Video: 2018 forward Cole Swider at Nike EYBL Hampton

  • 04/24/2017 1:18 pm in

Class of 2018 forward Cole Swider averaged 21.8 points over the weekend at Nike EYBL Hampton and earned a scholarship offer from Indiana on Sunday evening.

The 6-foot-8 forward shot 12-of-16 for the weekend on 3-point attempts for BABC, which finished 3-1. Swider plays for St. Anthony’s in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

We’ve compiled more than two minutes of video from his play over the weekend from the first EYBL session below:

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  • AZIU71

    Always can make room for a 6’8″ perimeter dead eye shooter. With a good point guard this guy could be lethal.

  • Donnie Vick

    He can shoot, but can he set screens like Tim Priller?

  • Nice little midrange jumper, and a good shooter generally.

  • Arch Puddington

    Too early to make any definitive statements, but these early offers at least hint at a pattern:

    1. Go after all Indiana talent of note.
    2. Pursue out of state guys who aren’t necessarily the high-flying, elite athletes, but who can play smart, physical basketball.

    I’m sure CM will pursue some top out of state players as well, but at least for the moment he is doing almost the reverse of CTC, who often ignored or under-recruited Indiana players, but went after elite athletes from coast to coast. I must say that if these early impressions hold true, I will be pleased. Indiana cannot play the same recruiting game as Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, UNC, and the other usual suspects. We CAN, however, put together a top-tier program along the lines of Gonzaga, Villanova, etc,. and I think CM is suited both temperamentally and technically to do just that.

  • John D Murphy

    “Indiana cannot play the same recruiting game as Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, UNC, and the other usual suspects.”

  • John D Murphy

    I like his shot. A lot of the videos we’ve had posted here recently, the guys have hitches (not Romeo). CS has a very simple and very sweet stroke. It actually looks a little like YF’s in that he waits until he is at the top of his jump to begin the shot but that it is in position before that. He’ll be a nice D1 player.

  • Arch Puddington

    When Pitino, Calipari, Coach K, Roy Williams, Izzo, and Williams are all gone, there will be a big void at the top of the profession. Archie will be one of the coaches best positioned to take advantage of that, so perhaps in the next 5-10 years we move up to that top recruiting tier.

    But I’m not so sure it will happen even then, and I’m not sure it needs to (or should). IU has never been a destination school for the truly elite players, and I don’t see that changing much. What I DO see is a coach who can assemble the kind of rock-solid program that Villanova, Gonzaga, Virginia, and others have put together, and who will someday be strong enough to compete for the elite player or two that gives us a chance for a championship. Even then I don’t see us as a “one-and-done” factory like Duke or Kentucky, but guys like Jay Wright and Mark Few have built strong enough programs over a long enough time that they are now getting players like Jalen Brunson and Zach Collins, players who add real firepower to the great base of 4-star, 4-year players they have always gotten. That’s what I think will happen here, and what I hope for. As I said, too early to say anything definitive, but the players CM is pursuing at this point go along with just that approach.

  • BruceA

    Impressed with kids shooting touch.

  • inLinE6

    Can’t expect too much from a HS kid. Priller basically owned Swanigan in that couple mins.

  • inLinE6

    The only program that truly rely on one-and-dones is Kentucky. Duke does have a few (7 by my count), but so does Georgia Tech (6 by my count), although they were much less successful. Neither KU or UNC is one-and-done factory but they build stronger programs in my opinion. I don’t know if there ever really is a “destination” program for one-and-dones. Kentucky maybe – that’s just their culture. But they only play one year regardless of where they play. I like the idea of strong core of multi-year players mixed with one or two super talent. A full team of one-and-dones is not my thing. With that turnover ratio, I’ll have a hard time to keep up with their names.

  • Jrod

    That is a nice looking stroke. It is a harder to dribble left and then pull up shooting right but he makes it look easy. I love the goose head follow through.

  • Arch Puddington

    You’re taking my “one and done factory” line a bit more literally than I meant it. Only Kentucky truly turns its roster over to one-and-dones, but the point is that those other schools all pursue and often get elite recruits. Here are the rankings for some of those other schools’ recruiting classes over the last 5 years:

    Kentucky: 1,1,2,2,1
    Duke: 4,2,1,1,7
    Kansas: 6,7,9,2 (NR for 2017 yet)
    Arizona: 3,7,3,6,5
    Louisville: 7, 13, 4, 8
    UCLA: 2, 5, 10

    My point was that IU has never been up there with the top programs at attracting talent like that, and I just don’t think we are likely to be any time soon. Even CTC, who at one point brought in McDonald’s All-Americans in 5 straight years, never landed a top 10 player, and only had one class ranked in the top 10(and that was due more to quantity than quality — it was “the movement”). But Villanova, Oregon, Virginia, and Gonzaga also don’t compete for as many of the top players as the schools mentioned above, and I think we most certainly can compete at that level. Add in some great coaching, which I think we will get, and we can contend in our own way.

  • SCHoosier

    Be interesting to see how Miller adjusts to being able to shop in the “designer section” of the college b-ball talent store.

  • Arch Puddington

    Nicely put.

  • The Lights Go Down

    Kentucky’s One-and-Done factory shows that elite talent alone won’t (and can’t) win a championship. I think what will happen with IU is eventually (2-4 yrs, depending on how we do in league play and the NCAA’s) CM will be able to attract that kind of talent, but he isn’t going to go after them all, just the ones that will be beneficial to his system. Add that little bit of ‘BAM!” (Emeril bam, not Kentucky Bam lol) to a solid, experienced team of 3-4 year veterans from Indiana and the surrounding states, and you’ve got lightning in a bottle.

  • Hoosier_Elvis

    Reminds me of Ted Kitchell. OMG this guy can shoot. We could definitely use him.

  • marcusgresham

    Kitchell could shoot and maybe more importantly, could absorb Knight’s verbal onslaughts with no real issue.
    I always wonder how much more dominant that team would have been if Kitchell’s, Wittman’s, and Isiah’s outside shots would have counted for that extra point they do now.

  • ScoopGeoff

    Completely disagree, and most guys I’ve coached and played with would disagree with you as well…. waaayyy easier to shoot off lefty dribble than righty