Davis working to change his body in preparation for sophomore season

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The transformation of De’Ron Davis is underway in Bloomington.

After a freshman season that had ups and downs, Indiana will need much more from the Colorado native as a sophomore. And so far, he’s embracing the challenge.

Davis is one of five IU players on campus for the first summer school session and he’s already beginning to change his body significantly.

“He’s doing really well,” Archie Miller said last Wednesday. “He’s heading into his fourth week. We always said that if De’Ron could stay the whole summer, the first four weeks would really set him off. He’s done a great job. He was 271 pounds when we started and we are hoping by the end of this week he’ll be at 255, 254. So he’s already down 16 pounds.”

Following the departure of Thomas Bryant to the NBA draft, Davis is now the clearcut primary option in the post as Miller builds his first roster in Bloomington.

As a freshman, Davis showed flashes of being the player that made him a top 50 player nationally in the 2016 class. Despite conditioning issues and a couple of nagging injuries, he had moments when Big Ten opponents had difficulty containing him in the post.

Next season, Davis must turn those flashes into consistent production for the Hoosiers to reach their potential.

“De’Ron is in a great situation. He’s got opportunity,” Miller told fans on Wednesday at Huber’s. “And with opportunity comes excitement, but also comes reality. It’s ‘where are you right now?’ And ‘where do you have to be to do the things that you’re going to be asked to do?’

“And the first thing is, change his body. And De’Ron has to change his body. He was a big guy at the end of the spring and he’s had some injuries. He’s not going to be able to do what we’re asking him to do unless he’s in tremendous shape.”

Solid footwork and passing have always been present for Davis, but the next step is for his athleticism, conditioning and explosion to take a leap forward.

He’s been working with Clif Marshall, IU’s new director of athletic performance, on diet and has also been in the sandpit outside of Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

“You can start to see the bounce in him a little bit,” Miller said. “When he’s on the floor, when he’s in the locker room, when he’s around our staff, he’s got a much more positive bounce. I think he feels good about what he’s doing right now. We’re going to break it up and do four more weeks after that. I think if he stays with it and keeps doing what we’re doing, he’s going to set himself up for a great start.”

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  • IUAZ75

    Definitely looks leaner. I would like to lose 16 lbs. but I don’t want to work that hard.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    it was noticeable last season that he wasn’t in optimal shape, but i sure didn’t realize how much work was needed to get him there! makes me hopeful that we’ll see a much improved player, because like the article said, he had his moments where you could see flashes of skill and dominance in the paint. i think a great goal for D’RD is a double-double average. and, hmmm, how bout 3 or so blocks a game?

  • pcantidote

    OMG he is in the sand!!! If he gets hurt people will start blaming Cliff Marshall!!!

  • TomJameson

    Remember, he’s adding muscle while he’s losing weight, so he’s lost a lot more than 16 pounds of fat. He truly is changing his body.

    If DD is working that hard at it, you just know that he is going to be a beast this year. Can’t wait to see it happen. But without fouling, of course.

  • Fivelefts

    To an already strong athletic kid, to lose 20-25 pounds is like losing a boulder! There will definitely be a difference in his appearance and movement! I can’t wait to see it! I truly believe that De’ron has some Dream in him! The loss of weight, coupled with his added strength and conditioning, will allow him to truly utilize his post moves with more control and balance! His Explosion! Off the ground must also improve! There’s a time for finesse, and there’s a time for beast-mode! I’m totally Hyped! For him! I can’t wait to see him in action!

  • Fivelefts

    The sandpit was a positive implementation last year. I don’t think its a danger to the players.

  • kurk81

    For a kid, just getting him away from home is a big first step in improving his diet and conditioning. IN NO WAY am I criticizing his family, but any of us who’ve been parents of kids his age know that if they’re living at home (like DeRon was last summer) they’re gonna fall back on what’s been comfortable for them: sleep late, lots of runs to the local fast food joints, hanging with their old friends. DeRon’s in ArchWorld now – lots of chicken breasts, salads, early morning workouts, and older teammates riding him. I do hope he gets paroled for a bit to go see his mom at some point though.

  • kurk81

    See, the key to working that hard is drinking enough beer that it’s interesting. That’s my method – funny, I don’t seem to lose the weight. ?

  • INUnivHoosier2

    For most of us, we are in the fortunate(?) situation of not having to work as hard as him to lose 16lbs. Still not going to do it…

  • John D Murphy

    So excited for and about DD this year. He was a good shot blocker in limited minutes last year. Shedding the lbs, coupled with good ball pressure D, he is going to be a fearsome rim protector this year.

