Q & A: 2018 point guard Robert Phinisee updates recruitment

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Class of 2018 McCutcheon and Indiana Elite point guard Robert Phinisee was in Bloomington this weekend for Archie Miller’s first team camp in Bloomington.

Inside the Hall recently spoke with Phinisee, a four-star prospect, to get the latest on his recruitment, upcoming visits and more. Our complete Q & A follows:

On whether there’s anything new recruiting wise:

“Not really. Ohio State, I’m gonna visit them Monday, so that’s all right now.”

On whether Ohio State was involved prior to the coaching change in Columbus:

“Yeah they were. I was gonna visit them sometime in June. With the coaching change, I’m still just gonna visit. Nothing’s really changed that much.”

On the contact level from the IU coaching staff:

“Oh yea, it’s a lot. Probably, maybe five times a week. Coach (Bruiser) Flint and coach (Archie) Miller. It’s pretty frequent.”

On a timetable to cut his list:

“I’d say definitely after July, the live period. Maybe sometime in August or September, so I’ll see how things are.”

On the schools expressing the most interest besides Indiana:

“Purdue — the Butler coaching staff hasn’t reached out to me yet — but Virginia, and Ohio State, are pretty frequent.”

On if he plans to take official visits beginning in the fall:

“Yeah, after July I’m gonna talk with my mom and see if any new schools are in, see what we can do and see where I’ll set my five officials.”

On how much Indiana will watch him in July:

“They say they’re gonna try to have somebody at my game, every single game in July. We’ll see how it goes.”

On what he wants to get out of the next couple of months:

“Really just improving my game. Keep getting in the weight room, keep getting stronger and just doing everything so I can be ready for the next level.”

On the message from the IU coaching staff:

“They say (Josh) Newkirk, that’s their only pure point. Then they have the 2017 class coming in. They want a guard in 2018 to come in and run the team. That’s their message.”

On what schools he’s visited multiple times besides Indiana:

“Purdue, Butler multiple times, and then Ohio State, I went to a game this season, and then Xavier and Louisville.”

On what he likes about Virginia:

“Just the coaching staff. When I went and visited them — I visited them in October — just the coaching staff, I know they’re a great program, been one of the top teams in the ACC the last two or three years. I have a good relationship with coach (Tony) Bennett and coach (Brad) Soderberg, so I like them a lot.”

On what he’ll be looking for in a school:

“If I do go far away from home, how comfortable I am with the players, the coaching staff and just everybody around the basketball program. Just player development, and just really, making me a better person.”

On what his conversations with the IU coaching staff are like:

“Mostly about basketball, but it’s really just building a relationship. Seeing how I am as a kid, that’s what they want to see, so if I do go there, they know how good of a kid I am. Just really building a relationship. That’s the main thing.”

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  • HoosierHeel

    Unless Darius Garland commits before Phinisee, I really feel like we should get him. Losing this guy to another school would sting.

  • N71

    “They say (Josh) Newkirk, that’s their only pure point”.

    In watching the video of Robert, thinking about Devonte’s play, and then Josh’s time with IU I’m not sure I could delineate the difference between a pure point and then whatever Robert, Devonte, and Josh are. If Josh and Robert are pure points, what is Devonte? From what I’ve seen Devonte is, of the three, the best passer. So if that doesn’t get him “pure point” cred then what is it, ball handling? He’s pretty good on that front as well.

    Aside, Robert would be great at IU.

  • Kyl470

    Not really sure if there will be a good article for this quick rant and please know that this has nothing to do with Robert Phinisee, but I hate it when players go on Twitter and post things like “Blessed to received a scholarship offer from ……..” or “Excited to announce that ……… has offered me a scholarship” If you were truly that honored, excited, or blessed that a certain school wants you then wouldn’t you just commit to them. I mean when IU offered Grant Gelon a scholarship on his visit he committed right away. That to me makes me think that he really was honored or blessed.

  • pcantidote

    I’m sympathetic to your cause but I don’t see any problem with showing a little gratitude. Now, when they say things like “take my talents to”, THAT really lights me up.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Just an issue of semantics here. If the player said “OMG my dream come true!” and then didn’t accept the scholarship, that would be odd. As it is, players just like to report and/or “humblebrag” about schools interested in them. Can’t say I blame them. If something that minor that gets under your skin I’m very curious to know what else bothers you.

