• TomJameson

    So, the “Vol. 1” label implies there will be a Vol. 2?

    I think we’re all going to like Clif Marshall. Sounds like he will be doing more than strength training, in that he’ll be training athleticism. I also really like the idea of bringing more science into the equation because I’ve seen what that can do. You really can learn to jump higher, be quicker, and train for athleticism and endurance. This is what I’m thinking Clif will do for the IU basketball program.

    Welcome aboard Clif.

  • HoosierBballNut

    The focus was amazing, he has a very clear vision. I really liked the “Dry Erase Board” comment, I have no doubt that our guys are going to be some of the best conditioned athletes in all of college basketball.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    cliff ’em all!

  • Homerun hire

  • FundamentalistGuardPlay

    Initially, I was underwhelmed by this choice and what I had read about Marshall.

    Given his extensive background with football conditioning, I was hoping to see more specific development with basketball talent. In the video, I wanted to hear more on the differences between football conditioning and basketball beyond “energy systems” and both AJ Green and Hoosier basketball players have hamstrings.

    But Marshall’s background seems to be the norm for many successful Strength and Conditioning programs.

    If we consider Michigan State the gold standard of Strength & Conditioning the last two decades in the conference, it is clear that not having a basketball specific background is not a hinderance.

    If you google, the bio of Mike Vorkapich, who shaped those Spartan Teams, and their current head, Todd Moyer, has a similar background: football, various sports, non-basketball specific.

    And though there is not much I would like IU to model after Louisville as a program, I am impressed each year with Louisville’s conditioning and physicality. Their head of S & C is, Ray Gaining. Who might be the most “meat-head” professional wrestler type of hype man on the bench in college basketball.

    But Gaining has been at U of L since Schnelleberger and Crum. His background is dotted with different sports. He gets results.

    So, in this choice, given other programs, there is no one way to do S & C correct. In this position, like so many others, in Archie We Trust.

    Marshall must have made quite an impression in the summer he spent with Archie at Dayton. Hoping to see the results in the fall in the forms of a more resilient Morgan and a leaner, meaner DeRon Davis.