2019 forward Isaiah Stewart excited by Indiana offer

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WESTFIELD, Ind. – One of the top post players in the class of 2019 was excited about his most recent scholarship offer.

Mc Quaid Jesuit (N.Y.) and City Rocks forward Isaiah Stewart earned a scholarship offer from Indiana following the first Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) session.

Stewart’s conversation with Archie Miller, which he described as “great”, along with his relationship with Thomas Bryant have given him a strong first impression of the program.

“It means a lot because I look up to him (Thomas Bryant) as a big brother,” Stewart said over the weekend. “We always keep in contact. He’s there and that’s somebody that I always look up to. It looks like things have worked out fine for him (at Indiana), so that sounds great. I’d love to get a chance to visit campus, meet the coaching staff and go from there.”

Like Bryant, Stewart is from Rochester, New York. He also plays the game with a strong passion, which is something Bryant was known for over his two seasons in Bloomington.

“It just comes from the passion that I have for basketball,” Stewart explained. “I just look at basketball as my escape from everything. So when I’m out on the floor, I’m going to give my 100 percent every time I’m out there.”

He mentioned Georgia Tech, UMass, Georgetown and Notre Dame as four schools coming hard in his recruitment and added that one of his coaches heard from Duke, Kansas and North Carolina following the first EYBL session.

The 6-foot-9, 240 pound forward is playing up a year and is averaging 11.8 and 9.5 rebounds through seven EYBL games.

“It’s pretty fun. It’s very challenging out there,” he said. “I play hard, I run the floor, I’m very aggressive. I’m still working on my face up game, midrange game. That’s something that Thomas is really good at: His 3-point ball, the midrange, his jump shot.”

Stewart is currently ranked the No. 42 prospect nationally in the 2019 class by the 247Composite.

While he doesn’t have any firm plans for a visit to Bloomington, he said he would like to set up an unofficial visit “really soon.”

“(The offer) feels great because I know it’s a big place, basketball school with a lot of great fans,” Stewart said. “And I know it’s a great atmosphere. He (Archie Miller) seems like a really good guy, great personality. And I would definitely like to visit that school.”

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  • SCHoosier

    Like having this kid on Coach M’s target list. 6-9 240..oh yea.

  • Logical Lurker

    Looks like he’s got good feet and body control already. 6-9 240, big shoulders and still growing? Gonna be a beast! Looks like he needs to work a bit on his vertical and I didn’t seen any shots beyond 3 feet but there’s certainly time for that.

  • Ole Man

    Quick! Both hands. Defends the rim. Runs the court. Like this kid!

  • Rick Pearson

    Well if Thomas Bryant gives high regards to Indiana that oughta give us a leg up on the recruiting Trail and I believe he should. If Indiana can land him that would be a huge feather in Indiana’s recruitment class go get them Archie !!!

  • TomJameson

    I really like Isaiah Stewart. Everything being said about him … good footwork, good hands, quick, defends the rim, runs the court …. it’s all great and all. But I really love his attitude! That attitude and hustle just increases all his skills a little bit more. Like playing with an edge.

    This kid makes my list of must haves.

  • Arch Puddington

    While his list of offers has grown and now includes a wide variety of players, I continue to believe that the recruits CM is pursuing portends a very physical, hard-nosed style of basketball. He is clearly pursuing some high flyers — and will get some, I suspect — but it sure looks to me like a lot of the 4 star guys he is pursuing are notable for their ability to play through contact. Not that they aren’t also great athletes, but it isn’t hard to see how his promise to play tough basketball is developing.

  • Ole Man

    Yep; love that this kid plays through contact.

  • John D Murphy

    Pretty classy of TB with him leaving to still be giving props to the coach he didn’t play for.

  • John D Murphy

    You won’t hear me complaining about a big kid camping at the rim. Show this kid film of DeAndre Jordan all day.

  • VanPastorMan

    I like this kid a lot. He’s got good hands and feet. Very powerful when he makes his inside moves. Hope he can play D.

  • TomJameson

    Plays through contact … hahaha … at one point a defender actually bounced off him. lol

    I think Arch is right in that Archie is looking to play some physical basketball … hopefully without fouling. Either way, the B1G is the place to play physical.

  • I think you’re right, and I love it.

  • AndyCapp

    Or fouling and not get called, ala Whisky 😉

  • The video highlighted like six blocks in one segment, three of which seemed to be from the same game. So yeah, seems like he can protect the rim a bit.

  • AndyCapp

    LOVE that TB continues to talk us up. Really wish he would have stayed another year, but with his passion he could be a really good ambassador for the Hoosiers. Get drafted in the first round and his ability to sell only helps us more!

  • Missing Moye

    In all fairness, we could easily put together a highlight reel of a few Thomas Bryant blocks this year, but that wouldn’t mean he was a great defender.

  • True enough. I’m hopeful though that after a couple of years of watching Archie coach, we’ll be confident that flashes of defensive ability will turn into reality.

  • Outoftheloop

    Thanks for the recruiting boost Big Thomas. You will always be a special Hoosier!


    Seen it all the time when I coached. Being able to help those kind of kids was one of the biggest pluses to coaching.


    Thank you, I’m sure some would downgrade “your” opinion for listening to my “opinion”.

    Being able to sit back and watch my former players become young men and see how they have turned out as adults has been one of, if the most, satisfying things to have come out of those days. One of the most treasured possessions I have is a full page handwritten (and now framed) thank you note from a, at the time, junior high kid and one of those type of kids that we are speaking of. Told me traveling around and playing bball was one of the neatest things that he had ever done and how glad he was to have me as his coach and the dad he never had. Said it made him feel like he was playing in the NBA lol. That young man is now going to be graduating from the Indiana State Police Academy. I will be there to watch. I’ll be the one in the rear, kinda of puffed up, trying really hard not to tear up. lol I try very hard to not say what other coaches should or should not be doing or how they should see or feel about different subjects, but any coach that can’t, or doesn’t, list those type of moments from their days as a coach as being one best things to have happened to them, was not doing something right and was probably in it for the wrong reasons. I started coaching to help my own son learn the game better and be the best player he could but I ended up being the one that went through a learning period and that learning ended up being about life.

    Damn that got way more sappy than it should have. lol