  • Jay Skibbe


  • Kyl470

    I disagree. I’m confident every potential IU recruit comes to this site to read my opinion and make sure that they have my approval.

  • Kyl470

    We got a lot of future LeBron’s out there.

  • Kyl470

    I really don’t like it when people don’t stop at stop signs. Also I don’t like mayonnaise and I don’t get why people would ruin a perfectly good sandwich by using it.

  • DG Swanson


  • DG Swanson

    Man, I’m with you! Mayo should not be put on a sandwich. As for stop signs, just littering the landscape.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Stop signs are a big one for me too. But for me putting others at risk of injury or death goes beyond pet peeve status. I dislike yellow mustard. I hate that people choose to put others at risk to save 2 seconds on the way to Arby’s. The curly fries aren’t THAT good. Sorry for the soapbox moment!

  • Kyl470

    I’ve never been a fan of the curly fries. I always pick the regular ones.

  • TomJameson

    First of all, most guards will play point, at least to the degree of starting the offense at the top of the key. But I agree with Archie and his crew that JN is their only true PG (I’m sure they’re relieved do know that I agree with them :).

    Devonte is a great passer, and a good guy to lead on a fast break, but that doesn’t make him a PG. RJ is most definitely a shooting guard that can play point, and CJ is a combo guard as well. That’s not even counting Al Durham, who will eventually play point.

    So 4/5 guards who can play point or initiate the offense, but (IMO) only one true PG, and that’s Josh.

  • marcusgresham

    Not one time did I receive an athletic scholarship offer, but I did get a ton of mail from schools that wanted me for academics. While I never really considered going to places like Eastern New Mexico, Macalester in Minnesota, or the U (Miami,) I thought it was cool as hell that they wanted me.

  • Ole Man

    I think it’s summer; you have too much time on your hands and not enough basketball; and thus, are reading far too much into it.
    I’m blessed to offer this opinion.

  • iugradmark

    I’m always curios which assistants are focusing on which recruits. Bring him home Bruiser.

  • VOXAC30

    Is that the McCutcheon logo on his shirt because it looks a lot like UofM? I hope it is McCutcheon:)

  • VOXAC30

    As much as I would love to get Darius Garland I don’t think that is going to happen. Phinisee rated 116 and 100% IU prediction and Musa Jallow is 134 and 100% IU they are both 4 Star guys from Indiana I would be perfectly fine with those guys. Yes DG would be awesome as well but who could complain getting two 4 Star Guards from Indiana?

  • HoosierHeel

    I think we have a very good shot at Garland. Not that I would bet much on it happening. I too would be very happy to get Phinisee and Jallow, but personally, I don’t place much stock in the Crystal ball. For instance, yes, Jallow is 100%, but only 6 people have predicted that, and the most recent one came while Coach Crean was still on the job. Only 2 people have made a prediction for Phinisee, but at least they came a month after Archie Miller got the job. I only put stock into when I see Alex or some other Hoosier journalist predict IU, as they are actually tapped into the recruits’ feelings on our program.

  • VOXAC30

    Awesome post thanks! I agree it is hard to say with Crystal Ball predictions because they can be all over. The reason I do like them is because it gives a since of validation to what the ITH team posts. From ITH Recruiting we do not see how serious recruits are only that they considering IU and that IU provides and offer. So I use 247Sports check the level of interest.

  • HoosierHeel

    Oh definitely! I think it’s interesting to check out and see as well. And i hope those predictions are correct!

  • Rob Catron

    That is his school’s logo.

  • IUcat

    Phinisee literally lives across the river from PU, and down the street from my house. Most people around here are expecting him to choose PU.

  • Geoff_85

    They also thought they were getting Branden Dawson, Gary Harris, and every other recruit from the state of Indiana every year lmao. They’re freaking delusional.

  • IUcat

    Can’t argue with you on that.

  • VOXAC30

    I kind of thought that and it is way to close the Michigan colors:)