Four-star forward Cole Swider breaking out in EYBL

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WESTFIELD, Ind. – Four-star 6-foot-8 small forward Cole Swider was far from one of the most recruited players entering this year’s Nike EYBL Circuit, but it didn’t take long for him to make a name for himself.

The Barrington, Rhode Island native is ranked 143 in the 247Sports composite for the class of 2018. Swider shot the lights out at session one of the Nike EYBL Circuit in Hampton, where he hit over 50 percent of his attempts from three and averaged over 20 points a game. As a result, major schools began to take notice.

But Swider isn’t just a prolific shooter for Boston Amateur Basketball Club. Through eight games of the EYBL, he’s averaging six rebounds, 1.9 steals, 0.8 blocks in 27.8 minutes per game.

The four-star forward has been on the radar of those in the Rhode Island area for awhile, but it wasn’t until recently that most began to take notice. Since the conclusion of the first EYBL session, Swider has earned offers from Texas, Florida and Indiana.

“Archie Miller called my dad. He saw me play last weekend and thought I played really well,” Swider said. “He talked to my dad for like 20 minutes and then my dad handed the phone over to me. Archie said ‘I loved your game and I loved your toughness, I’d like to offer you a scholarship.'”

Swider says Miller has texted him daily since offering him. With there being as many as six seniors on the 2017-18 Indiana team, Miller believes Swider can be a crucial part of his first true recruiting class.

“(Miller) wants me to come in and be the foundation for what he’s going to be at Indiana,” Swider said. “2018 is his first class, he said we’re going to bring in 5 or 6 guys and he wants me to be the centerpiece.”

But with Miller just over a month into the job, he’s forced to play catch-up on Swider’s recruitment.

Swider plans to cut his list down to 10 or fewer schools within the next week, with only schools that have been texting him daily making the cut.

“A place where I can come in and play right away,” Swider said of what he’s looking for in a school. “A place that can develop me and help me get to that next level. Where I’m really comfortable with the coaching staff.”

Right now, Xavier appears to be one of his early favorites. The Musketeers were one of the first schools outside of the east coast to offer Swider, and he speaks glowingly of the program.

“Every day,” Swider said of his contact with the Xavier staff. “Since JP (Macura) and Trevon (Bluiett) are going to graduate, I would get to come in and play right away. It’s great to hear, I mean, they made it to the Elite 8 this year.”

As for the recruiting process in general, Swider is doing his best to embrace all of the new attention he’s receiving.

“It’s stressful sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Swider said.

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  • sd chuck

    This kid appears to have a very smooth shot, can always use a shot makers! Love the job Archie is doing so far, biggest fear of coaching change was, fallout, doesn’t appear to be anymore than we thought at first of season. Should have a decent team next year, will be interesting to see recruiting class and schedule come together this summer!

  • TomJameson

    Looks good (of course – highlight reel). One thing bad I noticed, and it has to be bad because a lot of folks complained about it during the Crean era …. After almost all made shots, he clapped. LOL

  • Corey Dunigan

    That’s a cool photo. He needs to hold those fingers in the cookie jar though when his following through!

  • Stromboli

    I got to watch Cole play a couple times this past weekend in Westfield. The gameplay at these things is pretty frenetic, with a bunch of 16 and 17 year old kids just sprinting up and down the court. Cole definitely stood out as a mature, college-ready player. He seemed to see what was happening and seemed very in control of his game. He wasn’t playing outside of himself trying to impress the major coaches that were sitting there watching him. And as a result the numbers show up on the stat sheet. Also, even though he is very much a perimeter player, he wasn’t at all afraid to shoulder into the lane with the bigs.

    Maybe as a knock against him, he spent a good amount of time complaining to the refs about non-calls. It’s not a good look. Also after his team got up by 20 points, he wasn’t exactly fighting for rebounds. But honestly it’s a small criticism for a guy that really understands the game and will make an impact for some team. Will he be the “centerpiece” for a team? Uhhh. That seems like a stretch. That said he definitely outplayed Darius in the game I watched, and Darius was my favorite player from the whole weekend.

  • N71

    Cole looks like a young offensive lineman that got into basketball. If his shooting is elite that makes him very unique for sure, sort of a Euro type player. Can’t help but think of Brian Evans.

  • The comment about Xavier making the Elite Eight points out how important it will be for Archie to establish some success on the court at IU. That will be important for convincing some of these kids to come to the program.

  • I don’t care if a kid does handsprings after he makes a shot, as long as he’s back on defense without letting his assignment get past him.

  • HoosierDom

    A 6’8″ kid that can shoot is obviously a great thing to have, but his foot speed and jumping ability really look lacking in that video. He doesn’t strike me as someone who will be Big10 ready as a freshman.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    it reminds me of watching eric gordon in the 3 pt contest. smooth stroke, great release. yet he gets the ball out of his hands fairly quickly

  • goonaha

    That’s just recruiting. Everybody likes to be told they’re the prettiest girl. Archie does seem to have a thing for stretch 4’s as evidenced by prioritizing the recommitment of Moore and the other big men he’s been offering.

  • Piker

    I just hope the other guys we are offering are not upset at not being the center piece.

  • TomJameson

    Mark, what I said was a joke … poking fun at those that had a problem with the old coach clapping. On the premium forum it would have been in purple font. At least 4 people got the sarcasm.

    And, I have to say it, if a kid can do handsprings after making a shot and still get back on defense …. we need to sign him up ASAP. 🙂

  • Oh sure, I was riffing with you. Some people seem to have a problem in general with displays of emotion, and I’m all for it as long as it doesn’t get in the way of performance.