  • Ole Man

    Believe they’ve had the sand for two years. Seem to remember pics of Yogi working in it. (If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.)

    Also, the debate on sand training rages on. I’m not gonna take a side.
    Many positives have been written. The caveat seems to be (and they want more study) that it can be overdone; and if so may be leading to injuries.

  • Ole Man

    I’m just gonna hope for improvement and accept whatever he gives us.

    I remember last year and all the hype on this board about how TB and OG were going to be monsters; particularly OG.
    Then when they, particularly OG, didn’t live up to expectations of those slobbering over them pre-season, those very same descended on them like vultures.

    So, I hope for the best and expect only that they will try their hardest.

  • stuart j fultz

    This is the third year for the sand pit. Former strength/conditioning coach Lyonel Anderson had it put in. I’m always so nervous about the sand. Remeber Robert Edwards back in 99. His rookie year with the Pats he rushed for something like over 1500 yrds and then blew his knee in a rookie beach football game in the summer. Gotta figure guys like Marshal and Anderson know what they’re doing though.

  • Mark Bando

    I believe DD will be our best player next year, and one of the best players in the Big Ten

  • Hoosierkamp

    He is going to get a lot of double teams and attention. But I do agree, he will be a good player.

  • VOXAC30

    The sand pit can cause planter pasciitis especially with larger people that is why I hate it. Keep in mind this is coming from an an over weight hack who’s athleticism has long sense past .

    The team does not hire idiots so I am sure that whatever Lyonel and Cliff dodid was safe and structured for the kids I’m just not a proponent of them. When then cannot be denied it improves explosiveness which for a big is a needed trait.

  • Hoosier Hall

    DeRon will be the next Hakeem Olajuwan. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

  • HoosierDom

    He must have gained weight between his last game and now -while I didn’t think of him as having been in amazing shape, he did not look 271 pounds to me.

    I’ve grown more than a little skeptical of the off-season re-make stories.

  • Piker

    As long as he stays out of foul trouble. We need his minutes. I was shaking my head a couple games last year. Talent wise easily could be best on the squad.

  • David Macer

    Awww yes, the sand pit returns !!

  • Mark Bando

    Yep, staying out of foul trouble will be a key. Being in better shape will help with that

  • Mark Bando

    Hopefully the double teams lead to lots of wide open threes

  • David Macer

    He’s a much better passer than TB. That was evident last year. TB had 50 dimes in 954 mins verses DD having 31 in 475.

  • HoosierOne

    I think OG delivered last year until he was injured. He could have been given more minutes early on but I was always pleased with him. You have to be realistic though…DD didn’t show up until late and never got enough playing time in the non conference games to work out any kinks. He was playing catch up the whole season with regards to conditioning. This year will be much different.

  • HoosierOne

    I wasn’t exposing a lot of weight loss as most players gain muscle and lose fat which can balance out as muscle weighs more than fat. He must have been more out of shape than I thought.

  • Ole Man

    Plus, once Archie’s D is in place that will help some as well.

  • John D Murphy

    Not in agreement with your second “particularly OG”. I thought OG was really good until the ankle sprain. That people (including his coach), expected him to have some miraculous metamorphosis of offensive skill was ridiculous and not his fault. You’re probably right about people descending like vultures. I was on TB about TO’s in particular. But I think the issues were more a build by TC of the expectations without the fundamentals and construct than the fans. So here are my expectations of DD: get in shape, be smart with the fouls knowing when to challenge hard and when to just make a shot a little more difficult, do what he did on offense last year but be on the court more.

  • vicbert caladipo

    I believe the vulture comment is a bit exaggerated. There were 2 or 3 haters that complained about everything and probably 100’s that supported our players. Sure a lot of people pointed out things we wanted improved, but any vulturous comments were made seldomly by a mere few. Hard to critique OGs season only playing less than half a year, but most saw the decline in TB.and reports from the scouts and combines pretty much echoed the same critiques some gave TB on these boards

  • vicbert caladipo

    He’ll need to grow 2 inches.

  • Ole Man

    Not really, Vic. There were literally dozens, many of whom were exaggerating their praise earlier, who “trashed” OG and trashed TB.
    It’s the nature of some fans to think they know all there is to know and play sports analyst. We have some who relish that role.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Larry Brown comes to mind.