement good, but not freakish athleticism.

    I’ll take that combo every time. Give a kid like this 3-4 years of top level coaching, and he could be a major contributor to a really good team.

  • Surferelm

    Nice stroke…being a lefty reminds me of our man Calbert…sign ’em up!

  • Just read a medical article the other day that stated researches have proof that lefties process information quicker, in situations (“on their feet”), than righties I know what your thinking…., I’m not left handed.

  • SCHoosier

    Can run the floor and has sneaky quickness with the ball. Kid will become an IU priority me thinks!?

  • Arch Puddington

    I had to think about this for a minute.

  • You’re right handed, correct?

  • TomJameson

    Left handed people are in their right minds, for sure.

  • Milton H. Williams

    This kid and Clifton Moore, would put some serious length on the floor for us! In the near future!

  • Arch Puddington

    Yes, and apparently to my everlasting detriment. I’ve always known something was wrong with me.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    wow, unusual to see a high school big that’s left handed that can shoot so well with his right hand! He could be really special player!

  • John D Murphy

    This just feels like a guy whose going to sign with IU and start the 2018 class in the right direction. He was already committed (isn’t waiting to see if there is room at UK or Duke). Committed close to home but not in same city (Btown not that much farther than Cbus, family can get to games). Wanted to play for Thad (coaching tree). Surely familiar with Archie (from an hour away). To me he looked better than any of the highlight clips we’ve seen sans Romeo.

  • I’m with you, he looks good. Like seeing him take those midrange jumpers as well.

  • AndyCapp

    If we can recruit again from the Cincy area, which we haven’t been able to do in quite some time, I think it will bode well for the direction of Coach’s recruiting classes. I wonder (out loud) if he de-committed from the Bucks cuz he sensed a change was in the air there. And I absolutely agree, I am getting a really good feeling about this young man potentially wearing candy stripes.