OG Anunoby, Thomas Bryant invited to NBA draft combine

  • 04/29/2017 4:37 pm in

Indiana will have two representatives at next month’s NBA draft combine in Chicago, according to reports this afternoon from Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com and DraftExpress.com.

Sophomore Thomas Bryant has been invited to participate in the combine along with sophomore OG Anunoby, who won’t be able to participate in any drills or 5-on-5 action because of injury.

Anunoby has already announced that he will sign with an agent and will not return to school next season.

The NBA has not yet released an official list of who will attend the combine. Participation in the event is voluntary, but in Bryant’s case, going through testing and 5-on-5 could help boost his draft stock. The 6-foot-10 center is currently projected as a second round pick in most mock drafts.

James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson are not on the list of invitees published by ESPN.com.

The draft combine will take place from May 9-14.

Underclassmen who have declared for the draft but chose not to hire an agent will have until May 24 to withdraw their names and maintain their NCAA eligibility.

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  • iugradmark

    Good for TB. Expect him to stay in the draft. Now we wait for JBJ to say what he will do.

  • Rick Pearson

    Just really don’t see Johnson NBA, ready at this time big time asset coming back to I U if he chooses to do so Blackmon also could be a very great year in Bloomington

  • AndyCapp

    Keeping TB is going to be harder now, I think. I kind of expected him to be invited but now that it appears that he has been, I believe the chances of us retaining him next year are significantly less than 50%. IMO, he would REALLY have to stink up the Combine for us to have a shot at keeping him. Say this about Crean, I think he helped TB acquire the skills he will need for the next level, although it didn’t really help US much.

  • KelvinSampson87

    It is not out of the realm of possibilities that his performance decreases his value. I have not seen or heard anything to suggest he has significantly improved his post play and lateral quickness. I like TB as a person and player. His size and hustle make him a great NCAA player and I would love to see him back but I think his lack of improvement this year really diminished his upside in the eyes of NBA scouts. TB regressed this year in almost every meaningful category so i’m not that we can give Crean much credit on this one.

  • iugradmark

    Archie hasn’t mentioned TB in recent presser so I think he has been told he isn’t coming back. James has a tougher decision. He didn’t get an invite so he has to decide whether to go the D / Europe route. Coming back probably doesn’t change his draft stock except he could suffer another injury. It would be fun to watch him under Arch but I would understand if he goes.

  • John D Murphy

    He showed he has 3 pt range and can pass.

  • TomJameson

    Well, that’s just not right. TB dropped down in 2PT and overall FG%, but that’s kind of expected since he didn’t play around the rim as much. Not as many dunks & put-backs. What went up, you ask?

    3PT% … FT% … Ast% … STL … BLK … and PTs per game.

    I would call every one of those meaningful categories.

  • TomJameson

    I think you’re right about TB. JBJ didn’t get invited to the combine, but he’ll still participate in team workouts and get some good feedback. Hopefully he’ll come back for one more chance to improve his stock.

  • Jtime

    Agreed. There’s no way TB can guard a 4 or 5 NBA level player in the post. He doesn’t have the lateral quickness to guard a NBA 3 man. He needs to add 20-30 lbs of muscle this offseason if he wants to be a 1st Rd pick IMO.

  • iugradmark

    From an earlier article in Star

    He was considered a potential first-round pick before this season, and some aspects of his sophomore year — including improved 3-point accuracy — reinforced Bryant’s higher-than-normal skill level for a player his size.

    On the other hand, his finishing around the rim took a sharp downturn, from 70.7 percent on two-pointers as a freshman to 55.6 percent as a sophomore. And there remain concerns about Bryant’s defense.

    “He had a good freshman season. Naturally, guys come back better the next year. A big jump was expected,” one scout said. “It didn’t happen.”

    “He just doesn’t have that one thing about him that you write home about,” another said. “For him, I don’t think he has that niche just yet. He’s not a great rebounder, shot blocker, rim protector, not a great scorer in any way, struggles with his back to the basket.”

  • TomJameson

    Not to beat up on the last regime, but TB wasn’t played right (IMHO). At the very least, everybody should agree that he wasn’t played the same. That ridiculous 70% 2pt avg was because he was parked in the paint. Yes, a dunk is considered a 2pt shot. Rebound – dunk. TB did just that a lot in his freshman season, but not so much in his sophomore

    Stats are only as good as their interpretation. I say, if TC had played Thomas the same way, the numbers would have gotten better and that “big jump” would be there. Instead, TB played on the perimeter too much (again, imo). He got different experiences, but will they help in the combine? Only a few weeks left before we all find out.

    BTW … the STAR …. just one opinion. Doesn’t mean they’re right just because it’s in print.

  • weitrhino

    I’ll go out on a limb and state I believe TB will be back. He had some glaring defensive lapses during the last season and I think is widely viewed as not having improved at all since his freshman season. The kid is young and has had NBA stars in his eyes for a long time. That, coupled with his emotional displays suggest to me he’ll be disillusioned with the prospect of going the D league route. Unless he gets solid positive feedback at the combine I think he’ll have a talk with CM about the coming season and his goal to erase his shortcomings to get back into the first round discussions.

  • SCHoosier

    The role TB was asked to play last season (if you can figure it what it was) didn’t do much to help the Hoosiers or TB’s draft potential…IMO. Good luck to Thomas as he tries to find his NBA niche. Great kid and Hoosier